The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

History & Background

In the United States of America, there are many companies that are well-established and making a lot of profit. This is amazing considering ho demanding and challenging the business side of things can be.

Worth mentioning, we are not even getting into the discussion about how much financial support, teamwork, and precious time is needed to just start a company. With that said, every company in this nation is as different from every other company.

In fact, America is as diverse of a business place as it gets. Having said all of that, perhaps no other company in the United States of America is as influential and as contributive as the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Established by successful businessmen themselves in Jim Larin and Michael Lacey, this company was established for the main purpose of supporting those in need. Specifically, the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was created to support the oppressed and the ignored minority communities in America.

Wheather that is supporting the Latino, African-American, Asian, or any other race that has been oppressed, the Larkin & Lacey Fund has always been there to help. Based in Arizona, one of the hotbeds for racial injustice acts upon minority groups in America, the Larkin & Lacey Fund has seen first hand what has been done to minorities in America and, has learned over time what to do about it.

As mentioned before, this fund along with its two prominent leaders has contributed to the greater good of Americans perhaps more than any company. This is one of the qualities that separates this company from others. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

With all of that said, there are numerous examples that illustrate how effective the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has been over time.

So, to get a better understanding of what the fund does and how they have become as successful as they have, let’s discuss just one of their many involvements in their battle against civil rights abuse in America.

Larkin & Lacey Fund vs Donald Trump

Being such a supportive company, the Larkin 7 Lacey Frontera Fund has quickly earned a reputation as one of the more highly-regarded companies in the nation. As helpful as they have been to people, this company has also been benefited tremendously by individuals.

Having said that, there are many ways that this fund has become as prominent as they have. However, one of their more recognized actions has come in their more recent battle against the president of the United States.

In an article by the on the Larkin & Lacey Frontera fund, it goes on to speak on how disgusted the fund was with a recent presidential decision to pardon a former sheriff. The sheriff named Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted for criminal contempt for ignoring a judge’s decision stemming from a racial-profiling lawsuit, had been pardon by president Trump to the shock of many Americans.

To counter this decision, the Larkin & Lacey were one of the first to provide its valued efforts across the nation. This just goes to show how great of a company the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund really is.

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Daniel Taub; One Of Israeli’s Most Respected Diplomats

Daniel Taub knows not one thing but many when matters related to leading or rather, representing a country in diplomatic capacity are concerned. He has had a long successful career in the diplomatic scene and has served the nation in different capacities. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

He made his debut in the Israeli public service when he joined the army to work as a combat field medic soon after finishing his law studies from the United Kingdom. He was good at the job and because of his background in law, he started working in the same organization in the role of junior legal officer.

This new opportunity presented him with a chance to prove his worth and indeed, he was good at it because after just a few weeks, he was offered an opportunity to work in the president’s media team in the role of speechwriter.

As the speechwriter, Daniel was good and quick to learn how things are done in the diplomatic circles. His wit to discover new things led him to networking a great deal with those in senior positions at the time. However, what really propelled his professional career in days to come was merit because he was good at every role he was given to play.

The Foreign Affairs ministry quickly noticed his gift of gab and legal prowess and made him a legal officer. In the new role, he was deeply involved in representing the nation in different capacities and especially at the international front. Most of the forums included peace making negotiating deals, dispute tribunals and more. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In the year 2011 after having served in the ministry since the year 1991, he was offered with an opportunity to act as Israeli’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He accepted the offer and knew very well that he was solely responsible for selling his nation’s agenda to the United Kingdom and around the globe as well.

He delivered his mandate exceptionally well and is happy that with the years he has been serving in the position, he did all that he was required to do to offer his nation full representation. He does not subscribe to the school of thought that he could have done better saying that one cannot be everywhere doing all things at the same time.

Daniel is also an acclaimed author who has written several books and also a respected public speaker who travels the world giving speeches on several issues.

Doe Deere Article #1

Cosmetics are some of the most sought-after products on the market today. This industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual scale, and it produces some of the hottest products. If you were to think about this exclusive field of work, then you’d know that the industry is packed with a host of items. There is basically brand after brand, which can leave consumers frustrated. This is the downside of the business, but there is hope. This hope comes in the form of Lime Crime, and it has revolutionized the game thanks to its eclectic style. This brand was founded by Doe Deere, and it was launched back in 2008.


Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia, but she has spent the last 20 years in America. Her first stop in the new world was New York City, but now she lives in L.A. While living in The Big Apple, she had aspirations of becoming a musician. Deere just so happened to turn her dream into a reality by joining an actual band. Deere attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, and she majored in fashion design. Before joining this affluent school, Deere already possessed fashion knowledge and skill. Though she didn’t graduate from F.I.T., she was able to get her feet wet by learning more about the marketing aspect, which came in handy years later.


In 2004, Deere launched Lime Crime on Ebay, but it focused more on fashion attire. This extraordinary woman fabricated and modeled her very own clothes. Of course, Deere and Lime Crime started to generate revenue that was steady. Since she always had a strong passion for cosmetics, Deere decided to launch a cosmetics version of Lime Crime in 2008. She used her very own blog sites to promote the products and to give tutorials. Within a year’s time, the cosmetics line had built-up a solid fan-base and Lime Crime cosmetics took-off. This company has a boat-load of products to choose from. This includes eyeliner, foundation, lipsticks, lip topper, eye-shadow palettes and lip gloss. One of its best sellers is the Blue Unicorn lipsticks in which Deere, the “Unicorn Queen,” was named after.


Lime Crime has a number of hot colors to choose from. These colors are vividly stunning to the naked-eye, and they come in a large variety of colors such as alien, wicked, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, salem, saint, black velvet, saint and many others. Learn more:


Brazilian Credit Demand Is Up As Bradesco Welcomes A New CEO, According To Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Fifty-four-year-old Octavio Lazari has four decades of banking experience with Bradesco. He got his start in banking when he was a teenager. Lázaro de Mello Brandão and founder Amador Aguiar both though Lazari would be a banking superstar and they were right. Lazari is the current head of the bank’s insurance division, and he is one of Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s most productive executives.

Cappi is the current CEO, but he is stepping down so younger executives can tackle the all-digital banking threats that are shaking up the banking industry in Brazil. That’s not to say Cappi is heading for retirement. Cappi is taking over as chairman because long-time banker Brandão is hanging up his chairman’s shoes. Brandão is not retiring in the complete sense of the word. He will still have a desk, and an opinion when it comes to solving the challenges facing the bank.

Lazari is already talking to the press even though the shareholder’s vote is March 12th to confirm his board nomination. Lazari told the press that more Brazilians will be creditworthy in 2018, and that will help keep profit margins up as interest rates drop to their lowest level in banking history.

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Lazari is not the only insurance executive to move into Bradesco’s CEO office. Trabuco Cappi was president of Seguros for six years before getting the CEO nod from Brandão. Cappi and Brandão have a 49-year work history, so Cappi was the natural choice to succeed Brandão. Brandão gave Cappi a chance in 1969 when Cappi completed his formal education. Even though that education was not bank-related, Brandão and Amador Aguiar saw his potential, so they put him in the bank’s training program. Cappi did more than the two bankers thought he would do in terms of developing a solid banking career. It didn’t take Cappi long to become one of the bank’s top executives, and he is still Bradesco’s shining star. But Capp likes to give all the credit to his capable team of executives. Seven of those executives were in the running for CEO, but Lazari was the natural choice because of his association with Seguros and Cappi.

Four of the former candidates for CEO now have board seats as the Preferred Shares in Bradesco continue their upward trend in Sao Paulo and New York. Investor relations director Alexandre Glüher, operations vice-president Josué Pancini, IT executive vice-president Mauricio Minas and Executive Vice-President of the loan division Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, are new board members. They all have more than 20-years of experience with the bank.

Cappi and the other executives will not try to acquire more assets in 2018, according to a recent press release. The bank is still trying to sort out all the challenges from the HSBC acquisition. That acquisition is successful and most of those old HSBC units are producing revenue, but there is concern that digital banking will make many of those branches obsolete. More phone towers are creating a stronger demand for mobile shopping as well as for mobile banking, so Cappi, Lazari and the executive team will have to develop more mobile platforms to satisfy the demand. But that focus will have an impact on the 5,300 bank branches that are currently part of the Bradesco umbrella.

Investors don’t expect any surprises in 2018. Cappi will continue to be a visible presence in banking circles, and Lazari will be the new face of the bank. Both men and the executive team will work together, so Bradesco maintains its position in the international banking world as well as in the domestic market.

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US Money Reserve

Making an investment can be a scary thing, especially if you are investing without the proper knowledge or if the economy is not doing very well, and especially if you are investing with your hard earned savings.

This is really important because you want an investment that can actually go up in value in economic bad times and not decrease in value like many other investments do such as stocks or corporate bonds. Read more: US Money Researve | Instagram and US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Named Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets | PRNewswire

One of these great investments that anyone can make and does not require much knowledge is investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. These investments are great to add to any portfolio because of the nature of the investment and how easy it is to buy.

There are also hundreds of companies out there especially online that sells these precious metals, but it can be hard to choose one that has a great selection of products and has a great deal for a great price.

One of these great companies that every investor that wants to invest in precious metals should consider buying their investments from is US Money Reserve. They are quickly becoming the leaders in the field of precious metals, and you can be assured that when you buy from them, you are always receiving a great product for a fair price.

Recently, US Reserve hosted a gold conference that aims were to discuss the value of gold and its price, and to also host other industry leaders. US Money Reserve knows that when it comes to their customers hard earned money, they need to offer value and great products. That is why they offer everything from coins to billion and certificates of ownership.

This gives the customer a wide selection of investments to buy from. They also have a very easy to use website that anyone can use, and has great support so that your questions and concerns are always being answered by phone call or by email. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Choosing a company to buy gold and silver from can be hard because there are so many of them, but if you want one of the best in the industry, you should choose US Money Reserve for their great pricing, a wide range of products, and their great website and support.

Precious metals are a great invetsment for anyone that wants to have an investment that has great value and will do well at all times.

Fabletics Begins To Make An Impact On The Power Of Amazon

Almost since the Website was launched in 1994 as an Online bookseller, Amazon has held a position of power and influence in the retail industry which remains largely unmatched by its rivals. In fact, for the majority of its life, Amazon has remained in a battle with Google and very few other serious rivals; the landscape of the Online retail sector has recently begun to change with a number of new companies becoming important to the sector as big data begins to play a role in developing the companies who will one day rival Amazon in the future.


One company which has been at the heart of the drive to create a brighter future for the masses is Fabletics which has been at the heart of the drive to develop new ways of living and buying products for the future. The Fabletics brand uses an innovative lifestyle quiz which can be completed with ease to gain a view of what kind of products each individual can expect to purchase over the course of their time as members of the Website.


Fabletics has become one of the leading rivals to Amazon by making sure the customer has the opportunity to purchase the items they wish to find in any way possible, whether this is over the Internet or purchased in store as part of a membership or as an extra purchase. A growth rate of 35 percent year on year has allowed the Fabletics brand to become one of the most important in the Online sector with the products positioned at a price which has allowed the majority of people to be able to purchase these products from a brand positioned alongside the image of its main spokesperson, Kate Hudson.


The image of Kate Hudson is one of the most important and impressive aspects of the Fabletics brand as she has developed into a savvy businesswoman who has learned much about the retail industry in just four years. Not simply a brand ambassador, Kate Hudson has continued to develop her role as a leading figure in the Fabletics team who studies weekly sales figures and ensures the clothing of the brand remains positioned in the correct quality and design range for a customer base who have come to rely on her abilities to move the brand forward.

How Jim Larkin Become A Hero To The Modern Worker

Over 100 years ago, work was a brutal endeavor where long hours and low pay were the norms. However, a handful of brave people organized workers to demand and subsequently receive fair wages and safer working conditions. The story of one of those heroes, Jim Larkin, stands out in the history of organized labor.

Mr. Larkin was born in Liverpool, England in 1876. Mr. Larkin’s working-class upbringing meant that young man had to spend more time at work than at school. Eventually, the young man would become a foreman on one of Liverpool’s hardscrabble docks. And it was there that Mr. Larkin’s passion for helping his fellow workers was born.

Having seen countless episodes of worker abuse, Jim Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Labourers. A few years later, the Liverpool foreman would become a popular union organizer. Mr. Larkin was a committed socialist whose methods of organizing strikes rattled union bosses at the National Union of Dock Labourers. As a result, Mr. Larkin was transferred to Dublin, presumably to cause less trouble. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Jim Larkin did not keep a low profile while in Dublin. In fact, just the opposite happened. Mr. Larkin created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union with the goal of one day organizing every worker in Ireland. A few years later, Mr. Larkin founded the Irish Labour Party where he gained a national platform to organize his fellon workers across the nation. The creation of this Labour Party subsequently leads to the great Dublin Lockout of 1913.

The Dublin Lockout created an eight month nationawide strike where Ireland came to a virtual standstill. The result of the nationwide strike was a groundbreaking agreement between labour and management wherin workers won many rights to fair wages and safer work enviornments.

Today, Jim Larkin is known as one of the pioneers of organized labor. Everyone who works fo a living owes a debt of gratitute for the hard work and persistance of Jim Larkin.

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OSI Group: Building A Better Tommorow Via Custom-Food Solutions

Custom-food-solutions are everywhere in society today. These food can be purchased at restaurants as well as purchased at supermarkets. Just about every business that serves food products, there is a high percentage that the foods were produced by custom-food suppliers. One of the leading companies in the world that specializes in this category is OSI Group. OSI Group sits at the pinnacle of the industry thanks to its wide array of services. Unlike other food producers, this company can handle every aspect of the game. This includes the vital attributions of processing, management, development and distribution. It would be extremely hard trying to find another company that can effectively handle the entire process as efficiently as this.

The company first started out as a local meat processor in Oak Park, Illinois. Thanks to its ability to serve great tasting meats, the company began to flourish by making a name for itself. At the time, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. Basically, its name actually comes from its founder. German immigrant Otto Kolschowski came to America with a dream, and he definitely personified his passion. As the company began to grow more and more, it would soon change locations. Maywood, Illinois, was its next stop & Otto & Sons jumped into the wholesale food market. Cryogenics was now a part of mainstream society, and cryogenics could definitely put a dent in freshly served meat markets’ pockets. OSI Group had already built a solid reputation as it was one of four meat suppliers that McDonald’s continued to work with. Now days, OSI Group has contracts with many high-profile names like Yum, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

This team of global-food specialists can take the idea of a food product and then turn it into a full-fledged reality. The company is made-up of culinary specialists that has real-world knowledge in cuisines. OSI Group serves numerous countries such as Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, China, Hungary, Canada, Austria, Poland, Australia, Germany and many more. The future for custom-food solutions is upon us, but there is no slowing down for this fantastic custom-food producer.

About OSI Group:

OSI Industries: More Than A Foodservice Provider

The foodservice industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries to date. Since everyone has to eat, this industry will definitely be around until the end of time. There are a number of global food service providers, but none are as effective as OSI Industries. Better known as OSI Group, this company is similar to a corporation thanks to its many different aspects. These aspects just so happen to include distribution, development, processing and management. It is one of the largest private-owned companies in the U.S. In 2011, Forbes ranked OSI Industries as the 136th largest private company in the nation, and it pulled in over $3 billion in revenue for the year.

In 2016, OSI Industries was ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest private company in the nation as it pulled in more than $6.1 billion. As you can see, this company is growing by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, the company has a consistent growth-rate. Test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers are its wealth-generators. The company has over 65 state-of-the-art facilities worldwide. These facilities are located in the countries of Poland, Hungary, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Germany and in the U.K. Just about every square-inch of the globe is being touched in some form or fashion. OSI Industries is simply taking over the game. The company started out as a meat market in the early 1900s. Thanks to doing business the right way, the company has made a huge imprint on society. Otto & Sons was its name and providing some of the freshest beef products was the game.

As of today, this extraordinary company has over 20,000 employees. That’s right! These employees earn a good living and the company has always been on the lookout for ambitious people. Competitive pay is a must and OSI Industries has many positions that need to be filled. The company’s official website has a ton of informative material for job employment. Concept-to-table solutions are being produced here on a daily basis and thanks to OSI’s many facilities, these foods can hit the market in a much faster timeframe.

OSI Group Info:

OSI Group: 100 Years of Evolutionary Growth & Expension

Found in 1909, the OSI Group,, is a global custom food supplier that has its corporate headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois. Being now a global leader in the food and beverage industry, this company had come a long way from its start as a family owned butcher shop found by Otto Kolschowsky.

Their Amazing Stats Today

Today, this company is still privately held and has approximately 100,000 employees. They create various meat products, such as bacon, breakfast sausage, and sandwiches. Using the same foundation of the entrepreneurial spirit and management philosophy along with various strategies, they have been recognized on the 2016 Forbes success list in being ranked number 58 among America’s biggest private organizations. Their operation is in over 60 facilities in 16 countries. Their divisions/ subsidiaries include OSI Select Ready Foods (joint venture with Select Ready Foods of Canada), Nation Pizza and Foods (Schaumburg, Ill.), Fair Oaks Farms LLC (Pleasant Prairie, Wis.), OJC (Joint Venture with JC Comsa, China), Vista Processed Foods (India), K&K Foods Ltd. (Taiwan), GenOSI Inc. (Philippines), OSI China, OSI Europe, and Amick Farms LLC (Batesburg, S.C. and Hurlock, MD).

Their Leadership

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and chairman of OSI company. Their other leadership includes David McDonald, president; Kevin Scott, executive vice president of North America; Sherry DeMeulenaere, CFO and SVP; and Ronald Bree, senior vice president of North America and Sales & Business Development.

Recent Business Acquisition

Recently, OSI purchased the Tyson Foods plant located on the south side of Chicago for $7.4million, according to the County Recorder of Deed’s filed documents. Tyson Food made prepared meals for various clients, such as the hospitality industry. They made items, including chicken nuggets, chicken cordon bleu, soups, omelets, sauces, meatballs, tempura chicken, crepes, and more.

Being a leader in this industry, OSI is continually expanding and making business transactions. As of now, there is no record of when the Tyson Plant will close, and there is no report of what the OSI Group has planned for this new acquisition.

OSI Group Info: