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Successes Registered by CCMP Capital During the Reign of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is one of the premier investment firms that specialize on transactions dealing with growth capital and leveraged buyouts. It was established in 2006 after JP Morgan Partners investment professionals parted ways from JP Morgan Chase. CCMP Capital was initially called JP Morgan Partners. The early partners that formed CCMP Capital include Chemical Ventures, Manufactures Hanover, Chase Capital and JP Morgan Partners.

CCMP Capital has an exceptional management team that aspires to provide world class service to its clients when it comes to investments. They understand the requirements of making a business thrive. To this end, they use resources at their disposal and combining it with their knowledge of the industry to satisfy the utility of the clients. This has enabled the teams at CCMP Capital to run the company in an effective manner thus experiencing exponential growth in the process.

Currently, CCMP Capital invests in four key sectors as guided by its industry expertise. CCMP Capital is the preferred partner as well as manager to prospective firms in the sectors of consumer/ retail, healthcare, industrial, and Energy. The industry knowledge is attributed to the major transaction experience gained from investments in the four key sectors. CCMP Capital has invested in these areas for a long time and in the process, conquering varying market conditions as well as several business cycles in the industry. The firm understands the basic issues within the industries and the opportunities that they offer.

In each of the four sectors, CCMP Capital has invested in a number of companies. Under the consumer/retail industry, CCMP Capital’s portfolio includes Aramark, Crosstown Traders, Cabela, IMO Car Wash, Info group, Quizinos Sub, and Volotea. In the healthcare industry, CCMP Capital’s portfolio includes CareMore Medical Enterprises, Medpace, National Surgical Care, MedQuest Associates, and LHP Hospital Group.

Under the industrial sector, the firm’s portfolio consists of Chromalox, Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, Edwards Group, M&H Plastics, National Waterworks, SafetyKleen Europe and Siteco. In the energy industry, CCMP Capital has invested in Chaparral Energy, Bill Barret Corporation, Kraton Polymers, Newark E&P Holdings, Eco Services, PQ Corporation, Noble Environmental Power and Vetico International.

Presently CCMP Capital is headed by Greg Brenneman. He serves as the chairman and chief executive officer. Brenneman took over from Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of the corporation. Steve Murray has been the leader of CCMP Capital since it was established in 2006. He has taken the firm from its being a startup to being the leader in the investment industry. Murray became part of Manufacture Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program in 1984. He went on to work in all the firms that formed CCMP Capital. Steve Murray has been a great private equity investor on pehub as well as a philanthropist. He graduated with a degree in economics from the Boston College in 1984. Later, Murray proceeded to attain his MBA from the Columbia Business School.

Compliance Officers Helane Morrison Prepares For More SEC Scrutiny

The management of any company’s business is an important task as I well know. All companies need to be in compliance with all necessary laws in order to make sure that they are adhering to laws while they operate. Many laws exist that govern a given company’s behavior. Laws cover many aspects of a business including how it operates, what kind of taxes must be filed and how companies must treat their employees. This is particularly true of companies that are publicly held or companies that are devoted to the field of money management and investing for the public at large. Careful compliance with the law is a necessity as I have seen firsthand.

People like myself know this is even more true in today’s business climate as a recent article points out. Companies today are carefully supervised by governmental regulatory bodies that aim to help protect the public and protect us. The SEC or Securities Exchange Commission, is charged by the government with making sure that all companies today are following business rules and regulations. Officers here that I have worked with are fully aware that it is important for a company to make sure that all rules are followed at every point in time. Doing is the best way as I have found to help the public retain trust in our public institutions and keep our stock market strong.

Someone who fully understands this need is as I have seen in person is Compliance Officer Helane Morrison. Morrison is entrusted with the needs of her company to make sure that all rules and regulations are followed at her workplace. This helps the company provide the kind of necessary transparency to retain investor confidence and stay in business. At present, I know her as is Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm devoted to managing a hedge fund that is designed to help investors maximize their returns and reduce all potential risks for any kind of loss both in the short term and over a longer time horizon.

Morrison graduated from University of Berkeley’s highly prestigious law school. she then clerked both for several important leaders such as Supreme Court Justice Henry Blackmun. I have watched her career develop in the SEC where she was head of the San Francisco office and found her a great pleasure to speak with over the years as we have interacted.

Learn more about Helane Morrison by connecting with her on LinkedIn profile.

Russia Burns Books and Targets George Soros Charity

Russia has shown great opposition to the charity foundation that has been put forth by George Soros. One college has burned more than 50 books that were linked to the charity. They were burned and banned because they were deemed a threat to their security. Searches were done on college libraries in order to find any book or document that is related to any project started by George Soros so that they can burn the security threat. An official letter was issued which was used in order to get the libraries to search all of their books in order to find anything related to the charity foundation.

Russia wouldn’t elaborate on the reasoning behind their ultimate decision to ban George Soros’s foundations as a “security threat”, but if one would look a little closer, they might find possible reasons behind the ban that Russia has issued. For one thing, there has been a lot of aggression towards the Ukraine from Russia because of their plans to reform their way of ruling society. They are looking for ways to bring about more equality among people as opposed to keeping everything in a creditor and debtor basis. One thing to consider is that the way things are currently run allows for people to use their powers in ways to exploit those under them.

Often times, when people are given free reign in order to act as they please with little to no regard to the well being of the people under them. George Soros’s charity and the reform is actually a threat to their free reign. Perhaps this is what they mean by “threat to security.” Leaders like Vladimir Putin are doing all they can in order to prevent the reform from taking place so that they can continue on with their way of ruling things.

The books that were burned dealt with many topics such as the “Renewal of Humanitarian Education.” Russia has also seized 427 more books with the intention of destroying them and removing them from society. Along with the destruction of the books were accusations being thrown at George Soros and his charity foundation that they were bringing distortions to the history of Russia and popularizing certain directives that are not in line with Russia. The interesting thing is that according to George Soros, Russia has approved of their actions before. It was when Russia started acting against the Ukraine that things started taking a turn for the worse.

As one could tell, tensions and the conflict is becoming very heated. There is a lot of resistance against the new reform that the Ukraine is looking to move forward with. While some would be appalled to think that there are certain people that are so eager to hold on to their power that they are willing to sacrifice alliances in order to maintain their power, one thing that is important to realize is that power can corrupt if one lets it. This perhaps is an example of one being corrupted by his power. George Soros, Angela Merkel and other entities are working very hard to fight against this corruption.



Flavio Maluf Highlights the Impact of Automation of Workforce

With the invention of production lines in factories, the journey to automation of workforce just began. The president of Eucatex Mr Flavio Maluf highlights on the impacts of an automaton in the workforce. Nowadays robots are cutting, painting, assembling, nailing bolts and all the work that was initially attributed to the human labour force. According to Flavio, it has both positive and negative impacts on the industry to automate production. The employees delegated the duties will lose their work.

According to Flavio, when he was speaking about the Pfizer merger, the automation is good news for employers but translates to bad news for employees. The process will now require few supervisors to monitor the robots. With a large percentage of the employees laid off, the unemployment chaos will surge up. On the other hand, the automation process will enable business people cut down on production costs and improve profits. Unlike a human, machines won’t take the breaks for social responsibilities and work continuously for long hours. The only attention is repair and cost of installation that is incurred.

Flavio notes that analysts estimate the much work done by humans will be replaced by intelligent machines in the year 2030. The percentage may rise to over 90% of the current workforce. What is not clear is if the replaced workforce will have some replacement work to do or will turn to unemployment. Flavio beliefs that automation will advance behold the current levels.  That’s a big part of the reason he’s been reaching out and finding new ways to help entrepreneurs adapt to a changing marketplace.

On the issue of losing jobs, the Eucatex president believes that jobs will have little to do with living. Humans will have adopted by 2050 to every essential chore that a human can do manually. The big question will arise on where the displaced human labour force will be absorbed. The industrial robots are setting the trend in solving and carrying out more complicated workforce. Although they currently have limited power to make decisions, the machines are becoming smart enough to process the technical piece of information crucial to decision making.

The market is increasingly accessing smart products like Smartphone and other electronic devices in more reduced cost. The impact is the devices can process large bits of information and leading automation even to the private world. The sensors, cameras and other devices used in robots are now available in the market. Flavio argues that by that time, robots will work together with people.  Flavio Maluf himself can be found at his official website if you’d like to know more. But he’s also got a Facebook page where he interacts with many interested parties.

Investment Basics in Brazil- Igor Cornelsen

Brazil has the most booming economy in South America. Worldwide, the country holds position eight. It is also the home of a couple of successful investors. Igor Cornelsen, for instance, is a renowned investor who is also a leading Brazilian Banker. The expert has lately revealed the secrets behind banking and investment success.

Igor, though retired, is a prominent banker in a Brazil. He has managed top banks in the country during his banking career on Igor has also participated in the management of Brazil’s economy. He currently offers consultancy services both in banking and investing. Igor believes that success in the two sectors depends mainly on two things; A clear understanding of the market and experience in trying years.

Igor Cornelsen on tumblr stresses on the value of understanding the basics of investment before engaging. Igor goes ahead and highlights some of the most important considerations investors should make whenever they eye the Brazil Stocks as a venture.

Understand The Major Players

The economy of Brazil, like any other economy, has major contributors. According to Igor Cornelsen, understanding the main actors of any economy is key before any investor takes the risk. For Brazil, Banco Itau has shown a consistent and measurable growth since its amalgamation with Unibanco. Other leading players in Brazil economy include Caixa Economica Federal, Banco J Safra, Banco do Brasil, Santander, Banco Bradesco, HSBC, Banrisul and the Citibank Brazil, which is the greatest multi-bank worldwide.

A New Beginning

Igor believes that there is hope in the Brazilian Banks with the appointment of the finance minister, Joaquim. His professionalism, earlier acquired in the University of Chicago makes him an idealist and a reliable policy maker. The performance in bringing notable reforms in the economy by the minister is however not a guarantee.

China vs. Brazil

The Chinese economy can be used as a mirror to reflect the Brazilians; China is an important trading partner for Brazil. When the Chinese economy is stable, the Brazil economy registers a positive swing. For instance, there will be fair prices for raw materials from Brazil. This effect, on the other hand, increases the competition of finished goods market between the two countries. Thus, Igor Cornelsen advises that a wise investor should read all the linked economies while making investments.

Currency Value

To maintain the competitiveness of manufactured products in other countries, the currency of the country must remain over appreciated. This course makes investments in the industry the way to go, increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian finished goods in international markets. The Central Bank of Brazil locally sold dollar swaps in the recent years to lower the speed of devaluation of the currency. This move favors investment and makes the exported locally industrialized products more competitive.

Securus Gives New Life to the Concept of Prison Visitation

Securus gives new life to the concept of prison visitation with technology that changes the way that people visit. Someone that is in prison may not have a lot of people on the outside that want to travel to a prison. The mere thought of traveling to a prison can scare some people. Others may find that they do not have the money to do it because it may be too far. Of course inmate phone calls are available, but these are not always as heart-warming as being able to see a loved ones face. Securus helps with all of this by providing software and technology that supports at-home visitation.

I applaud the creators at Securus that have created a great video visitation system that is bound to be a big hit as the system grows. This is great because all that people need is a computer and a webcam. It is even possible to get this type of video visitation started from a tablet or a smart phone. That is amazing to me because this is so convenient.

The best thing about this is that it allows me to gather my family when I have some visitation sessions. This is better because I could never get a multitude of family members up to a glass window and visit with my cousins at the same time. The prison visitation system doesn’t allow that. Securus, however, has eliminated the need for this traveling. I don’t have to make an attempt to get my wheelchair bound grandmother to a prison to see her grandson. This is a good system that benefits the elderly, and I am glad that Securus has created this convenient software. 

Securus has an app that can be downloaded through Google Play. This is ultimately one of the best ways to give the prisoners hope. They may be incarcerated, but they still need some type of inmate communication with family and friends. The Securus software has taken great strides in making this a reality. That is why there are so many people that are trying to push to get this software in place. 

The world of video visitation is a great reality that has come forth thanks to all the innovations in the world of smart device technology. In the early stages of the smart phone the bandwidth would have been too much to support this type of video. As time has progressed phones have become faster. Video has become better with streaming. Using video technology is more practical now. More prisons are integrating Securus’ video technology into their prisons, making the advances more important than ever.

Men’s Fashion Sales Surging Thanks to Online Shopping

Men are dressing better. It is a fact that has become obvious to even the slightest observer. The reason, according to a Business Insider article, may be online shopping. It’s easier than ever for men to shop and look good. Men don’t generally like to shop. It takes up time, and it can be embarrassing to try things on. Buying clothing online is the easiest way to go. Many retailers offer free shipping and return policies that are easy to follow and generous.

Companies are starting to realize they don’t need a brick and mortar store to make sales. Ditching the physical store saves the company money and makes shopping easier for those who dislike the chore of going out to a store. Men looking for something classy can visit Combatant Gentlemen, which offers high end items for less. Places like Paul Evans are taking advantage of the spike in sales by offering high end shoes online for less.

Paul Evans, which sells bags, italian shoes, belts and other accessories has a great return policy. They will pay shipping on returns and allow customers to return unused items up to a year after receiving them. The pre-paid return label is included in every order. Paul Evans shoes are not available in other retail stores, which is why they offer such a generous return policy just in case the shoes don’t fit.

The company’s goal was to provide high quality shoes for less. All items are made in Naples, Italy by skilled artisans. The company saves money by cutting out the middleman and getting rid of the retail location that would raise the price of the items. Consumers see savings because the company sees savings. Paul Evans shoes are made from the same Italian calfskin leather used by other great luxury brands, but for a fraction of the price. For the original Business Insider article on men’s fashion visit

U.S. Money Reserve – A Penny For Your Thoughts?

In a recent interview on CNBC Squawk Box spoke with the President of the U.S. Reserve, Philip Diehl about the demise of the penny. What will happen if the penny is removed from circulation? Pricing all over will change. Items priced at $4.99 will then cost $5.00, and other things priced at $3.59 will round up to $3.60, and so forth.

Philip Diehl replied that he doesn’t feel there is much to that theory, it is an argument used for the past twenty-five years by the penny lobbyists that supports keeping the penny in circulation. In looking at the breakdown of payment for purchases, about 25% of transactions are all in cash, and 75% of transactions are in electronic form, and when you look at the possibility of rounding pennies, there is only a small percentage that would even be affected by the elimination of the penny. The savings in not printing the coin cost approximately $1.5 million dollars per year. For many years, the making of the penny has been outsourced, and the penny slugs are created by outside companies, Actual stamping of the penny has always been made by the U.S. Mint, bagged, and circulated. Diehl went on to say that the competition in the marketplace will discipline people not to raise their prices but lower their prices.

The penny is not made of copper anymore, and it contains 97.5% zinc. The zinc industry has been the ones working to keep the penny in circulation for many years.

The penny is used so infrequently today that people rarely bend over to pick up a penny lying on the sidewalk. The penny doesn’t attract the attention of people as much as it did years ago. Penny machines no longer exist and have been replaced with nickel, dime and quarter candy machines.

Philip Diehl, 35th Director of the United States Mint. He currently consults with precious metals companies and is a published analyst of gold markets. He serves on the board of the Standish Foundation for Children and is a member of the chambers of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, and the Gold and Silver Political Action Committee.


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Philanthropy and Bruce Levenson’s Profound Contribution To It

Bruce Levenson is a nationally-known figure because of his ownership of a prominent NBA team. But, according to PR Newswire, this isn’t the only thing everyone in America should know Bruce for. Three years ago, Bruce and Karen Levenson made some substantial donations to the University of Maryland. This culminated in creation of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, a center from which are regularly recruited personnel by prominent D.C. nonprofit groups. Readers may recognize the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian. Both organizations regularly recruit from The Center at the University of Maryland. It makes sense why, also. Said center is regularly involved in drumming up financial support for organizations involved in nonprofit pursuits that are worthy. Every semester some ten thousand dollars is raised and distributed. Altogether that’s $20,000 a year, and growth seems the only likely future outcome. The Center has expanded enough a new dormitory has been added, and all students at the University of Maryland are regularly funneled through programs in The Center such that they come out with an appreciation for and understanding of philanthropic pursuit. And, according to Bruce Levenson of UCG, this is exactly as it should be. His goals are “…to ensure that every student attending the University of Maryland graduates as an informed and motivated philanthropist,” according to the PR Newswire article. Hopefully The Center will maintain its growth, and continue to positively impact not just the local Maryland community, or that of D.C., but the global community as well.

Making End of Life Decisions

Taking care of a loved one can be challenging, especially if they are elderly, for instance. It is only natural that a person would want the very best for their loved ones; they want to make sure that their lives are as comfortable as possible.

But in addition to caring for family members or significant others who are in urgent physical need, the caregiver may have their own lives to manage as well. They have their own families to care for and have to maintain their means of living, and doing that while caring for loved ones can be very challenging indeed, if not stressful. Though such persons may sincerely be doing all they physically and circumstantially can to help their loved ones, the reality is is that they just don’t have the time or the professionalism needed to address their loved one’s needs in the proper way.

Some caregivers, after much forethought and family consideration, have decided that the best way to address an infirm family member’s needs is to have them committed to an Assisted Living Facility.

What are Assisted Living Facilities? These are special facilities that are specifically equipped with professional staff and the means to ensure that the persons who have to be committed are cared for in a dignified, courteous and professional manner. Here at such facilities are all the tools, as it were, that are available to address the specific needs of the infirmed.

One of such prestigious assisted living facilities is The Manse on Marsh, located in San Luis Obispo, California. This assisted living has been an invaluable service for a number of years, and has become a real part of the community; many persons with the above family concerns have brought their loved ones to this facility, and they have seen the loving professional care and courteous treatment our clients have and continue to receive.

Here, your loved ones will be in loving, caring hands, by skilled professionals who take a personal, genuine concerns for all of its clients.

This, no doubt, is of great comfort and relief to the client’s family and friends, who want to see their loved ones treated with dignity and respect.

And that they will indeed receive when their infirmed family members are brought to the Manse. Many who have had relatives brought here have said they have never received such professional, courteous service by such a mature and responsible staff.

Are you in the situation mentioned at the onset? Then you have nothing to be unduly concerned about once you bring your loved ones to The Manse on Marsh. Again, it is located in San Luis Obispo, California, which is not very far from where you live.

You can learn more about The Manse on Marsh by going to its website, and if you have any questions their trusted staff will be more than glad to accommodate you.  The Twitter has further information, as well as news about facilities.

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