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What The Highly Volatile New York Real Estate Market Is Based On

The New York, real estate market, is a highly unique market in very many aspects. These aspects include the properties found in this market, the attitude of home seekers, the prices of properties and the firms that are engaged in this market. All these aspects work together to place the New York real estate market at the top of the global real estate markets.

In this real estate market, there is a wide variety of properties ranging from office and business spaces to large mansions and condominiums. One factor that is very prevalent in the real estate market in New York City is the high quality of properties. This city’s real estate market has specialized in luxurious and comfortable living properties. There are low end luxurious and comfortable living properties and also high end large spaced stand alone luxurious mansions.

The clients attitude and perspective towards the New York real estate market is very amazing. The home seekers in this city are ready to part with a huge amount of cash to get good quality properties. Even the low and middle-class home seekers in this market are ready to go an extra mile to get enough financing to acquire nice properties.
The New York, real estate market, is supported by the high demand for properties in the city. The prices of properties in the New York real estate market are very high.

This city’s lucrative real estate market is served by top notch real estate firms like Town Residential. Town Residential is the face of the New York City real estate market. Town Residential is the leading provider high quality comfortably luxurious properties. This firm strives to ensure that quality of real estate properties in the New York market is upheld. This firm has also gone as far as providing luxury and comfort in small scale properties fit for the lower and middle-class market. Town Residential has managed to executively serve this markets throughout its operation years by making sure that all the clients it encounters are well satisfied with the services they receive.

FreedomPop Secures Much Needed VC Funding

FreedomPop has been working alongside the larger and more well-known cellular company, Sprint for quite a while now. There has even been talking that the low rate cellular provider might eventually be absorbed completely by the larger firm though it appears those rumors might no longer be accurate thanks to a recent round of VC funding for the firm.

According to this review, FreedomPop has actually been working quite hard in the last few weeks to make sure it has itself quite the little nest egg through these VC funding rounds and it now looks as though it can leave Sprint in the rear view mirror at some point in the very near future.

So just how much money has the MVNO been able to haul in over the last year? There isn’t an official count, but most reports claim the firm has seen tens of millions of dollars making its way into FreedomPop’s coffers.

For those who might get excited at getting in on the smaller firm on the ground floor, it should be pointed out that the company is still leaning heavily on Sprint for its network. Considering that cellular bandwidth is a commodity that is dwindling thanks to a large number of firms out there now, it would make sense for FreedomPop to ride those very specific coattails for as long as it can muster.

At the same time, one has to wonder just how long Sprint is going to be okay forging a partnership without being allow to just buy the smaller company outright. If Sprint does decide to play hardball, there’s very little FreedomPop could do to actually stave off a takeover, short of finding another firm that might be willing to offer up the same kind of deal. Because FreedomPop is an MVNO, not even this move is going to be as easy as it sounds.

Check out this FreedomPop Review

Soros Takes On Trump In The Media And Through Back-channels

George Soros is the world’s most famous hedge fund billionaire. He is a brilliant businessman and has often capitalized by seeing irregularities in the marketplace, especially impending doom. He became famous for profiting $1 billion shorting the British pound during an economic crisis in the early 90s, earning him the nickname the man that broke the bank of England.
So it is kind of entertaining to watch Forbes billionaire George Soros attacked Donald Trump. Not only does Soros’ fortune far exceed Donald Trump’s, he is one of the few men in the world that can point at Donald Trump is a failure. Money Talks News has found that if Trump simply invested his inherited wealth in an account that tracks the S&P 500, she would be worth $10 billion more than he is today. Essentially, he’s lost $10 billion as a failed businessman.

And while Donald Trump takes the stage to recite hateful speeches, George Soros has a plan to take him down that is incredibly intelligent. Two longtime friends and employees of Soros have been caught by the conservative media making large campaign contributions to Republican governor and presidential candidate John Kasich. Kasich is the current governor of Ohio and Ohio is a big prize in the Republican primary season. According to a report, Ohio dishes out 66 delegates to the winner and the winner of the primary alone. Most other states during the primary season issue delegates proportionally to each candidate as the votes role in. Winning Ohio not only gives the winner bragging rights but a big boost in delegates on the way to securing the nomination.

Additionally, Kasich has said that if he does not win his home state he will drop out of the race. With more candidates in the field, it makes it more difficult for Trump to secure the requisite number of delegates in order to win the nomination out right before the convention. Similarly, Trump needs a win in Florida or Ohio, both winner take all states, in order to be the unquestioned Republican candidate for president. Soros can help defeat Trump by helping Kasich beat him in Ohio. And of course he is helping Kasich with donations.

Soros is famous for being pro immigrant and works to promote democracy and open borders around the world. He sees the rise of Donald Trump as a threat to his beliefs. But to understand why Soros is so good at seeing impending doom in the market and why he believes in open borders, you have to learn about his history.

His family narrowly survived World War II. Fake papers, secured by his father before the Nazi occupation of his home in Budapest, and a change of last names helped Soros survive persecution. He learned from his father to see potential dangers and he never forgot the hateful rhetoric that led to the anti-antisemitism that drove the last world war. In Trump, he sees a dangerous demagogue and his potential dangers. He is set on stopping him in order to help minorities and immigrants, like he once was.

Jon Urbana Owns an Apple, But That’s Not All

It seems like some people just drift along through life without too many goals. In fact, they are perfectly content to go with the flow. However, Jon Urbana is different. He is a power player. According to, Urbana is focused on obtaining a number of goals during his lifetime. The Denver, Colorado native is certainly very focused and on his way to even greater success. The former lacrosse player is actually a power player with active social media sites, up in the air flying, charity work, and photography. Jon Urbana is certainly an amazing individual.

Active Social Media Sites
Jon Urbana likes to keep up with trends via the popular social media sites. Urbana also likes to share his new interests on Facebook. He likes the instant response that he gets from his followers on sites like Twitter.

Jon Urbana is also an amazing video producer and a Denver-based pilot. The fact is that it takes strong dedication to earn a pilot’s license. The FAA awarded Urbana with a special certification for his amazing dedication to this interest. This is certainly a very highly recognized certification that Urbana holds in great esteem. Find out more on the FAA page.

Charity Work
Jon Urbana launched a GoFundMe Campaign for Earth Force. All the proceeds raised will go to a local Colorado charity that supports empowering youth activists and teaching them about a clean and energy independent future. Read more here.

Surprisingly, Urbana has found some special time to devote to photography. Photography is an interest that slowly developed over the years for Urbana. Now, he delights in sharing his favorite photographs online with his friends and followers on Tumblr, Product Hunt, and other sites of his. Go here for some of his favorite photographs on his WordPress blog. Jon Urbana likes to constantly update the pictures on the blog. Therefore, it is a good idea to stop by daily.

White Shark Media uses Client Feedback as Opportunities for Growth


There are very few online marketing companies who take the feedback provided by their clients to heart. White Shark Media reviews all of the feedback provided about the way they interact with their clients and uses it to improve the quality of their service. A typical complaint seen about online marketing companies across the board, is their lack of communication. When the executives at White Shark Media received responses about poor communication they restructured the way their personal account managers made contact with clients. Recent online blogs about the company have testified to their improved communication, as well as their quick response time in resolving client issues.

Clients Want to See Results

Not only do clients expect to have great communication with the marketing company they hire, they also expect to see great results. White Shark Media uses AdWords in creating campaigns to market their client’s goods or services. A common issue with clients that did not have knowledge about this type of marketing tool, was in how to understand the reports. White Shark Media quickly jumped in and initiated a change in their reports to include how to manage campaigns such as AdWords. This change made it much easier for clients to follow along with what was happening with their marketing strategies. In addition to understanding the reports, clients also expect to see increases in website traffic and growth. Clients of White Shark Media have testified to their website results being greatly improved through the company’s comprehensive marketing campaigns.

The many reviews and online testimonials from clients clearly show how White Shark Media uses the feedback they receive as opportunities for growth within their own field of expertise. Many online reviews from clients reported an increase in sales, as well as traffic. Most of these reviews indicate the successful results were achieved for less money than what the clients had paid to other marketing agencies. White Shark Media’s dedication to serving their clients has proven them to be an outstanding company in their field.

Soros Sees China As Threat To World Economy

The current state of the financial world is beginning to look a lot like 2008, states billionaire George Soros on Bloomberg. While he does not like to rehash what others have said, China seems to be a big part of what is hurting the economic situation in the world. Their monetary unit is being devalued and they are struggling to find a new way to enhance growth and prosperity.

George Soros likens the present conditions to a crisis. China is losing ground and it is affecting the world. As they cease trade and up consumption there is a big hole made that needs to be filled to stabilize the markets and the economic conditions. The year 2008 may be done and gone but the financial conditions that existed then are baring their destructive head again.

Soros made his billions from the financial sector and hedge funds. He was educated in London and trained in the markets in New York City. As he slowly learned the ropes he invested more and eventually has become a noted name when dealing with financial matters. He is a respected author of many publications that surround politics and finance. Soros has learned how to read and predict the markets with alarming accuracy.

The control of the government over the Chinese financial market is somewhat to blame for the present situation. Communist in nature it does not allow for independent evaluations and free thinking. This has caused the manufacturing sector to stagger and the number of exports to drop. As the export sector wavers so does the Gross Domestic Product and hence the economy staggers.

The Communist Party has vowed to loosen the restrictions on manufacturing and work hard to bring the yuan back to its past status. This does not deflect from the fact that their present policy is hurting countries like India who depend on Chinese exports for their own financial health and stability.

The Chinese banking sector has even cut rates and moved billions of dollars into the economy to try to stop any long term harm. At present this simply does not seem to be working. The Chinese manufacturing sector needs to offer more products for not only export but also for purchasing within the realm of the Chinese country. Visit to know more about George Soros

Consumerism is presently what is fueling this economy and that cannot sustain growth or prosperity. The Chinese people are charging and running up debt at alarming rates without a seeming plan for paying any of this debt back. The banks will soon become overwhelmed by outstanding notes and then we will see a crash of the market.

Overall the outlook is not good. Will 2008 revisit us in the form of a crash of the Chinese system?

The Success of Organo Gold

In recent news, coffee has become an increasingly popular product that is consumed for multiple reasons including for health benefits. One coffee brand in particular has been promoting the idea of healthy living by spreading their new brand of coffee throughout the world. This new brand is called Organo Gold and was created in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua is a prominent businessman who has extensive knowledge of business and has decades of experience within the world of multilevel marketing. Bernardo Chua was able to create Organo Gold with the mission to not only sell his product, but to promote healthy living all around the world.

What makes Mr. Chua’s product so unique is his use of a secret ingredient. This secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. A nickname that has even been given to Ganoderma has been the “king of herbs”. In recent news, Ganoderma has been proven to provide various health benefits that leave people feeling happier, energetic, and more focused. Ganoderma provides many health benefits, one of which is promoting weight loss by increasing the oxygen intake within the body. In addition to weight loss, Ganoderma also boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, and detoxes the body.

Ganoderma is especially popular for those that just want a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Consumers of this brand have praised Organo Gold for being the perfect cup of coffee that leaves them not only energized, but also relaxed to take on the day. Thanks to Bernardo Chua, the company has been able to expand even further and even has acquired the first organically grown Ganoderma plantation in North America. This plantation not only eliminates transaction costs, but also enables complete access to the secret ingredient.

Ganoderma is a fungus that has a wood-like texture. The fungus is processed in a natural and systematic way that turns the fungus into a powder. The powder is then combined with a number of Organo Gold products such as Organo Gold’s tea, gourmet coffee, and hot chocolate. The variety of healthy products to choose from never allows the consumer to get bored. With the expansion of Organo Gold, more and more coffee lovers are asking for the product. Bernardo Chua is even excited to announce their expansion into Turkey which marks a new connection between Asia and Europe.

Predictions By George Soros On the Collapse Of The EU

Billionaire George Soros has confirmed that the EU is on the verge of collapse. The EU which is composed of over thirty European states will soon, if this trend continues, join the list of international bodies that have been extinguished over the years such as the Soviet Union which faded away when the EU was being formed. According to George Soros, in an exclusive interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz of the famous German Magazine WirtschaftsWoche, what German Chancellor Angela Merkel predicted about the EU will soon be a reality.
The EU which has been enjoying quite an unprecedented spell of growth since 1989 is said to be affected by a number of issues some of which George Soros pointed out. The banking magnate highlights that the refugee crisis in Syria is one of the possible reasons for its collapse. He notes that since the EU does not have a refugee policy, member states have been taking different actions in favor of their own interests and at the expense of others. Therefore, the different opinions evident among the leaders of the EU member states as to whether to admit the refugees into their countries are not good for the union. For instance, in November last year when the People’s Party of Denmark accented into power there were insistent calls for the government to stop taking in Refugees.
The condition worsened when the Danish legislature enacted a law allowing the Ministry of Immigration to confiscate valuables of more than 1OOO Danish kroner ($1450). The seizure of these belongings is based on the ground that the refugees must pay for their sustenance. Other states such as Switzerland have adopted similar laws while others have developed strict refugee policies. However, Merkel has adopted a different approach. She has opened her country’s borders to the refugees; a fact that has led George to say that Merkel may be the only solution to the crisis. In an interview with the New York Review of Books, George asserts that the German people must accept the responsibilities of being the most dominant power in Europe by allowing the millions of Syrian refugees into her borders.

A second reason that the tycoon suggests for the likely collapse is the different political opinions that are being propagated in Hungary and Poland. George is of the opinion that the EU was founded on the principles of an open society. However, the political leadership in Hungary and Poland does not. He further contends that the fact that Poland has a different political inclination may work against Germany for she needs Poland against the resurgent Russia. Greece too has adopted a different ideology from that espoused by the EU. The Right-wing Independent Greek government has also openly challenged the EU open society school of thought. Whether or not the various factors affect the stability of the EU is a question that is yet to be answered.

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The Soap Queens Of Drama

Queens Of Drama is classified as a prime time soap opera based on realism. The plot consists of previous daytime and evening forgotten women actresses who have united to collaborate both in front and in back of the camera, to create and hopefully market and generate a new television series with the aspiration to provide and succeed with a stand alone initial episode by the end of the show season.

All the characters seem to be on the same page when they agree that in their attempt to promote this vaporous and serialized girl flick series,that they definitely must have a prominent figure that stands out has clout and who will be taken seriously in this endeavor by the soap industry.

Stepping across the threshold is the answer to their dilemma, Donna Mills who is known for her provocative, conniving, insolent and unscrupulous role as the antihero on the long running series Knot’s Landing. Although she does not repeat her notorious character of the villain in this series,she is regarded and known as “mother hen” to this group of women and is portrayed as such.
Of course a special guest appearance by the glamorous Joan Collins who is known for her roles as a sultry, conniving, seductive vixen is not a hindrance but rather a positive asset.

Throughout this steady drama each of these women ponder and speculate who among them might be the one to put her personal concerns and private life in the forefront of their concerted objective.
The series navigates in the direction of their intended initial ambition, and that journey gives the Queens Of Drama the edge to break the expected monotony of anticipating and looking forward to much more, than just verbal feuds displayed with extreme antagonism and asperity.

Famous Birthdays indicates Crystal Hunt was born on February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, and is an actress and a film producer. She made a lasting impression and caught the public eye when she portrayed Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS daytime soap: The Guiding Light when she was only 17 years old.

Crystal first revealed on Facebook that she was discovered by a talent agent at the Actor’s Workshop in New York, and on the spot was given the part and persevered for four years which ultimately,landed her two Emmy nominations for daytime soaps.

As she was dealing with her arduous and strenuous television schedule,she received her big chance to enter the motion picture industry and received her break,when she acted with Zac Efron in the film The Derby Stallion.

Subsequently, she abandoned her thriving stable path on The Guiding Light to co star next to Amanda Byrne in an amorous film: Sydney White,a new generation parody remake of Snow White.

She restored her television image in 2009,when she was cast as a deceitful exotic dancer as Stacy Morasco on ABC daytime soap One Life To Live where she prevailed for three years.

She created her first film inspired by true events with good friend Dania Ramirez entitled Talbot County.  Check out all of Crystal Hunt’s roles listed on her Metacritic page.