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Reap All the Benefits With Beneful

Nutrition plays a huge role in making sure a dog lives a long and fruitful life. Beneful is a company dedicated to keeping pets in perfect shape from the time they are a puppy until they grow into wise maturity. With many different varieties and flavors, this Purinastore manufactured brand has something every dog will love.

The beginning of a puppy’s life is when most of their growth and development will take place. To help any puppy grow into a happy, healthy dog there is Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food. This food is specially formulated to give any puppy all the nutrition they need for vision and brain development. Every bite is also packed with extra calcium to make sure they grow up strong. This product is a great way to make sure every puppy grows up perfectly.
When that lovable pet grows from a puppy to a dog the dietary options tend to grow. Beneful Playful Life dry dog food will keep dogs going all day long. The protein rich formula will always make sure there is always enough energy for one last game of fetch. Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is designed to make sure no dog will ever have to worry about their figure. Every bite will give all the nutrition dogs need all while watching the calorie count for them. As an added bonus, Beneful also offers Healthy Smile dog treats. These delicious sticks will make dogs everywhere sit up and beg. The inciting flavors will keep them chewing while the different types will keep their teeth clean and strong. They are guaranteed to like these more than getting their teeth brushed.
After becoming a member of the family a dog needs many of the same things that people do. By giving a dog the proper nutrition owners make sure their pet will be with them for a long time. Beneful is a company that can give everything a dog needs to keep them going. Visit the Beneful Youtube Channel and learn how to keep every dog happy.

George Soros Predicts a Repeat of the 2008 Crisis

George Soros is a name synonymous with charity and philanthropy. The billionaire has extended his work through organizations he founded for the sole purpose of promoting democracy among nations. However, all is not well for Soros as some countries have disagreed with him and threatened to outlaw the activities of his organization.

In January, the billionaire hinted on that the world was in the wake of another financial crisis. He intimates that the same characteristics seen before 2008 are apparently coming out now. He cautions investors to be very careful while undertaking their investment opportunities.

He sites that the Chinese currency is facing devaluation, and they are having problems finding the new growth model. Given that they are a major economy in the world, the Chinese are having their problems transferred to other currencies, and the fact is unfortunate. Therefore, George Soros finds out that a return to positive interest rates after such a crisis in developing countries is a real problem. However, his activities in the world have been celebrated and received criticism in the same measure.

Recently, the Soros foundations have come under sharp attacked from the Hungarian politicians for promoting immigration. According to the politicians, the Open Society Foundations have seen its actions support immigration. The OSF decreed that every immigrant should receive an estimated $16,000 per year for upkeep. The sentiments rubbed the authorities on the wrong way and had since vowed to criminalize the activities of the OSF.

The warm reception that the George Soros’ organization gave the refugees is seen as an act that will fuel an inflow of refugees into Hungary. On the hand, the Open Society Foundation sees it as a humanitarian issue and should not be criticized.

The latest case has come up in Russia where the authorities have taken the OSF guns blazing. George Soros operates two distinct organizations in Russia. Both the Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute have been seen as a threat to the Russian nation. In fact, Russia has banned any activities relating to the two organizations. They have been termed as a threat to national security and the constitution. According to a statement from the General Prosecutor’s office, the two groups will be put on the list of foreign organizations whose acts in the country have been deemed undesirable. Also, they have cautions the citizens against associating with the organization either directly or indirectly.

The mere fact of dealing with an organization listed as an enemy of the state has hindered the willingness of the people of Russia to associate with the OSF and OSI. The Open Society Foundations was formed so as nations may be helped to move away from communism. Their role in promoting democracy is what makes nations disagree with the ideologies they bring to the table. Their activities have been seen to aim at changing the way of thinking of the Russian people and silently influence the citizens. According to the state stamen, the organizations are promoting soft aggression, an issue that is key among the reasons why it is no longer desirable. Read his profile at Forbes.

Pedro Mascheroni Attempts to Sell Secrets To Venezuela

New hidden camera films made public nowadays by the government show a previous atomic physicist that is National, covertly meeting South American, with a guy who he thought to be a Venezuelan specialist to be able to promote his knowledge, along with categorized information. In a video from 2008, nuclear physicist Pedro Mascheroni, who was previously a researcher inside the X-Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory during the Ronald Reagan Administration, tells another man, who is genuinely an undercover FBI agent, that Venezuela could detonate a nuclear bomb in the Pacific headed toward the U.S. in a moments notice. It comes at no surprise to Mr. Osio that Mascheroni is capable of committing such a horrendous act against the government. He was not swiftly punished the last time in 2008, and is up to no good this time around once again.

Mascheroni is just a naturalized US resident from Argentina, which could possible explain why he does feel a certain amount of allegiance and loyalty to the United States of America. In 2013 Mascheroni pleaded guilty to a number of matters regarding making false promises to government agents and shifting data that was confined. Last summer they exercised the option to withdraw his plea, but the judge rejected the movement. Today the Justice Team announced Mascheroni has been sentenced to 60 months in jail, followed closely by 36 months of probation that is to be closely supervised.



Understanding Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten’s Influence on It

Investment banking is a financial program that involves facilitation of capital creation for private investors, and institutions such as companies and governments. In investment banking, investment banks facilitate capital creation by underwriting debts and equity securities. Other ways through which investment banks facilitate capital creation for individuals and institutions include facilitating formation of inter-corporation mergers and acquisitions, providing help in the sale of securities, and giving advice to issuers on issue and how to place stock.


While commercial and retail banks take deposits from corporations or individuals seeking capital, capital creation by investment banks does not involve deposits. Investment banking involves two major business lines. One line is the “buy side” while the other is the “sell side.” In the former, investment banks advise institutions and individuals on the right ways of buying investment services. Types of “buy side” entities include mutual funds, life insurance companies, private equity funds and hedge funds. The later involves exchange of securities for cash or other forms of securities, and security promotion. Examples of activities involved in the “sell side” include market-making, transaction facilitation, research and underwriting.


Investment banking knowledge is crucial for the success of any investment banking institution. Martin Lustgarten is one resourceful person with vast experience and expertise in investment banking. He is a renowned businessman who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Lustgarten, Martin, which is one of the most famous investment banks in the world. The bank has its headquarters in Florida. Since its inception, the bank’s success profile speaks for itself. For instance, it participates in various business projects worldwide and has business connections in various countries, including Panama, Singapore and Hong Kong. The bank’s success has earned Martin respect globally as an expert in financial realm.


Through his successful investment banking business, Martin has offered help to people with difficulties in accessing global trade. He allows such people to engage in American trading by providing them with support, which enhances global economic system that is favorable to all people irrespective of their financial status.

Talk Fusion Making Leaps and Bounds

Bob Reina is the creator and current CEO of Talk Fusion which is a video communication platform that is currently taking the world by storm. Bob Reina was working several jobs while trying to finish his degree at the University of South Florida. He then started at the local police academy and graduated top of his class. He worked as a policeman but also was very involved in a part time direct selling opportunity. Bob Reina has always been very interested in marketing and this showed as his success allowed him to give up a steady pay check. He went on to really pursue his vision for success.

This clear vision is also the sole reason why technology experts joined his team of professionals at Talk Fusion head quarters. Currently based in Florida all the operations of the video communications platform are directed from there. Bob Reina is a very big supporter of animals and therefore has a policy at work which encourages staff to bring their pets to the office. This love of animals also spills over into his free time where Bob Reina is actively supporting various non profits that benefit animals and their care.

Bob Reina in 2004 discovered that when trying to send his family a 10 second clip over his email that AOL told him it was impossible. This simple idea of adding video to email had not been done at the time and therefore Reina decided to come up with his own innovative technology and promote it in a direct selling way which had helped him previously get ahead.

This was the primitive start of Talk Fusion, which was launched with video email first and then included several other applications allowing the user to do way more than just attach a video to an email. Users could now also video chat, video newsletter and join in on live meetings all through the Talk Fusion application suite. Thanks to the innovation of Bob Reina and his team of professionals this is now available to the public.