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Beneful Dry and Wet Food Are Both Awesome

Pet owners who want to feed their friendly dog premium-level food selections definitely should check out Nestle Purinastore’s Beneful brand.
The dry food sold under the Beneful flag comes in many brands and flavors. What makes Beneful dry food stand out is the bags of mixed ingredients are not collectives of random bits and pieces. The recipes are carefully thought out to serve a specific purpose. For example, Healthy Weight dog food is intended to keep a beloved pet from packing on a lot of unwanted (and unhealthy) pounds. A diet of chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans are not exactly going to come with a ton of extra calories. Nor are they loaded with fats and sugars. Overall, this dry food can aid a pet in maintaining a nice weight.

Healthy Puppy dry food is another selection designed to help with unique dietary needs. Since a puppy is always active and is in a growing stage, the food the little one eats has to support unique nutritional requirements. The protein and carbohydrates found in Healthy Puppy should aid with the achievement of these goals. Chicken provides protein and peas and carrots are a source of carbs and vitamins. Nothing too heavy is found in Healthy Puppy, which is another plus.

The wet food selections put forth by Beneful are no less impressive. Chopped Blends selections are the “full course meal” versions of what might be found in some of the dry foods. Chopped Blends with chicken, carrots, peas, and wild rice are made with the real deal. The chicken, vegetables and rice are harvested on farms and are definitely not just artificial flavorings added to fillers. Canines who feast on Beneful Chopped Blends get the full value of dinner.

Another solid wet food selection sold by Purina in the Beneful line is Chicken Stew with rice, carrots, peas, and barley. The wet meal is not far removed from the stew an owner could order in a fine diner. As allows, the ingredients are “Grade A” in quality meaning the dog will absolutely love the taste. Besides the taste, the Chicken Stew is a great source of nutrients. Beneful is available on most groceries like Wal-mart nationwide. Beneful also makes treats! go to and have access on these amazing products.


Class Dojo Makes for Happier Classrooms

Class Dojo is a free mobile app that’s changing how parents and teachers interact, enabling them to work more closely together to help the children learn in and out of the classroom. They just raised $21 million in a Series B round of venture funding, and so they may disrupt the Parent-Teacher Association industry by enabling daily communication through their app. Yet they pledge to keep it free for teachers. The app works on iOS, Android, Kindle Fires and all types of computers.

Teachers using it can send text messages, pictures and videos to the mobile devices of the parents of the students in their classes.

By tapping on icons, teachers can record the areas where students are doing well and where they need improvement, and let the teachers know of the child’s academic, student and behavioural development in the classroom. The icons include: Participating in Class, Working Hard, Helping Others, Leadership, Teamwork and Curiosity.

By taking pictures of the students and their work, teachers can help parents feel much closer to that part of the lives of their children. They can see the pictures and homework for themselves. Parents can watch videos to see their children responding to the teacher and interacting with the other students, creating a more positive culture in classrooms.

The app started out as a way to encourage students to behave well, because they got points awarded to them by learning new skills and cooperating well with the teacher and other children. When they started out in 2011, other education apps focused on the classroom curriculum and testing. They didn’t see any other app that focused on increasing communication between parents and teachers.

Teachers in half the schools in the United States now use Class Dojo, making it the country’s most popular classroom app. It’s also in 180 other countries around the world.

When teachers first download Class Dojo, they can set it up with the names of all their students, and invite all the parents or send them an invitation via email. They set weekly goals to encourage their students to constantly keep growing.

All the information is kept private between students, parents and teachers. They use the same level of security to protect all their data as do banks. They maintain customer service around the clock, 7 days a week.

Class Dojo comes with animated monster characters with fun personalities the students soon will come to like and know well.


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Philip Diehl And Precious Metal Investments

Formerly directing the U.S. Mint, and transitioning to becoming President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl has brought a special perspective to his position. The overall global economy might not be more unstable than ever before, yet there is always a case for having some of your wealth protected by owning physical commodities like gold, silver and platinum.

Mr. Diehl was also former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department, so he also knows the precarious gyrations that can plague the currency markets. In transitioning to a private-sector job with U.S. Money Reserve, it stands to reason that this person, who has seen both sides of those 2 investment vehicles, and has made a move to a firm selling precious metals likely feels metals are the more promising investment.

Having held lofty positions with the United States government, Mr. Diehl likely did not have to work anymore, but it appears he has chosen to do so. He was considered one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors ever, and he was directly responsible for the 50 states quarter program. Mr. Diehl speaks of turning the Mint into an entrepreneurial entity from what he considered to be a somewhat backwards agency.

He credits this turnaround with simply focusing on providing better customer service. Prior to his taking over the helm, the customer satisfaction component was rather low, and during his tenure they would eventually match the best in American businesses relative to satisfaction of its customers.

Mr. Diehl has brought his concern for developing the best customer satisfaction statistics to his position at U.S. Money Reserve.

He has leveraged all of his experience, and commitment to customers, to transform this company into one of the largest distributors of government-issued precious metal coins, gold and bouillon. One of the most successful programs he has implemented was the IRA program, where those interested in investing for retirement in precious metals can do so, while also being able to benefit from any rise in gold prices over the years leading up to their retirement.

A little-known fact is that U.S. minted gold, silver and platinum coins are considered legal tender and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. This makes an investment in these coins particularly safe place to preserve and grow your funds.  Read more: US Money Reserve | and US Money Reserve Promo Codes, 4 Coupons 2016.

The goal of U.S. Money Reserve is to use their uniquely trained team to uncover the best investment options for their customers. Customer satisfaction is still the focus of Mr. Diehl, and through making sure this happens, he knows they can develop very long-term relationships with their customers.Any company focused on safe investments and customer satisfaction is one that most everyone should consider.

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George Soros Investment Plan In The Quantum Fund

George Soros is a self-made billionaire who has been in the capital market for more than 15 years. Investor Soros was born in Hungary but shifted in the United States where he pursued his university education. George Soros has great experience in both accounting and investment banking. He is also a successful author as he has already published some books, one of them being ”The Crash of 2008 and What it Means”. He is ranked as the best-selling author internationally.

Billionaire Soros has also been a major donor in the advocacy towards the attainment of transparency and observance of human rights in the society. George is the principal and the founder of Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. After undertaking his economic classes and graduating, he invested in the international investment fund.

Being the head of Open Society Foundations on, George Soros has enacted growth and accountability in the society. He is among the best humanitarians who have been fighting for the rights of equality and just society. The idea of Open Society Foundations was widely embraced by other leaders, who started other company branches in their countries. As a liberal minded person, George Soros has been financing the education ministry to make sure the youths are educated.

As a humanitarian, George Soros has extended his generosity into other continents such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. Billionaire Soros has been paying lawyers all over the world to represent victims who have lacking attention due to lack of funds to pay for the services. He has successfully solved the issue of political unrest by founding an international system to create transparency at a national level.

George Soros has been making some predictions on the performance of commodities in the stock market. Soros made an early warning to investors in the capital markets on regarding the economic crisis, an instance that came to pass. Billionaire George is an experienced market strategist able to understand the market indicators and predict either a rise or a fall.

According to a liberation made by ValueWalk publishers, George Soros earlier predicted the devaluation of the pound in the stock market. Understanding the full concept of the situation, Soros made a bet on the pound devaluation with $15 billion dollars. When stockholders termed the day as the Black Wednesday, he called it the awesome Wednesday, as he enjoyed the bet returns, which amounted to $19 billion dollars.

Regarding percentage recordings, the pound encountered a drop of 15% when compared to the United States Dollar. George Soros counted the bet, which was referred to as the Quantum Fund, a success.

Darius Fisher’s Efforts Bring Status Labs Quick Success

Status Labs has proven that things can change very quickly, luckily this change is for the better. A popular reputation management company located in Austin, Texas, Status Labs, has seen a great amount of success during the course of only one year. There has been a great deal of news coming out recently about the company that is re-inventing online digital marketing and public relations.


The firms offices in Austin have published a report of sorts describing their ever present successes. Status Labs was able to help many causes over the year by partnering up with other businesses around Austin. They participated in a variety of different community projects as well. Due to their rapid success, the company had to hire additional staff to help contribute to their cause.


The advisory board at Status Labs has been greatly extended by the many partnerships recently. Many professionals associated with reputation management and online marketing are in affiliation with Status Labs. These experienced individuals will help the overall success of the company, as knowledge and experience are always valuable.
Darius Fisher, Co-founder of Status Labs, has done a great deal of work to increase the status of the company. He is a former political consultant and copywriter that has spent much time promoting the company in places such as Forbes, The New York Times, Yahoo and many other popular media outlets. Darius’s efforts greatly improved the awareness of the company, and the importance of repairing a reputation. He has had a strong impact on the bottom end of the company, allowing Status Labs to grow rapidly in a short amount of time.

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Beneful Baked Delights dog treats

Beneful Baked Delights is an awesome line of baked dog treats for your special pup. While they are a treat, they are still made from fresh ingredients and are healthy for your dog. Nestle PurinaStore went into the design of these treats ( makes them not only healthy, but a fun treat that your dog will look forward to as a reward for a job well done.
Heartfuls are a delicious heart shaped dog treat made from delicious shortbread. It’s packed with real bacon and apples for a flavor that every dog will be excited about. The apple filling gives them just the right amount of a sweet flavor, while the bacon gives them that meaty delicious flavor that haves them leaping for joy. There is lots of love put into Heartfuls.

Hugs is another delicious baked treat from Beneful. This crispy treats are packed with goodness and flavor. The center is a savory beef and cheese that will have your dog licking their lips for more. You’ll be giving them a special hug with these treats!

Stars will truly put stars in the eyes of your little loved one. These star shaped shortbread treats are just what your dog wants and needs as a reward from time to time. Packed with bacon and cheese you will see stars in your pups eyes every time you pull out the bag! For a leaner snack for your special pet, stars also comes in a chicken and cheese variety so they can still get the taste they love with a few less calories. Every dog loves these treats! These products are available on Wal-Mart.


Senior Living as It Should Be

Sometimes in life there are a lot of perks in getting older and moving into the Manse on Marsh Independent and Assisted Living community is one of them. This is a community based operation located on the central coast of California in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo. Each day is an experience of comfort, safety and excitement for the seniors that live in the complex. They are afforded a life that provides as much support and guidance as they need. They are able to enjoy a blend of confidence, choices and comfort that makes the golden years something to be enjoyed.

The Manse on Marsh is often chosen by relatives of residents because of the quality of life that each resident experiences, regardless of their situation. The facility is well maintained with beautiful green places to be enjoyed and the staff treat all the residents as if they were their own relatives. The compassion that they show is superior to other facilities in the area and they schedule a busy calendar of activities to keep the residents busy. Residents are allowed to live a vibrant life and enjoy new experiences each day, week and month. It is reassuring to know that nobody is left just sitting alone.

The award winning complex is located in a highly populated area and there is easy access to almost any type of entertainment or shopping that they might want to partake in. There is a chauffeur service to transport those residents to visit their doctors or to do a little shopping. There are many businesses located within walking distance of the facility, coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, movies, art galleries and local stores are available with easy access. The residents are able to maintain as much freedom as they can. It is an atmosphere that promotes happiness and satisfaction in life.

The food at Manse on Marsh is excellent according to Yelp. They offer fine dining for the residents and also a less fancy bistro type location. There is always something to experience from food to group entertainment and trips. There are housekeeping services available along with laundry and linen services available so the residents are always well cared for. It provides peace of mind to both residents and loved ones that the needs of a person living here are going to be of the utmost importance.

Moving to an assisted living facility can be traumatic for some people, because it is a change. Everyone at Manse on Marsh from the administrators to the care givers are dedicated to making a comfortable and vibrant home for the residents that live there. Residents enjoy each other’s company and are continually involved and active throughout their days. This is truly an exceptional senior living facility. This is senior living as it should be for all people, caring and nurturing.

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a successful investment firm that was founded and created by Sanjay Shah. It quickly grew into a reputable company that many investors found to trust with their resources. Shah has many years of experience in the accounting and investment industry as he has worked as an accountant for many years. He wasn’t always interested in the accounting side of business, however, he found his niche and succeeded greatly. In fact, he wanted to become a doctor and began to attend King’s College in London to do just that. He realized after some time that it just wasn’t for him and started to look into the accounting world. He graduated with his degree and decided to pursue his career by working in the banking industries as well as investment firms. He has owned many companies before deciding to start up Solo Capital, so he understood that basics and what it took to get a business up and running. He hired some of his trading partners as well as college graduate students to help him with the business. He wanted to give it a solid year of commitment and he found that it paid off. Solo Capital has reached the million dollar mark which has allowed Shah the opportunity to retire and pursue other areas.

His life has taken him in a different direction in the last few years. As a Kenyan native, he moved to London with his family to start his career. He now lives in Dubai with his wife and three kids. His youngest son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011 after some testing and seeing different specialists. At the time, Shah and his wife weren’t exactly sure what to do. The condition wasn’t very well known, and in fact, still isn’t. He decided to start his own charity event called Autism Rocks. He launched it in 2014 and it is geared towards raising money to help raise awareness and aid in the research and development of the neurological condition. He hopes to be able to help families in need and to help others better understand the condition.

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Are You Causing Your Hair to Grow Without Even Trying

How do you like that! Brushing your hair in a certain way can actually encourage your hair to grow more. Well, that’s at least what some believe. There is one woman in particular who believes this and she’s from the UK.

It all started when this woman wanted to test this theory with a new brush. Have you ever heard of the woman in the UKwho stopped shampooing her hair on a journey she took, just to look into a new theory on shampooing? Yes, this is the same woman.

This woman, believes that changing your hair brush and the way you brush your hair can have a major affect on the growth. Before you even begin to ask the question, yes she works for the beauty department for the UK version of Cosmo Magazine
She was so confident that she sent in before and after pictures to show the proof.

“If you brush your hair regularly and with the right brush, you can actually stimulate your scalp. It’s better to use a Boar Bristle Brush

Does this really work though?

If there is one thing we have learned about beauty is that not everything works. Just because someone from the beauty department “claims” something, it doesn’t mean there is anything to the claim.

It turns out that this woman was right. A dermatologist expert in New York tried this out recently. It turns out there is something to this very idea.

“The goal is to stimulate the scalp. Allow all the natural oils to get in their and help nurture and grow the scalp. Yes, there is something to this. I would recommend taking a look at your hair brush right now. If it’s not a Boar Bristle Brush, get rid of it. You can actually damage the hairs on your head by brushing them with the wrong brush. Old brushes can and will cause serious damage”.

Matt Fugate is a very successful hairstylist and skin doctor in New York. He’s the one who proved this woman’s theory correct. He has also seen and done it all when it comes to hair and makeup. Matt is your go-to-guy.

If you want to read the full article about this, please click here.

Yeonmi Park Builds Platform With Her Novel

The release on of the best selling novel, “In Order to Survive” by Yeonmi Park is exactly what you think that it is. The core of the novel is based on her unimaginable survival in North Korea. There is a point where she really would have to get down to her lowest point and continue to pick herself back up. There is a harsh time of starvation and cruel conditions. It is a tearjerker of a novel, and some people cannot put it down. Others – that hold the title of critics – cannot seem to stop criticizing the book. They want to say that the book is not completely true. Yeonmi Park fires at the critics as reported by NK by building a platform. She is urging others defectors to rise up and escape the harsh conditions.
Many consider Park to be a champion for those that are still experiencing such a harsh fate. She shows many people that they can rise up and move up beyond all of this. It doesn’t matter if they have experienced harshness for a long time. There is still a chance to move beyond all of this. On the Reasons website Park has shown that she is really interested in becoming a voice for all that have been silenced. Everyone has not been so lucky to make it out alive. Yeonmi, however, has had the strength to survive.

Some critics have called her a celebrity defector, but Yeomi knows the truth. She tells people that they do not have to get stuck with believing what the critics say. Her story is her story to tell. She doesn’t need anyone to analyze the account of her life down through the years.

It is good to see how Park has made Youtube as her platform that can withstand the wrath of the critics. The critics that have tried to put a damper on book sales by questioning her recount of events, but Park has held strong. She has eliminated the need to doubt by continuing to speak in public. There was no need to ponder the story because Park continues to keep eyes on North Korea defectors.

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