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Wen Produces Best Hair Cleansing Products

Wen hair care is the solution for the stars, but working class people are also privileged to benefit from the Wen cleansing products. In a recent article, Bustle contributor Emily McClure made it her duty to show women what products were going to be the best for women.
Emily is a hair stylist so she already had a pretty comprehensive knowledge of competitor products that are currently on the market. She has used various products on the heads of her customers, and she knows what products work well. This time, she chose to use the Wen Cleansing Conditioner on her own hair. This has been proven to be a very important product for so many women that are trying to strengthen their hair.

That is what the Wen hair by Chaz Dean products are all about. These are things that add a level of strength to the hair. Wen has become an interesting product because it is designed to take the frizz out of hair. It is also a product that adds a level of gloss to the hair. This is why Emily McClure was excited to post her find. She realized that this product was one of the more effective products for hair.

Today Wen hair infomercials can be seen on television. There is also a lot of buzz about Wen hair on social media like on Twitter. This has become the brand that has a lot of natural ingredients that are used to maintain hair. People are impressed with what the Wen products can do because it cleans hair quite thoroughly. Many people like this because it is one of the all-in-products. It allows people to shampoo and condition with a single product.

Wen is designed to make life easier for women that are trying to restore their hair. Emily McClure shows that Wen makes this easy.

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Securus Technologies Offering Free Upgrade To Customers

Criminal justice technology firm Securus Technologies, is offering its existing customers in prisons a free threads upgrade. The update will automatically be installed and take effect into the systems of current customers of Securus Technologies. PR Newswire reports about the most recent update is called the the Threads 3.1 upgrade. It is considered to be the leading big data collection and analyzation tool available to the corrections industry. Threads 3.1 combines the latest advances in technology and is designed to be fully integrated with existing communication apparatus operating in prisons and correctional facilities.
Threads 3.1 makes a major upgrade to the user interface system of Securus Technologies’ Investigation Solutions products. The free upgrade switches the user interface system to a web based one, making it easier to operate on. It does not less the effectiveness of any of the analysis tools found in the Investigation Solutions batch of products. Instead it just makes the interface more user friendly and more efficient.

A number of technical aspects were changed as well that have improved the system. For example, redundancy in the system operations is eliminated to improve operating performance and speed. The search features are enhanced, the system navigation has been improved and the loading of records is now faster. All of these improvements result in a superior experience and better performance of the entire Investigative Solutions system.

The software platform has been changed in the Threads 3.1 patch. Investigative Solutions now use HTML 5 as the operating platform instead of Microsoft Silverlight which was the primary platform before. This allows Investigative Solutions products to be integrated with other Securus Technologies Solutions like the Secure Call Platform. The new software and integration makes it easier for investigators to track information and gives them the necessary tools to follow up on leads within the data the system has compiled.

A number of other features are included in the Threads 3.1 upgrade. For example, law enforcement personnel can now listen in on inmate calls done on the secure call platform on the threads program. Real time analysis of calls and data is now also offered. Other useful features to law enforcement is the ability to create context-sensitive reports, custom maps and the ability to print them. All of this helps law enforcement stop crime. It also helps keep inmates, law enforcement and the general public safe. With better tracking and deeper analyzation provided by the new Threads upgrade law enforcement can stay one step ahead of criminal activity.

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Lime Crime Fans Show Off Their Unique Makeup Looks By Posting Photos

When female entrepreneur Doe Deere decided to launch her Lime Crime brand of cosmetics, she did so with the intent of providing women an alternative choice to traditional colors. The Lime Crime line of cosmetics has become well-known for its wide range of eye and lip colors. The bolder colors found in this line allow women to express their own unique approach to wearing makeup.

Lime Crime Fans Show Off Their Colors

The ability to create an unlimited number of looks using the Lime Crime array of shades, has appealed to many women. May of these women have shared their unique makeup combinations by posting photos of themselves to their favorite social network websites. The Lime Crime site also hosts a blog where fans of the cosmetics can share their beauty tips. The blog features looks made using some of the more intriguing metallic lip and eye colors. Fans can create a funky alien look by combining the Venus, Pigeon, Fly and Marsh lip colors. The artistic style used to color lips with multiple shades in the Lime Crime line has become so popular, the company now offers lip color duos in both matte and metallic shades.

Lips are not the only facial feature women are showing off on social media sites. The array of colors available in Lime Crime’s eye shades also allow women to create a variety of looks ranging from smoldering and seductive to whimsical and fun. The intent behind the line of products offered by Lime Crime has proven to hit its mark by the widespread use of the cosmetics in creating unique and expressive looks.  Follow them on Instagram @LimeCrimeMakeup, or be sure to check out brand news on Facebook.

Bob Reina’s idea for changing the world of advertising is in full effect

TalkFusion is a company that has taken video advertising to an entirely new level. A lot of businesses are actually losing their customers because they don’t engage with the new technology that the world is adopting. Without being able to effectively reach people easily, they just simply cannot thrive, and end up closing their doors for good. It may not be because it’s too expensive, (although that is a genuine concern), but more-so that people don’t really know where they turn. When they have been a part of an industry for so many years and suddenly been forced to change, how can they know that they are doing it properly?

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Bob Reina, (TalkFusion’s CEO and Co-Founder), had the bold vision of packaging the world of communication and advertising together, in order to make it easier for everyone. Not only did they make it easy to reach new customers, but they also put a system in place that would keep organizing and informing the userbase you already have an easier task. So, essentially, TalkFusion is a network of people that are all using its features to progress in their own avenue. That’s not even to mention all of the financial advantages attached just for simply distributing the same system to other people in the same situation. That is most literally combining one of the largest industries in the world with a tool that almost EVERY industry in the world could use. It’s no wonder that the company has done so well so far, and has a great foreseeable future as one of the most multi-fauceted marketing companies of all time.


FreedomPop Gradually Taking the World by Storm by Offering Even More Free Services

FreedomPop is a MVN0 which offers calling services and basic texting for absolutely nothing and disperses SIM cards. They’ve lately revealed their non-diabolical master plot to help them progress in the creation of their place among top cellular telephone service providers: offering zero-rated complete access WhatsApp, their affiliated mobile app. Because of this brilliant business plan, their messaging program will cost nothing whatsoever, irrespective of whether a user has a ton of data available, very little data, or even no (that’s right, NO DATA; yes, that’s a thing to some poorer people) data allowance on their mobile plan. Ever so sadly, this new concept won’t be seen in the good ‘ol U S of A anytime soon, as it’s first trial launch will only be offered in the semi-Mexican country of Spain for awhile.

FreedomPop was valiantly fought for and founded out of the grand city of Los Angeles half a decade ago in 2011 and has built it’s reputation on offering free minutes, text messages and even data to individuals who can’t manage to buy more than a basic plan. How unfortunate, right? Within the United States, the company continues to be running for the most part. When the program was launched in the UK, FreedomPop did most definitely (I assure you) start worldwide for the very first and very last instance back in the Autumn of 2015. Since the declaration to continue international business in European Mexico (Spain), it’s rise in the mobile service industry has given indicators concerning how they may plan to take on business on a global scale.

Similar services have been offered by other businesses in select segments of our home planet, Earth, but the practice, much like prostitution, was unacceptable in some foreign markets. Due to some law in India, the free technologically primitive (but still “basic”, to be politically correct in respect to poor people) services offered by Facebook were prohibited. The Facebook-owned app, WHatsApp, owned service was banned too. In the EU, however, the free services haven’t been banned outright but are being left to the discretion of it’s member nations.

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