Browse Month: October 2016

Wengie Has A Healthy Morning Routine


One thing that beauty guru Wengie does is show that she is someone who is very passionate and knowledgeable about health and beauty. There are plenty of things that she does that preserves her health and beauty. She also has awake up routine that is actually quite organized. She puts together some of the healthiest foods to eat. Therefore, she is able to get her day going with the right amount of energy. She is also very careful with her hair. She puts it into a braid for when she sleeps. This keeps it from going out of control.


Wengie looks good enough without make up. She has a natural beauty about her. That said, she does put together a good look with make up. She works very hard to maintain her health. This is very responsible for someone who is raised by a mother who does not care about beauty in any way. Wengie is someone who inspires plenty of people because she is willing to take care of herself and make herself presentable to people. Wengie has plenty of videos and tutorials that show people what they can do to enhance their beauty. She is someone that one could learn a lot from when it comes to health and beauty.


Wengie has taken a lot of inspiration from the average people in her day to day life. She sees beauty in all types of looks. One of the most important aspects of her beauty guru channel is that she understands that beauty is not just about how one looks. She understands that the best reason to bring out the best in her own looks is not to impress others. It is to make herself feel good. The approval of others is only a bonus that is added to the overall package.

Determined to Assist Medical Professionals Everywhere

Brian Torchin manages his own health care recruitment counselors staffing agency (HCRC Staffing), and needs medical professionals to know that there are multiple ways to earn money, or make a living in the medical field. The industry is easy when employees are prepared and his main ambition is preparing as many people as possible by offering job counseling, job placement and verifying employees.

He appreciates how difficult it is for emerging medical professionals to get jobs in today’s economy and he wants every person that is seeking a job to feel comfortable about the whole process. Brian Torchin and his experts will walk every potential client through the complete process, making sure the clients are at ease and confident. His company does most of the work for employers and employees alike, minimizing the stress on clients.

Brian Torchin has a degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. He is also a licensed Chiropractitioner alongside being a tremendous business, so he understands the inner workings of the medical industry from both the employer’s position, and the employee’s. He is a detail oriented person and has a positive outlook on the world of business.

He’s taken his expertise above and beyond to assist others in the medical field. Brian Torchin started HCRC Staffing because he completely understands the job seeking process and also the difficulty of finding the right employee.

With his background in medicine, he is committed to ensuring that other medical professionals have an extremely useful service that is dedicated to finding new opportunities and hiring adequate workers.