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David Osio’s Company’s New Real Estate App

David Osio is the CEO of the Davos Real Estate Company. The company has worked in the New York area for many years and they have made quite a difference in the way that things are done for the people who are buying and selling properties in the area. Their business is focused on developers and real estate professionals, their new app aims to help those people out and they hope to help people out with the different aspects of property investments in the New York City area and around the rest of the country that they are in. Read more:

When it comes to real estate, Davos is focused mainly on helping people who are professionals in the real estate industry. They work hard to help the professionals in the industry get what they want out of the different parts of the business. They work hard to make sure that they are doing the best for the business and that they are getting everything out of the business that they are in. They want to help developers and professionals get what they need out of real estate and find the best real estate that they can in New York City.

Since they are so committed to helping people out with the different parts of the business, they have worked to make sure that they are doing the most for the business with the apps that they have. The app that they have recently created shows people the investment and the return that they will get from the investment. Unlike other real estate applications, this one offers real time information on how much they can make off of the property that they are planning to purchase. They can do much more with the app than they can with any other real estate app that is available to developers on the market.

It is important for investors to get the most out of the business that they are in. This is something that will allow them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way. It also gives them the options that they need when they are looking for a home. Developers can find out what the price of a property is and they can then see how much they will make if they make the choice to sell the property or even to rent it out to someone else.

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A Candid Interview with the education reformer, Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been an inspiration to the community with her philanthropic efforts in the field of education. Through the years Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos have been instrumental in changing the lives of school going students across America.

In a candid interview with Betsy, she shared with me among many things her goals and reforms to bring about a positive change in our educational institutes. Being parents to school going kids back in the 90’s, Betsy felt the need for low income group families to have the choice and freedom to send their kids to the schools of their liking. The school voucher program started out as a small initiative supporting individual kids and now has grown into full proportion. Betsy was elated upon being asked on the Wisconsin instituted private school voucher program in Milwaukee which celebrated its 25th year in 2013. She gave estimated figures for the school voucher initiative that the DeVos family helped start. The program has expanded to more than 2,50,000 students in 33 publicly funded, private choice programs in 17 states. The program expanded to cities like Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Mississippi and New Hampshire. The greatest achievement for the program came with the passing of the Statewide Voucher program in Indiana which paved the way for similar reforms in other states of America. In her capacity, Betsy served as chairman of two boards namely Children First America and the American Education Reform Council wherein she and her husband Dick were instrumental in passing Michigan’s first charter school bill in 1993. The Great Lakes Education Project was started when Betsy’s tax-credit scholarship and vouchers program failed to take flight. The response for the Great Lakes Education was tremendous which promoted education reform through expansion of charter schools. The success of the program further lead to the formation of the American Federation for Children (AFC) which has been largely successful in promoting educational choices for students and providing better options. The state of Florida, Louisiana and Indiana have largely benefited from the tax credit scholarship program started by the AFC. Betsy sees the need for more education reform strategies and when quizzed about digital learning, Betsy said that digital learning has still a long way to go in terms of its implementation in the current education system and if given the right path, can be even instrumental in boosting education and learning.


Dick DeVos has been a key figure in the business community. He is a second generation entrepreneur who took over his father’s business in growing the Amway Corporation. He started working in the company in 1974 and has been successful in transitioning the network sales company to bigger avenues. His effort in the restructuring of the company has led to the growth of the Amway Corporation across the globe. Dick and his partner Betsy have been involved with philanthropic initiatives since a long time spearheading the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which is committed to helping the community.




Wireless Users Who Want Unlimited Cell Phone Service Should Choose FreedomPop

It’s no surprise that a person who would want to try out a new cell phone service provider would want to make comparisons because it’s the smart thing to do. Most people simply take the advice of others and believe that they’ll get great service and good prices, but getting information first hand is probably the best way to go. Any FreedomPop review will reveal that they provide all kinds of services, and they are a company that likes to make their customers as happy as possible. If FreedomPop simply was into making money, then they wouldn’t go out of their way to please their customers.

When FreedomPop first started, only CDMA phones were able to be used on their network, and the phone had to be sold by FreedomPop or could be brought over from the Sprint network. Now, things have changed so much to the point where anyone with any kind of phone can use it on the FreedomPop network, even if it takes a sim card. Phones that take a sim card are known as GSM phones, and FreedomPop has sim cards to accommodate these types of phones.

The sim cards can be ordered on the FreedomPop website or on other compatible websites that have FreedomPop services and products. The sim card kit from FreedomPop has three different sizes that come in one complete kit, and the size of the sim card can be chosen by the individual who is using the sim card. Since there are three different sizes of sim cards that can go into a cell phone, FreedomPop has made it easier for anyone who needs a sim card for their phone but aren’t sure what size they need. There is no need to guess about the sim card size, just order the kit from FreedomPop.

The sim card will be shipped out within a couple days and can be received within a week, so each customer can get their service started with FreedomPop in a short period of time. The FreedomPop customer can choose from several different plans but is encouraged to choose an unlimited plan if they need text messages, talk time, and data that is unlimited. There is 4G LTE data that’s included with the unlimited plan, but 3G data is unlimited once all of the 4G LTE data is used, so every FreedomPop customer will have great cell phone service that is truly unlimited.

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Ways through which Bob Reina has helped in changing Lives

Talk Fusion is a company that was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 with the aim of offering digital communication services. The firm has a mission of changing lives by doing charitable work such as giving back to the community and helping individuals achieve their visions. Bob always motivates his team to be determined to help more people.


Bob Reina is an individual who gives attention to the community and cares about the products he offers to the people. He has successfully done the work for more than ten years, and this has made the company to be well known. Bob has led as an example by giving a donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and this has brought much influence to his mission. The Indonesian orphanage has been a beneficiary of Mr. Bob’s life-saving involvement since many animals have benefited from the substantial financial support.



Bob’s participation in helping the non-profit organization encouraged him to come up with a program that gives an opportunity to every associate of Talk Fusion to give a free account of their choice to charity. The essence of the free account is to form a custom plan, which is done monthly. It comprises of customization, branding, and access to Talk’s video marketing products like the live meetings, and video email. Bob ventured into video communication market after identifying the difficulty people used to go through with sending and receiving videos of the internet. His major goal was to assist nonprofits and charities all over the world to get to many people.


Bob is mainly concerned with how his foundation has transformed the people’s lives. Bob has dedicated himself to getting better and appropriate methods of assisting people to achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams. Each activity that talk fusion does is with the aim of ensuring that people get what they need in a simpler way. Talk Fusion also offers some services that help running of businesses in an efficient way. It provides a platform for direct selling and also communicates using video by the internet.

Soros Donates Heavily to Clinton Campaign

George Soros is well regarded as being one of the most successful and significant financial investors in the history of the financial markets. He has been the head of Soros Funds for over 50 years and has managed billions of dollars in assets over that period of time. Due to his success managing Soros Funds and investing his own money, Soros has amassed a net worth in excess of $25 billion making him one of the wealthiest people in the world.

While Soros is best known for being a wealthy investor, he is also known for his interests in a wide range of political and social causes. Due to the chance for it having a big impact on the global economy and social setting, George Soros has been very involved in the 2016 Presidential election in the United States. Despite the fact that he was born in Austria and raised in the United Kingdom, Soros has once again donated a considerable amount of money to the United States’ Democratic Party.

As the National Election Day continues to near, many people have continued to take notice of the considerable amount of money that Soros has donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign. It has been estimated that he has donated over $25 million to either the Clinton campaign directly or to various other campaigns that will support it.

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This current political process is likely the most engaged that Soros has ever been in the past. During the 2004 election, Soros donated a few million dollars to a variety of campaigns aimed at unseating George W Bush from the presidency. However, after losing that bid, Soros was not heavily involved in the 2008 or 2012 election cycle on Forbes. Many believe that the current election and campaigning process could be a bit more personal for Soros. Many people have taken notice of Donald Trump’s controversial comments when it comes to immigrants and refugees. Soros himself was a refugee from Austria at the start of World War II when the nation was invaded by Germany.

Soros is far from being the only major donor to the Clinton campaign. Tom Steyer, who is an environmentalist based in San Francisco, has reportedly raised over $31 million that has been given. Other multi-millionaires and billionaires that have given lofty sums of money to the campaign have included hedge fund manager Donald Sussman and Haim Saban. At this point it remains unclear whether Soros will continue to donate to the campaign through excess donations or whether he will slow down his contributions.

NorkaLuque’s Unwavering Passion for Music

The music industry is an extensive scope marked by entertainers from distinct walks of life. Some artists have inspiring stories, passion and characters while others have controversial lives. Norka Luque is one of the musicians that have made a great contribution in spreading and creating positivism within the music industry. Norka is a Venezuelan talented musician and presently resides in Miami, FL. Her story as an artist is compelling and attractive. Norka was always passionate about music since her early childhood days. With seamless support from her beloved parents, Norka managed to build herself musically with hope to inspire the world through her music. Alongside her normal education, Norka Luque attended musical training classes and vocal lessons to enable her sharpen her skills in music.

Dreams Come True

The product of what started as a pastime is what we hear and see about Norka Luque today. She is now a prominent stage artist who performs different music genres ranging from pop to urban, dance and Latin among others. One of the factors that has kept her inspired is the ability of music to create positivism in the society. Norka strongly taps into this music potential to preach and spread positive message to her esteemed fans via prudently constructed lyrics. Luque recognizes that despite the creation of new rhythms day in, day out, there should be no change in the way music tends to connect with people emotionally.

Achievements of NorkaLuque

Currently, Norka owns her very own record label called Norka Music Productions LLC. Through this label, she has been able to build herself within the competitive music industry as well as assist other upcoming musicians build themselves and turn to be successful. In 2011, Norka was nominated for the Top Female Pop Artist of the Year with her famous single ‘As You Do’. Later on in 2012, she officially released a new hit called Miracle. For many weeks, this song was among the top hits in the Venezuelan chart. This therefore contributed to her being one of the most thriving and fruitful women singers within the Venezuelan music industry.

Her Career Life

Before joining the music industry fully, NorkaLuque worked in Monaco as a banker. This was after graduating with highest honours in business administration. Norka joined the Bad Moon Rising band while in France. This enabled her gain recognition from Emilio Estefan, a renowned and remarkable music producer. This was the turning point for her music career.

Billy McFarland Visionary and Entrepreneur

Billy McFarland started his first real company at age 13 which was very successful in linking clients to local service which was beneficial to both. Billy McFarland is the current CEO of Magnises, formed in 2013 and is a success story of Horatio Algier proportions.

Located in New York City and Washington DC, Magnises offers the Black Card which allows millennials access to tremendous discounts to all of their trendy and important restaurants, clubs, bars, events, and venues. The way that the Black Card works is to transfer data from a person’s regular charge cards to the Black Card. For a $250 annual fee, the Black Card can then be used for all of the discounted perks and services offered through Magnises.

Millennials love to be in on the latest thing, and this is it. The demographic of young professionals and entrepreneurs from the ages of 21 to 35 is the targeted group. The concept gives millennials the ability to network in places where they are already going anyway, only at a very nice discount.

McFarland is very picky in regard to whom is chosen as business associates. They must be solid and trendy, able to offer members a good deal on an ongoing basis. They must be an established organization who can be trusted over the long haul. It becomes a win-win relationship for both the business and the millennials with appropriate benefits accruing to both.

This is why restaurants such as Catch and La Esquina, clubs like Goldbar and Finale are some of many New York establishments who have become partners. Helicopter trips out to the Hamptons with Blade and hands-on driving experiences with Tesla at the track are popularly sponsored events for the millennials. The goal is to partner with businesses and events who really want to buy into the concept and get really engaged. This creates the environment that the millennials crave.

Ideas that are great in theory amount to nothing unless someone takes that idea and makes it a reality. This is exactly what McFarland and his people have done. At the end of 2015 Magnises had 10,000 members and was able to garner a venture capital investment of $3 million. This will allow expansion to other major cities, both here in the US and abroad.