Josh Verne’s Ways of Succeeding in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a businessman and serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has worked for ore than two decades to found and sell more than 50 companies and businesses in the country. Because of this, his skills are recognised in the business industry in the United States. Josh Verne also believes in vision. For him, vision is the art which makes people see what others cannot see under normal conditions. For this reason, he has been a student of vision to help him succeed in business and entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, there are many ways in which he has worked to succeed in business. Therefore, he recommends the following ways to young people so that they can follow to succeed in life.


  1. Speak less, listen more

This is one of the simplest points in the business vision. As we have seen, vision helps people accomplish much in business and innovation. Josh Verne believes in a business leader who makes much of his time to listen to his juniors before he makes a decision to speak. For his reason, he has much to say concerning their judgment in his mouth.


For a normal person, he has only two ears and one mouth. Therefore, you will be right to use the organs you have in their correct proportion so as to avoid making many mistakes which come from the mouth. You have two ears to make you listen two times more than speaking. For those business leaders who engage in speaking less, they find that they have much to speak than any other person. For this reason, they will be more informed in any decision they make rather than having less power in their words. You will also appear more authoritative because you speak less and listen more in any conversation. People trust such people.

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