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Jason Hope: Writing All About IoTs and the People Who Love Them

Jason Hope has been so successful in his career because he is brilliant at anticipating needs and the next big thing in the technology market. His new e-book is entitled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” has been designed to help users anticipate coming technology as well. In a world where the next big thing is always around the corner, futurists like Hope are always available to help consumers move seamlessly into new technologies.

The e-book, which can be purchased on, focuses on the IoT technology that has been growing in recent years. The IoT consist of the network of devices that can connect and communicate with each other all over the world. If a consumer uses smartphone, they are using an IoT device. Other things like cars, radios, video cameras, and even appliances can qualify as an IoT device. The main difference is that these devices can communicate with each other through the vast web known as the IoT.

Hope’s e-book is a way that he can help users by imparting the substantial knowledge that he has gained throughout his career in the technology industry. He started his career after graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance and an MBA. He went on to create his own technology company and acquire various others. This gave him experience in managing multiple businesses and anticipating growth. He used the knowledge he acquired to anticipate growth in other areas and soon developed a reputation as a skilled futurist.

The reason that IoT is so important is that it is poised to take off in a massive way. Not only has it been included in a variety of new products, but it has potential. Experts believe that by 2020, there will be more than 30 million devices worldwide that use the IoT network. There could be a point where almost every new device that is released will be connected in some way. This connectedness is not a bad thing, but it does call for consumers to become more tech savvy.

In his e-book, Hope talks to consumers about the technology. He explains how to use the devices and the benefits that IoT brings to users. A major theme of the work is security and continued education with technology. Hope provides information in a very concise manner so that users will feel confident working with their devices. This e-book is an invaluable tool for anyone dealing with technology-enabled IoT devices.

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Rocketship Education: Inspiring Changes in Learning



Education is getting a facelift from trendsetting charter schools like Rocket education. This nonprofit is on a mission to do away with the harmful achievement gap that plagues low-income populations. The charter school collective believes fiery in the power of every student to achieve. They bring hope and opportunity to struggling communities. Their quality education system focuses on bringing parents and community into the learning experience. This kinship between school and families helps parents discover the techniques they can employ to help their children.

Modern society is built around the concept that every individual can succeed. However, in communities that fall in the lower economic class, this seems like a pipe dream. Many students aren’t able to make it through high school let alone move to college. This wrong is the mission of Rocketship Education to correct. Their program focuses on elementary schools hoping to build education center families from the very beginning of student’s academic careers. Beginning with passionate instructors who are very capable in core STEM fields Rocketship Education provides regular training throughout their career ensuring that they are able to give each student the attention they need.

When compared to public schools Rocketeers display a greater understanding of Mathematics and English than their counterparts. Each lesson is carefully crafted toward the needs of students. Before the school year has even begun teachers travel to student’s houses to meet with their parents. This begins a partnership that lasts through the year. Parents are encouraged by instructors to aid their children at home. Many parents are grateful for this personal experience because it allows them to be more aware of what their child is accomplishing.

Established in 2006 Rocketship Education is a nonprofit collective operating over 20 schools. These schools are located in the District of Columbia as well as throughout three states. Their methods have met widespread acclaim such as being listed in the top 10% of all Califonia schools serving low-income communities. Their programs are dual focused. First, they attempt to understand a child’s unique needs and implement teaching strategies to support those needs. The second half is geared towards establishing a support structure for students.


The Brown Agency Becomes Dual Scout

The Brown Agency has become a dual talent scout and modeling agency. They offer over over 36,000+ models and actors. Brown Agency is one of the largest such agencies in the Southwest. Wilhelmina South is responsible for buying Herman South and creating one of the largest modeling and talent scouts nationwide. They work with the best talent in the south bringing their talent unique job opportunities. Their scouts proudly get dependable talent who work well on any project large or small. Brown is committed to matching great talent with great portfolio opportunities in diverse talent and modeling fields. Their advance network is proudly based in popular Austin, Texas.

According to Market Wired, their CEO, former acting director for Wilhelmina, Justin Brown says, it helps them leverage their talent with a combined effort with the former Heyman. Their transfer in 2010 has opened doors for a lot of talent. Brown says, their agency offers the industry’s top professional client. They’re also willing to work with talent of all ages. In fact, they work with some of the bigger names in the network including prestigious brands like L’oréal. They open doors for extras in a movie to potential runway models for a huge major city fashion e went.

During the past four years, Brown has been able to compete in a competitive talent profession. Their growth efforts included becoming a full service network. There has also been talk of a global expansion to include an overseas partnership. Their strong team of leadership professionals are there to back their expansion efforts. They also understand the vast amount of talent and beauty in the Los Angeles area and expect to also expand their office to the city. This will present a unique opportunity for them to grow their unique talent opportunities. Choose from thousands of job opportunities when they become available.

They encourage you to become a part of their network and be introduced to the top scouts in the world. They’re proud to say they have a diverse pool of talent and offer breadth models and actors. Brown is also introducing a theatrical addition to their talent pool. They continue to be the leading talent agency in Texas and growing. Now, is a Greg time to inquiry about the brilliant career opportunities available at Brown. More people are meeting their modeling and acting goals with their new integrated network and the popular Brown Agency. Join the Brown network today and get noticed.

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Greg Secker on having a positive impact on society


Greg Secker is positively changing the lives of others with the help of the foundation he started. In 2003 he founded the Knowledge to Action Group, which holds a umbrella of companies. These companies are Learn to Trade, Capital Index, SmartCharts Software. Earlier in his career Greg worked for a company called Mellon Financial Corporation and another Fortune 500 company as Vice President. He ran a new business at the time called the Virtual Trading Desk. After leaving Mellon Financial Corporation he started Learn to Trade out of his home. He build the company in just 3 very short months. They now have offices in South Africa, the Philippines, London, and Australia. They hold seminars and workshops and over 200,000 people have been education through them.

Learn to Trade has won multiple awards including Best Educator by World Finance Magazine two years in a row, Best Trading Education Product and Best Forex Trader Training UK by Wealth and Finance Magazine, and was named a finalist for the 2009 London Excellence Awards. The list continues on. The idea to create these award winning companies was from the desire to help people, wanting to create new opportunities, and some boredom. Looking back on his life the one regret he has was to enjoy the journey more and not just speeding through it. You can miss out on some neat experiences if you don’t stop to smell the flowers. His book of choice that he recommends is “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. The best-selling author writes about the lives, routines, and habits of big time performers and billionaires.

International Speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Greg Secker is taking the world by storm. As a young adult Greg attended the University of Nottingham in which he received his Bachelor of Science in European studies with Food Sciences and Agriculture.

The English Businessman founded and owns a number of companies including Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, and Learn to Trade. He also started The Greg Secker Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that gives back by improving the quality of people’s lives, all over the world. He was born on February 18, 1975. By his mid-twenties Mr. Secker was a multi-millionaire.


SahmAdrangi’s contributions to the Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Sahm had to make a life choice that meant that he would quit Wall Street. It was so because of the high cost of living in the NYC, the hours as well as the perception that some things had changed such as the alarming rate of industry assets fallout. His survival was mainly due to the seed capital he made while at Wall Street that granted him the chance to create numerous income sources from good securities. From time to time, he develops great love and passion for venturing into the investment experience which has since led him to acquire a lot of returns from his PA.

After graduating from Penn State University, he landed an internship program in New York City at the Merrill Lynch’s credit desk. Due to his “clickability” as well as hardworking nature, Sahm spent an additional of three years to trade on the bond desk at Merill. When he was at the then $3 billion hedge fund- Longacre, Adrangi parlayed the experiences he had obtained as a credit trading role. It was incidental that the duration he spent at the Longacre overlapped parenthetically with the current founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Besides, SahmAdrangi served on the Credit team for Paulson and Co- the guy that scooped about $6 billion shorting mortgage bonds immediately he had ended his tenure at the Longacre. Also, he worked as a credit PM for three years that followed at the Bowery Investment Management.

On Mr. Adrangi’s command, Kerrisdale Capital Management shifted its focus from its historical role of sharing research to various industries and corporations. It now operated directly on an array of specific sectors that the Kerrisdale Capital Management established a base and significant expertise. The central area of focus is the great biotechnology segment as well as the Kerrisdale’s published research on various stages of development of companies such as the Bavarian, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences, Nordic, Zafgen, Sage Therapeutics among many others.

The other fundamental segment of focus is the mining sector. Adrangi called into question some mining prospects and the valuations of First Majestic Silver, Northern Dynasty Minerals among others.

The role played by the American Institute of Architects in the construction of Innovative and Modern Architectural Designs

     The American Institute of Architects is a group comprising of all trained, qualified and certified architects who are based and are working throughout the United States of America. AIA is based in New York and has been in existence since 1857. The founders of the organization were thirteen architects who shared a vision to improve the design and quality of their works.

AIA is a very professional body that is determined to improve the quality of architecture products and services. AIA also plays a role in educating the public on new government directives and the advancements made in the sector that has seen radical changes over the decades. The organization provides architects with easy access to the evaluation of the total quality management of all projects that are under construction.

AIA’s CEO is Mr. Robert Ivy. He is also the Executive Vice President. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi recognized Ivy as a Master Architect making him one of the seven people to have won the award in over a century and also the sole architect so far of the 21st Century. He is responsible for communicating the value of designs and creating market and demand. Ivy supports affirmative action as a means to come up with quality designs. He is an expert in architecture as a topic, its prospects for the future and the role played by architects in the economy.

AIA has a deep passion for ensuring architects display professionalism. Architects are motivated to improve the quality of their services according to a client’s needs. The management of the organization is keen on teamwork and team building. Hard work is also the key to success for all architects who work under the American Institute of Architects.

AIA enjoys a good public image mainly because the management of the group has prioritized environment conservation activities. AIA is a renowned ambassador creating awareness about climate change and remedies to curb it. Such actions have portrayed the body as a caring partner and thus built customer trust on AIA. What’s more, AIA is compliant with all regulations in the industry giving it a competitive advantage over competitors in the sector.

AIA has set up strategic partnerships and alliances with other firms and groups. They also do massive research to help the Department of Secretary of State to plan landmarks. The result is magnificent sculpts that beautify towns and cities across the country.

Market America: The Importance of the Right Attitude & More for Business Success

A recent article was made by concerning Market America Unfranchise views about how having the right attitude will make businesses successful. In that article, Market America’s Vice President of Sales, Jim Winkler, stated that businesses fail due to having a bad attitude, and successful businesses are so because they have good attitudes. He stated that if business owners don’t think positively about success, it will show through the business. He also stated that having knowledge is key in addition to having a good attitude in order for businesses to be successful. Other key factors for business success, according to Winkler, are as follows:

  1. Doing more to obtain success– he gave a story about him working 60 hours of the week, and how that extra work paid off. He also stated how no one is born successful, and thus, everyone has to work for success. And with him being more of an introvert than an extrovert, he acquired business skills on his own using methods in developing the right attitude in the business of the Market America Unfranchise.
  1. He also suggested scheduling weekly calls with your most valuable business partner.
  1. Participate in conference calls and meetings.
  1. Find your go-now individuals– these are the ones who understand where you are coming from and can act now.

Besides these steps, Winker also stated the importance of viewing the plan of the Market America Unfranchise seriously like a business. They provide great tools for businesses, and thus, shouldn’t be looked on as a hobby but as a million dollar business.