Rocketship Education: Inspiring Changes in Learning



Education is getting a facelift from trendsetting charter schools like Rocket education. This nonprofit is on a mission to do away with the harmful achievement gap that plagues low-income populations. The charter school collective believes fiery in the power of every student to achieve. They bring hope and opportunity to struggling communities. Their quality education system focuses on bringing parents and community into the learning experience. This kinship between school and families helps parents discover the techniques they can employ to help their children.

Modern society is built around the concept that every individual can succeed. However, in communities that fall in the lower economic class, this seems like a pipe dream. Many students aren’t able to make it through high school let alone move to college. This wrong is the mission of Rocketship Education to correct. Their program focuses on elementary schools hoping to build education center families from the very beginning of student’s academic careers. Beginning with passionate instructors who are very capable in core STEM fields Rocketship Education provides regular training throughout their career ensuring that they are able to give each student the attention they need.

When compared to public schools Rocketeers display a greater understanding of Mathematics and English than their counterparts. Each lesson is carefully crafted toward the needs of students. Before the school year has even begun teachers travel to student’s houses to meet with their parents. This begins a partnership that lasts through the year. Parents are encouraged by instructors to aid their children at home. Many parents are grateful for this personal experience because it allows them to be more aware of what their child is accomplishing.

Established in 2006 Rocketship Education is a nonprofit collective operating over 20 schools. These schools are located in the District of Columbia as well as throughout three states. Their methods have met widespread acclaim such as being listed in the top 10% of all Califonia schools serving low-income communities. Their programs are dual focused. First, they attempt to understand a child’s unique needs and implement teaching strategies to support those needs. The second half is geared towards establishing a support structure for students.


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