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Hussain Sajwani- The Real Estate Titans

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai based tycoon who deals with the development of luxury real estates including the building of the golf courses owned by Trump.

He started his empire business in the 1980s offering the U.S military and the Abu Dhabi energy sector workers with catering and food supply services in the, and he later ventured into real estate creating Damac Properties firm in 2002.

The 57-year-old tycoon has worked with various companies in different countries globally; Hussain has worked with Bechtel an American Company and offered building services to the Gulf, Bosnia, and Somalia.

Hussain Sajwani has dominated the construction industry building most of luxurious apartments, hotels and golf courses. His company, Damac properties firm, boasts of building multi-billion malls across Dubai.

It has close associates with the President of America Donald Trump real estate firm developing two of his Dubai Golf course. The Trump-branded international golf club has the luxury villa with an eye-catching design and style.

Hussain Sajwani leads an extravagant life and uses the technique to market his business, and over the years he has awarded expensive luxury gifts like Lamborghini to his clients. Additionally, he has co-branding marketing pacts with luxury cars companies that deal with Bugatti and Versace.

Damac properties are members of Dubai Financial Market and listed on the home market exchange and also the first Middle East Company to have listed on the giant London Stock Exchange.

Hussain Sajwani, also Damac owner has numerous properties having completed commercial, mixed-use and residential properties across Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, United Kingdom and Jordan.

The company through its chairman Hussain Sajwani has supported clothe the children initiative led by Dubai Government which main aim is to dress millions of kids globally.

Sajwani has supported various philanthropies project with the Ramadan initiative launched by the Ruler of Dubai being the latest handing over two million AED cheque directed to improving the lives and standard of living to less fortunate. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and Hussain Sajwani | Facebook

His contribution according to Emirates Red Crescent will cater for at least fifty thousand children.

Damac properties have the biggest hospitality division boasting of being the most significant hotel apartment developers and operators globally.

International Lawyer Daniel Taub

The Career History & Background of Daniel Taub

Perhaps in all of the working industries in the world combines has there ever been as prominent and significant of a professional as Daniel Taub has been as a professional. As a leader in his arms of expertise, Daniel Taub has had to deal with issues that perhaps none of his fellow peers has ever had to deal with. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Needless to say, Daniel Taub has a very demanding and highly-regarded profession. That profession of his is none other than being an international lawyer. As impressive as that is in and of itself, Daniel Taub has had plenty of other roles and experiences that have prepared him well for his current role.

Not to mention that difficulties and challenges he had as a young man, and it is easy to see how and why Daniel Taub has accomplished so much in his illustrious career.

Being in a position where he had no other choice but to find success, Daniel Taub has far outperformed initial expectations or limitations that were placed on him early on. This is also one of the many reasons he is a very respected individual in his profession.

All in all, there is so much to Daniel Taub’s overall success and accomplishments. So, to fully understand his position as an international lawyer and how he has had tremendous success in that role, here is more on Daniel Taub and his current state as a professional.

More on Daniel Taub, Iran & The Geneva Deal

As alluded to before, there are plenty of ways that Daniel Taub has reached the level of prominence he has today. As a true working professional, he has diversified his career in ways that have benefited him and his rise to the top of his field. However, Daniel Taub is currently receiving recognition for his position in the Geneva Deal and Iran.

An article by on Daniel and this issue does a great job explaining his contributions to the deal. The article further explains how Daniel Taub’s role in all of this has been to inform others that Iran may be prepared to forge deals with long-standing enemies in the Middle East.

In addition to that, the article makes it very clear that as an international lawyer, Daniel Taub is more than qualified to give his opinion on this matter. regardless of anything, what is for certain is Daniel’s success as a prominent figurehead.

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Dr. David Samadi Points Out Importance Of PSA Screenings

Cancer screening with PSA testing is repeatedly criticized: The costs are immense, and often there are unsettled false alarms for the patient. Dr. David Samadi, expert urologic oncologist points out that patients should have a consultation to discuss the pros and cons. In one his latest YouTube videos, Dr. Samadi discusses PSA Tests and Screenings.

Early Detection With PSA Screenings

Early detection is good, right? Dr. David Samadi believes men should have PSA testing every year. A very low percentage of men take precautions and have these screenings. The internationally recognized expert offers advice and helpful answers on his weekend televised health special, “Sunday Housecall”, which broadcasts on Sundays at 12:30pm.Specific antigens called PSA was discovered in 1970. It’s a protein that is made by the prostate glands, however, these antigens also occur in healthy men, but is also useful as a tumor marker. Concentrations of the PSA are measured to determine malignant cells of a prostate cancer. Carcinoma cells produce significantly more — up to 10 times– more PSA than normal prostate cells. Therefore, the PSA is also well suited as a tumor marker. Since the risk of prostate cancer increases with the overall PSA, men must discuss the advantages or even disadvantages of testing, biopsy, and treatment. Nevertheless, some critics consider it unnecessary to determine the PSA value for all men. Doctors question if all men need treatment for moderate to high PSA levels.

Many Doctors Speak Out Against The Tests

PSA tests remain controversial because cancer is not the only reason for high PSA levels. Inflammation or the size of the bladder will release these prostate-specific antigens into the blood. Critics urge that, statistically, far too many men have to be tested and distressed by a slightly increased PSA score and biopsies for a prevented death. Far too many are being treated and have to live with side effects – without these strains affecting their own life expectancy. Some experts say men should go without the yearly test, because the benefits are not guaranteed. But wouldn’t you rather have the test, and then have experts rule out cancer?A cancer diagnosis becomes more likely with increasing PSA value. However, it also matters how reliable the tests themselves are. Therefore, even a comparatively low value never fully excludes a carcinoma. Many say removal of the prostate, which is often associated with urinary tract incontinence and / or erectile dysfunction, can be an over-treatment.For the most part, doctors agree that PSA tests are beneficial. Advocates of early detection with the PSA test believe, among other things, that there is a subset of patients whose tumors grow rapidly and aggressively, and they are convinced that the test can save lives. Keep in mind, for every year a prostate cancer is detected by an early PSA screening, there is an estimated 7 to 9 percent reduction in prostate cancer-specific mortality.There is an easy way to keep up with the latest developments by visiting Dr. David Samadi on Facebook or Dr. Samadi TV.

Fortress Investment Group Chairman Wes Edens

One company alone holds the title in the United States of America as being the first publicly traded private equity company. This company is known as Fortress Investment Group, and it held its initial public offering in 2007 during the month of February. It was able to attain its position of prominence in the American economy through the expert leadership of its five principal founders. One man among them has served as the Corporation’s chairman for the last several years and is responsible for a significant portion of the company’s growth. This man is known as Wes Edens. Wes Edens is perhaps one of the most interesting businessmen in all of America as well as an owner of a national basketball Association sports team.

Earlier this year Wes Edens managed to position the company in a corporate acquisition by technology giant in Japan soft drink group Corporation. During this corporate merger, Wes Edens was able to increase the value of Fortress Investment Group by over $140 million when he was able to negotiate a deal in which soft pink group purchased Fortress Investment Group at $2.25 greater than the closing price of the company’s stock value at the time of the deal. This marked a significant increase in the company’s valuation and was approved by shareholders on July 12, 2017.

Wes Edens is one of the primary reasons that the corporation was able to grow from the simple private equity company that it was founded as, into the global leader of alternative asset management it is today. He has drawn admiration for his investment style from members of the economic elite all over the country being described as a man who has a knack for creative financing and betting against the system that allows him to build up businesses through his investments. He became the chairman of the first publicly traded private equity investment company in the year of 2007 when the company held its first initial public offering where it sold 8% of the company to the public for $600 million by 2009. Wes Edens became a billionaire whenever the company was purchased by financial holding company in Japan Nomura Holdings for $888 million at the end of 2006. Wes Edens also has helped to own and manage a videogame sports team known as eSports and currently has a team that competes in the North American league of legends championship series.

Jason Hope: Actively Pursuing the End of Human Aging

Jason Hope is a well known accomplished entrepreneur, benefactor, student of the study of the times and the future and revolutionary capitalist. He decided to stay close to his hometown of Tempe, Arizona, where he grew up, attending college at Arizona State University he received his BA in Finance. Jason went on to earn his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business also at Arizona State University. Jason was relatively successful as soon as he finished college. He was able to get referrals from other customers he had completed work. Since the conception of his business Jason Hope has found extraordinary success in a relatively small amount of time. At the beginning of his expansive career, Jason started a mobile communications company, always believing technology is where the future lies. This belief leads to his interest and contributions to the global scientific community. Jason has had an interest in the SENS Foundation, which in 2010 he was able to make a substantial philanthropic award of $500,000.

He uses his extensive knowledge as a guest blogger on many websites, discussing start-ups, the internet of things, biotech technology and preventing dilatating diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, ALS, diabetes and heart disease among many more. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization whose head scientist is Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Jason Hope shares Dr. de Grey’s and SENS Foundation’s belief that the key to advancing the human cause is not finding treatments for human aging diseases, but instead is finding ways to prevent the disease before It happens. “When this is accomplished humans will be able to live for hundreds if not thousands of years. The new biotech industry is needed, and SENS Foundation desires to be the catalyst for change that thrusts the healthcare, pharmaceutical industry into a new reality. “

He is known throughout his community and abroad as an expert businessman, futurist, advisor, blogger, strategist, developer, and philanthropist. Jason decided to stay true to his roots and made his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason Hope has also given charitable gifts to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, The Boys and Girls Club, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, True Colors Fund, Worldwide Orphans Foundation and many more worthy organizations. Hope is a vocal supporter of local educational programs.

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Southridge Capital are Experts in Finance

Southridge Captial LLC was founded in 1996 and is a financial solutions company that provides advice to clients. They have invested more than $1.8 billion and have over 250 clients. They offer guidance on corporate issues that include company transition and financing methods. They give clients customized strategies that fit their financial needs and goals.

Southridge Capital helps clients manage loans and capital assets. They manage clients’ assets and help with improving and establishing credit. They offer individualized portfolios and the equity purchase agreement that provides companies with the option to increase their profits regardless of stock market values. They allow clients to take loans based on their investments and convertible debentures. For more details visit citybizlist.

Furthermore, Southridge Capital has an experienced team, Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and CEO of the company. He has worked in finance for over 30 years in planning and development. He attended King’s College and received his bachelor’s in Business Administration. Then he attended Fordham University and received his master’s degree. Narine Persaud is the controller and worked for Meglyn Enterprises before joining Southridge. She attended Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Commerce.

Additionally, the Director of Research is Laurence J. Ditkoff, and he has over 14 years of experience in the financial industry. His has experience in financial statement analysis and attended the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained his bachelor’s in accounting. He also attended Pace University and received his MBA in Finance. Henry Sargent is the chief operating officer and general counsel for the company. He has experience in private placements and venture capital financing. He attended Connecticut College where he received his bachelor’s and obtained his JD at the Fordham University School of Law. Linda Carlsen is responsible for portfolio management and was the vice president and CEO of Zanett. She attended the City University of New York and the School of Visual Arts. Check out their website

Southridge Capital has an exceptional team that offers valuable services to their clients. They are leaders in the industry and have become a successful company.

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The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

History & Background

In the United States of America, there are many companies that are well-established and making a lot of profit. This is amazing considering ho demanding and challenging the business side of things can be.

Worth mentioning, we are not even getting into the discussion about how much financial support, teamwork, and precious time is needed to just start a company. With that said, every company in this nation is as different from every other company.

In fact, America is as diverse of a business place as it gets. Having said all of that, perhaps no other company in the United States of America is as influential and as contributive as the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Established by successful businessmen themselves in Jim Larin and Michael Lacey, this company was established for the main purpose of supporting those in need. Specifically, the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was created to support the oppressed and the ignored minority communities in America.

Wheather that is supporting the Latino, African-American, Asian, or any other race that has been oppressed, the Larkin & Lacey Fund has always been there to help. Based in Arizona, one of the hotbeds for racial injustice acts upon minority groups in America, the Larkin & Lacey Fund has seen first hand what has been done to minorities in America and, has learned over time what to do about it.

As mentioned before, this fund along with its two prominent leaders has contributed to the greater good of Americans perhaps more than any company. This is one of the qualities that separates this company from others. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

With all of that said, there are numerous examples that illustrate how effective the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has been over time.

So, to get a better understanding of what the fund does and how they have become as successful as they have, let’s discuss just one of their many involvements in their battle against civil rights abuse in America.

Larkin & Lacey Fund vs Donald Trump

Being such a supportive company, the Larkin 7 Lacey Frontera Fund has quickly earned a reputation as one of the more highly-regarded companies in the nation. As helpful as they have been to people, this company has also been benefited tremendously by individuals.

Having said that, there are many ways that this fund has become as prominent as they have. However, one of their more recognized actions has come in their more recent battle against the president of the United States.

In an article by the on the Larkin & Lacey Frontera fund, it goes on to speak on how disgusted the fund was with a recent presidential decision to pardon a former sheriff. The sheriff named Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted for criminal contempt for ignoring a judge’s decision stemming from a racial-profiling lawsuit, had been pardon by president Trump to the shock of many Americans.

To counter this decision, the Larkin & Lacey were one of the first to provide its valued efforts across the nation. This just goes to show how great of a company the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund really is.

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Clay Siegall’s Ravenous Thirst For Targeted Cancer Therapies

Clay Siegall specializes in targeted cancer treatments. He is the man behind Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm operating from the name city. The company has a strong focus on targeted therapy options for the treatment of numerous types of cancer and rare conditions.

He undertook his undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland and completed a doctorate at the George Washington University. He established Seattle Genetic in 1998.

Clay Siegall spearheads the growth of the company, and he has achieved tremendous success since then. The firm has an FDA-approved drug, and it is enjoying unmatched success in the industry.

It has a vibrant pipeline packed with over twenty new and exciting drugs at various levels of development.

From the top position, Clay Siegall has guided the company to attain a leading spot in the biopharmaceuticals industry. He maintains a clear vision to offer practical drugs for targeted cancer therapies. Under his leadership, the company is quickly expanding its drug development portfolio.

Similarly, with extended research, the company’s drugs are increasingly finding new approved and potential indications. He is uniquely placed to drive the future of Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall is a futuristic research scientist. He believes targeted cancer treatments and cutting-edge technologies are fuelling a new frontier against the disease. Targeted therapy drugs present a broad range of effective and friendly therapy options.

Clay Siegall developed a deep love for medicine and technology at an early age. He drew motivation from personal experience.

He saw firsthand the brutal effects of the traditional cancer treatment options. He vowed to find new and tolerable ways to deliver relief to the suffering.

As a dedicated researcher, he is acutely aware of the economic and financial potential of the drug industry. That is one of the reasons he started Seattle Genetics. Additionally, he is also in control of the critical aspects of the company.

Talkspace Helps Mental Patients Get Assistance with Therapy App

Talkspace is the app that has made it possible for more people to get counseling. Mental health has an patients have greater chance into counseling sessions when there are apps that are presented for people to sort out their problems. Many people have not heard of Talkspace yet, but it is becoming the app that provides people with a strong amount of support.

The licensed therapist that are connected to this app give people a whole new way to process information. They do not have to go the route of a traditional therapy. They can get the help that they need through a text message even though this is not what is considered a conventional method. The process is slower because the replies not always instant, but this is what some people are actually looking for. They’re not looking for opportunity for lengthy conversations that take a lot of time. To the contrary, there are people that are utilizing Talkspace that just may want to sort out some things that have been problems in their lives. They may want to get better insight on what they can do to make their lives better. Sometimes this is going to take a therapist. Sometimes this means getting help from someone that is not a family member or friend. This is why these licensed therapists are there. They want to help those people that need more than a conversation with a family member.

Getting professional help is good because there are some people that are having mental health issues and they need a resource to rely on. Getting connected with a therapist can help prevent lots of tragedies. People that have dramatic things happening in their lives may be able to see a better future for themselves once they get connected with Talkspace.

Daniel Taub; One Of Israeli’s Most Respected Diplomats

Daniel Taub knows not one thing but many when matters related to leading or rather, representing a country in diplomatic capacity are concerned. He has had a long successful career in the diplomatic scene and has served the nation in different capacities. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

He made his debut in the Israeli public service when he joined the army to work as a combat field medic soon after finishing his law studies from the United Kingdom. He was good at the job and because of his background in law, he started working in the same organization in the role of junior legal officer.

This new opportunity presented him with a chance to prove his worth and indeed, he was good at it because after just a few weeks, he was offered an opportunity to work in the president’s media team in the role of speechwriter.

As the speechwriter, Daniel was good and quick to learn how things are done in the diplomatic circles. His wit to discover new things led him to networking a great deal with those in senior positions at the time. However, what really propelled his professional career in days to come was merit because he was good at every role he was given to play.

The Foreign Affairs ministry quickly noticed his gift of gab and legal prowess and made him a legal officer. In the new role, he was deeply involved in representing the nation in different capacities and especially at the international front. Most of the forums included peace making negotiating deals, dispute tribunals and more. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In the year 2011 after having served in the ministry since the year 1991, he was offered with an opportunity to act as Israeli’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He accepted the offer and knew very well that he was solely responsible for selling his nation’s agenda to the United Kingdom and around the globe as well.

He delivered his mandate exceptionally well and is happy that with the years he has been serving in the position, he did all that he was required to do to offer his nation full representation. He does not subscribe to the school of thought that he could have done better saying that one cannot be everywhere doing all things at the same time.

Daniel is also an acclaimed author who has written several books and also a respected public speaker who travels the world giving speeches on several issues.