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How Jim Larkin Become A Hero To The Modern Worker

Over 100 years ago, work was a brutal endeavor where long hours and low pay were the norms. However, a handful of brave people organized workers to demand and subsequently receive fair wages and safer working conditions. The story of one of those heroes, Jim Larkin, stands out in the history of organized labor.

Mr. Larkin was born in Liverpool, England in 1876. Mr. Larkin’s working-class upbringing meant that young man had to spend more time at work than at school. Eventually, the young man would become a foreman on one of Liverpool’s hardscrabble docks. And it was there that Mr. Larkin’s passion for helping his fellow workers was born.

Having seen countless episodes of worker abuse, Jim Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Labourers. A few years later, the Liverpool foreman would become a popular union organizer. Mr. Larkin was a committed socialist whose methods of organizing strikes rattled union bosses at the National Union of Dock Labourers. As a result, Mr. Larkin was transferred to Dublin, presumably to cause less trouble. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Jim Larkin did not keep a low profile while in Dublin. In fact, just the opposite happened. Mr. Larkin created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union with the goal of one day organizing every worker in Ireland. A few years later, Mr. Larkin founded the Irish Labour Party where he gained a national platform to organize his fellon workers across the nation. The creation of this Labour Party subsequently leads to the great Dublin Lockout of 1913.

The Dublin Lockout created an eight month nationawide strike where Ireland came to a virtual standstill. The result of the nationwide strike was a groundbreaking agreement between labour and management wherin workers won many rights to fair wages and safer work enviornments.

Today, Jim Larkin is known as one of the pioneers of organized labor. Everyone who works fo a living owes a debt of gratitute for the hard work and persistance of Jim Larkin.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin continue their fight for migrant rights

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are known by most in America for foundering Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media this was part of their media empire that they had worked on from scratch and built it to some of the best and most authentic in Arizona.Then on October 18 in 2007 at the stroke of midnight their lives would dramatically change when the local sheriff and his team knocked on their respective doors.

What followed was their dramatic arrest followed by a hastily drafted charge by the prosecutor it stated that through their respective media outlets they had revealed the existence of grand jury proceedings that had sought the reporter’s notes on articles covering sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik would tell the court that the two had violated grand jury secrecy laws.This case would be a defining moment for both Lacey and Larkin as they fought it with all they had and they were able to win the case. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

In 2012 they went back to court and sued this time they were doing so against the sheriff and his prosecution team for having violated their first amendment right this is something considered against the constitution.

The Ninth U.S. Court of appeals listened to the case and they concluded that the prosecution had in fact never consulted any grand jury and thus there had been no probable cause for their arrest.At this point, the county had no option but face defeat and came up with a settlement.

The county offered to settle the case for a total of 3.75 million dollars after getting their settlement Lacey and Jim decided that they would start a fund that would ensure every migrant was well represented against such discrimination and their rights would always be respected.

The Frontera Fund which the name of their organization is now a fully fledged fund that supports groups that advocating for migrant, civil and human rights.

The Frontera fund is also very involved in matters touching on freedom of speech and civic participation they have launched various activities to this end as well as being very involved in most areas of Arizona including one of the most critical areas in the state currently referred to as “la línea fronteriza” which stands for the area around or within the Mexican border.

The Frontera fund does not work alone and has worked and continues working with other groups that include the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, the American Immigration Council, The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, The Arizona Justice Project, The Center for Neighborhood Leadership, Colibrí Center for Human Rights

The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, the Fundación México

GED2DACA, Justice for Immigrants & Families Project, Kino Border Initiative, No More Deaths-No Más Muertes, Owl and Panther / Hopi Foundation as well as others.

They are able to hire lawyers and litigators that represent migrants at every level of society taking through all the legal processes that are needed in the immigration department.They are also very instrumental in fighting for families about to be deported especially back to Mexico and they ensure that before they are all legal means against it have been exhausted.

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