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The Bold and the Beneful

Walmart carries a wide variety of dog food brands including Beneful. Beneful dog food has many different options at Walmart, such as wet and dry food. Their prices are very competitive with other dog food brands; as a box of Twelve 3-ounce cans of wet food costs $6.97 and a 15.5-pound bag of dry food costs $13.98. Even with great prices like those they also have coupons to save an extra $3.00 off on the dry dog food. At Walmart, they even have a clearance deal for a 31.1-pound bag of dry dog food, and it only costs $26.98; that’s only 86.8 cents a pound.

Walmart does not carry Beneful healthy weight with real salmon or the wet food healthy weight salmon option either. While they don’t carry the healthy weight option in salmon, Walmart does have Beneful originals real salmon flavor in wet and dry dog food. They even have real chicken and beef flavors too. Walmart also carries a grain-free option made with farm-raised chickens.

Another great thing about Beneful is their Chopped Blends because you can actually see all the different ingredients in each serving. They also have Beneful Incredibites for small dogs, that has the same great attributes as the Chopped Blends, as you can see all the ingredients. They come in a variety pack with three great flavors. A great feature that Beneful wet dog food has is their resealable bag; to really keep the food fresh. Beneful has many different sizes and kinds of food at Walmart, but they also have treat options too. Some of the treats even help with giving your dog a great smile.

Lots of people treat their dogs like family, and I’m no exception. I would always want them to have the best. Looking at all the great options and benefits of Beneful I will be changing my dogs food. I would definitely recommend switching your dog to it today too.