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EOS, The Lip Balm That Now Stands to Be Counted in The Beauty Industry

Before the advent of EOS, Chapstick had dominated the market. Today, EOS lip balm is the brand of choice, seeing as it is in most of the supermarket shelves and beauty magazine editors are giving it good reviews. Its flavors such as honey drew are being worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, making them more popular. Also see,

Interview with Fast Company

EOS talked to us, Fast Company, in an interview about how they rose to become what Kline is calling the second-best sought lip balm country wide. Today, EOS comes second to Burt’s Bees and out does Blistex and Chapstick in sales by selling 1 million units per week.

Mehra, brought his experience of many years working for PepsiCo and others to join Craig Dubitsky (who later left) and Jonathan Teller. Together, they told us, they came up with the idea of how to change the drug store’s beauty aisle.

The Pot Lip Balm

Many of the customers that were spoken to were happy with the pot lip balm since they say the stick lip balm is easily lost in their hand bags. The idea of using their fingers to apply the lip balm was however felt to be unhygienic by the customers. Women did not find the whole lip balm applying activity to be enjoyable, which according to Mehra is unfortunate. Mehra also says that they wanted a product that would last long in the market and which would be appreciated by women around the age of 25-35.


EOS partnered with Keds and came up with a shoe which would go with a matching lip balm. Rachael Roy also worked with EOS. EOS also had a Disney appearance with an Alice in Wonderland collection. EOS has been able stay afloat on Kohls and Ulta beauty stores, staving off copycats and other competitors.


EOS is working hard to increase innovations and sales too. Now, it is already working on lotions and shaving creams, though plans are underway to venture into other categories. Mehra and Teller have come from far. The former worked in large corporations while the latter was in startups. The future they feel is full of promise.