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Brown Agency Set To Expand With A Little Help From Wilhelmina National Agency

The Modeling Industry is a billion dollar industry that attracts people from all over the world. Especially in America, with the many designers who want to showcase their work, the need for models in on the rise. There are numerous different agencies opened up all over the country to fill this need, but none quite like Brown Agency. Brown Agency was founded by Justin Brown, who is a highly prominent member of the fashion industry. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of fashion while he was living in New York and Los Angeles. Because of this experience working with so many diverse people, he was able to gauge what exactly the industry needed. The agency was founded in 2005 and since then has grown extensively to become the company that it is today. Currently, the agency has numerous models from all over signed on and sources them to various outlets for runway shows, print ads, and showcases.

The reason why Brown Agency has proved to be so successful in the industry is that it is one of the few agencies who take raw talent and groom them into being something that the fashion world needs. The company is known for taking mature models and transforming them into talent worth noting. The agency provides special training to all the models who sign on with them. They are known to be one of the best agencies regarding providing southern talent to brands and designers coming from states like Texas.

When the agency was first formed, with went by the name of Heyman Talent South and was mainly focused on sourcing models to designers within the southern states. However, as time passed, the company was headed towards a bigger path and needed to expand its operations further. With that idea in mind, the agency decided to enter into collaboration with Wilhelmina National Agency and rebranded their name to Brown Agency. Merging with one of New York’s top modeling agencies was one of the best things that Brown Agency could do regarding expanding the business and the decision has proved to be extremely beneficial to the company. The aim of Brown Agency is to be at the top of the fashion world, and by merging with one of the best, they sure are headed in the right direction, towards their goal of success.

Brown Agency has worked with some of the biggest names and the biggest brands. Their models have had their portfolios polished with some of the biggest ad campaigns, ranging from high fashion brands like Louis Vitton to commercial brands like L’Oreal. Even after the merger, Brown continues to operate out of its headquarters in Texas.

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Lime Crime Fans Show Off Their Unique Makeup Looks By Posting Photos

When female entrepreneur Doe Deere decided to launch her Lime Crime brand of cosmetics, she did so with the intent of providing women an alternative choice to traditional colors. The Lime Crime line of cosmetics has become well-known for its wide range of eye and lip colors. The bolder colors found in this line allow women to express their own unique approach to wearing makeup.

Lime Crime Fans Show Off Their Colors

The ability to create an unlimited number of looks using the Lime Crime array of shades, has appealed to many women. May of these women have shared their unique makeup combinations by posting photos of themselves to their favorite social network websites. The Lime Crime site also hosts a blog where fans of the cosmetics can share their beauty tips. The blog features looks made using some of the more intriguing metallic lip and eye colors. Fans can create a funky alien look by combining the Venus, Pigeon, Fly and Marsh lip colors. The artistic style used to color lips with multiple shades in the Lime Crime line has become so popular, the company now offers lip color duos in both matte and metallic shades.

Lips are not the only facial feature women are showing off on social media sites. The array of colors available in Lime Crime’s eye shades also allow women to create a variety of looks ranging from smoldering and seductive to whimsical and fun. The intent behind the line of products offered by Lime Crime has proven to hit its mark by the widespread use of the cosmetics in creating unique and expressive looks.  Follow them on Instagram @LimeCrimeMakeup, or be sure to check out brand news on Facebook.