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Wengie Has A Healthy Morning Routine


One thing that beauty guru Wengie does is show that she is someone who is very passionate and knowledgeable about health and beauty. There are plenty of things that she does that preserves her health and beauty. She also has awake up routine that is actually quite organized. She puts together some of the healthiest foods to eat. Therefore, she is able to get her day going with the right amount of energy. She is also very careful with her hair. She puts it into a braid for when she sleeps. This keeps it from going out of control.


Wengie looks good enough without make up. She has a natural beauty about her. That said, she does put together a good look with make up. She works very hard to maintain her health. This is very responsible for someone who is raised by a mother who does not care about beauty in any way. Wengie is someone who inspires plenty of people because she is willing to take care of herself and make herself presentable to people. Wengie has plenty of videos and tutorials that show people what they can do to enhance their beauty. She is someone that one could learn a lot from when it comes to health and beauty.


Wengie has taken a lot of inspiration from the average people in her day to day life. She sees beauty in all types of looks. One of the most important aspects of her beauty guru channel is that she understands that beauty is not just about how one looks. She understands that the best reason to bring out the best in her own looks is not to impress others. It is to make herself feel good. The approval of others is only a bonus that is added to the overall package.

Beauty Blogger Receives Compliments After Trying WEN for Big Bouncy Hair

When most of us shampoo and condition, we look for products with big lathers, figuring this is good for our hair. However, most of these regular store bought hair care products are full of sulfates and other chemical compounds that strip and weaken strands.

WEN hair by Chaz is a unique shampoo experience without the lather. It sounds weird, but when you actually try the special cleansing conditioners, you learn that WEN is magic in a bottle. Chaz Dean is a famous west coast stylist who has numerous celebrity customers, and they are loyal to the WEN by Chaz brand, maybe because the formula is natural and plant-based, designed to bring shine and body to all hair types. beauty blogger Emily McClure was hair-challenged. Her mane is shoulder length but fine and limp. She had seen the gorgeous WEN infomercials showing off the tresses of major stars and desired that same healthy Hollywood hair. So, she decided to try WEN by Chaz for seven days, complete with a daily hair diary and hair selfies.

Emily enjoyed massaging Wen hair into her hair while in the shower during a morning wash. After she blow-dried and styled her locks, she liked what she saw in the mirror. This sephora marketed brand really delivered big, bouncy, soft hair with amazing shine, and Emily’s close friends immediately noticed her “new” hair.

If you look at Emily’s hair selfies, you see enviable full, glossy hair in great shape. Her mane was able to hold a style all day into night and had that touchable softness.

Using WEN by Chaz takes some discipline, according to Emily’s findings. In other words, if you can adhere to a daily morning WEN wash and always follow with a blow-drying and styling session, then your hair will reap superior WEN results. Need Wen hair? order a bottle on today.

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Are You Causing Your Hair to Grow Without Even Trying

How do you like that! Brushing your hair in a certain way can actually encourage your hair to grow more. Well, that’s at least what some believe. There is one woman in particular who believes this and she’s from the UK.

It all started when this woman wanted to test this theory with a new brush. Have you ever heard of the woman in the UKwho stopped shampooing her hair on a journey she took, just to look into a new theory on shampooing? Yes, this is the same woman.

This woman, believes that changing your hair brush and the way you brush your hair can have a major affect on the growth. Before you even begin to ask the question, yes she works for the beauty department for the UK version of Cosmo Magazine
She was so confident that she sent in before and after pictures to show the proof.

“If you brush your hair regularly and with the right brush, you can actually stimulate your scalp. It’s better to use a Boar Bristle Brush

Does this really work though?

If there is one thing we have learned about beauty is that not everything works. Just because someone from the beauty department “claims” something, it doesn’t mean there is anything to the claim.

It turns out that this woman was right. A dermatologist expert in New York tried this out recently. It turns out there is something to this very idea.

“The goal is to stimulate the scalp. Allow all the natural oils to get in their and help nurture and grow the scalp. Yes, there is something to this. I would recommend taking a look at your hair brush right now. If it’s not a Boar Bristle Brush, get rid of it. You can actually damage the hairs on your head by brushing them with the wrong brush. Old brushes can and will cause serious damage”.

Matt Fugate is a very successful hairstylist and skin doctor in New York. He’s the one who proved this woman’s theory correct. He has also seen and done it all when it comes to hair and makeup. Matt is your go-to-guy.

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