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Kyle Bass Always Has An Angle

Kyle Bass started CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. He uses CAD to manipulate Wall Street so he can lower stock values and short-sell his holdings. He’s doing it legally, and there’s practically nothing congress can do about it but wax bipartisan in an effort to stop the man. Ostensibly, CAD is about helping the sick save money on necessary expenses. Realistically it’s a front to help Bass manipulate the market. With this in mind, when Bass says, as he did in a FOX News report recently, that China is headed for a recession that will affect the United States by the end of 2016, his motives should be hotly questioned. Bass is saying that the US won’t experience a “Lehman Brothers” moment, as in 2008, but that there will likely be a downturn in the economy. Now, Bass has said this from a public platform with a ubiquity of viewers across the country. It will definitely have an influence on future investments as concerns China. Which way is he trying to push people? That’s the question to ask.

Bass works as a hedge fund manager out of Texas, though he’s originally from Argentina, and continuously praises Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of that country, on her financial decisions. This despite de Kirchner’s double-default of Argentina in only thirteen years’ time. It seems a cogent economist wouldn’t want to play ball with such a woman, But Bass must know something he doesn’t tell the rest of the world.

When one considers that his involvement with Bear-Stearns is partially an initiator in the 2008 collapse, it becomes very clear that Bass routinely operates on data not regularly available to the public. With Bear-Stearns, Bass had recently ceased being part of their employed team. Between his cessation of employment with Bear-Stearns and Bear-Stearns’ collapse was a very short time. Bass gave a tip to a journalist who asked a probing question which destroyed consumer confidence in Bear-Stearns and forced J.P. Morgan-Chase to buy them out by the end of the week. These were just the first dominoes in a train that imploded the economy by September; and Bass knocked over the initial block.

Understanding Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten’s Influence on It

Investment banking is a financial program that involves facilitation of capital creation for private investors, and institutions such as companies and governments. In investment banking, investment banks facilitate capital creation by underwriting debts and equity securities. Other ways through which investment banks facilitate capital creation for individuals and institutions include facilitating formation of inter-corporation mergers and acquisitions, providing help in the sale of securities, and giving advice to issuers on issue and how to place stock.


While commercial and retail banks take deposits from corporations or individuals seeking capital, capital creation by investment banks does not involve deposits. Investment banking involves two major business lines. One line is the “buy side” while the other is the “sell side.” In the former, investment banks advise institutions and individuals on the right ways of buying investment services. Types of “buy side” entities include mutual funds, life insurance companies, private equity funds and hedge funds. The later involves exchange of securities for cash or other forms of securities, and security promotion. Examples of activities involved in the “sell side” include market-making, transaction facilitation, research and underwriting.


Investment banking knowledge is crucial for the success of any investment banking institution. Martin Lustgarten is one resourceful person with vast experience and expertise in investment banking. He is a renowned businessman who serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Lustgarten, Martin, which is one of the most famous investment banks in the world. The bank has its headquarters in Florida. Since its inception, the bank’s success profile speaks for itself. For instance, it participates in various business projects worldwide and has business connections in various countries, including Panama, Singapore and Hong Kong. The bank’s success has earned Martin respect globally as an expert in financial realm.


Through his successful investment banking business, Martin has offered help to people with difficulties in accessing global trade. He allows such people to engage in American trading by providing them with support, which enhances global economic system that is favorable to all people irrespective of their financial status.