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US Money Reserve

Making an investment can be a scary thing, especially if you are investing without the proper knowledge or if the economy is not doing very well, and especially if you are investing with your hard earned savings.

This is really important because you want an investment that can actually go up in value in economic bad times and not decrease in value like many other investments do such as stocks or corporate bonds. Read more: US Money Researve | Instagram and US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Named Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets | PRNewswire

One of these great investments that anyone can make and does not require much knowledge is investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. These investments are great to add to any portfolio because of the nature of the investment and how easy it is to buy.

There are also hundreds of companies out there especially online that sells these precious metals, but it can be hard to choose one that has a great selection of products and has a great deal for a great price.

One of these great companies that every investor that wants to invest in precious metals should consider buying their investments from is US Money Reserve. They are quickly becoming the leaders in the field of precious metals, and you can be assured that when you buy from them, you are always receiving a great product for a fair price.

Recently, US Reserve hosted a gold conference that aims were to discuss the value of gold and its price, and to also host other industry leaders. US Money Reserve knows that when it comes to their customers hard earned money, they need to offer value and great products. That is why they offer everything from coins to billion and certificates of ownership.

This gives the customer a wide selection of investments to buy from. They also have a very easy to use website that anyone can use, and has great support so that your questions and concerns are always being answered by phone call or by email. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Choosing a company to buy gold and silver from can be hard because there are so many of them, but if you want one of the best in the industry, you should choose US Money Reserve for their great pricing, a wide range of products, and their great website and support.

Precious metals are a great invetsment for anyone that wants to have an investment that has great value and will do well at all times.

The Brown Agency Becomes Dual Scout

The Brown Agency has become a dual talent scout and modeling agency. They offer over over 36,000+ models and actors. Brown Agency is one of the largest such agencies in the Southwest. Wilhelmina South is responsible for buying Herman South and creating one of the largest modeling and talent scouts nationwide. They work with the best talent in the south bringing their talent unique job opportunities. Their scouts proudly get dependable talent who work well on any project large or small. Brown is committed to matching great talent with great portfolio opportunities in diverse talent and modeling fields. Their advance network is proudly based in popular Austin, Texas.

According to Market Wired, their CEO, former acting director for Wilhelmina, Justin Brown says, it helps them leverage their talent with a combined effort with the former Heyman. Their transfer in 2010 has opened doors for a lot of talent. Brown says, their agency offers the industry’s top professional client. They’re also willing to work with talent of all ages. In fact, they work with some of the bigger names in the network including prestigious brands like L’oréal. They open doors for extras in a movie to potential runway models for a huge major city fashion e went.

During the past four years, Brown has been able to compete in a competitive talent profession. Their growth efforts included becoming a full service network. There has also been talk of a global expansion to include an overseas partnership. Their strong team of leadership professionals are there to back their expansion efforts. They also understand the vast amount of talent and beauty in the Los Angeles area and expect to also expand their office to the city. This will present a unique opportunity for them to grow their unique talent opportunities. Choose from thousands of job opportunities when they become available.

They encourage you to become a part of their network and be introduced to the top scouts in the world. They’re proud to say they have a diverse pool of talent and offer breadth models and actors. Brown is also introducing a theatrical addition to their talent pool. They continue to be the leading talent agency in Texas and growing. Now, is a Greg time to inquiry about the brilliant career opportunities available at Brown. More people are meeting their modeling and acting goals with their new integrated network and the popular Brown Agency. Join the Brown network today and get noticed.

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Marc Sparks Tells People To Write Things Down

For people that are interested in being a successful entrepreneur, it is important to think about all of the steps they are going to have to take in order to achieve their goals. However, it is not enough to just think about their goals. They also have to write everything down so that they will be able to remember what it is that they are moving towards. Also, writing goals down makes it a little more official. People who write things down will also have the ability to revise their plans so that they will be able to have a smoother transition to success.

Among the people that understand the value of writing things down is Marc Sparks. Among the benefits of writing things down is that it helps people organize their plans and pursue it in an organized fashion. One good thing that Marc Sparks reveals is that there are many ways to come up with a good plan and write it down. One thing that Marc Sparks suggests people to do is put together a get it done list. This type of deal helps people bring forth the results that they want so that they will have a smoother journey.

One other good thing about putting together a list for success is that it helps people hold themselves accountable for what they do. Without writing things down, people are more likely to forget about a lot of the ideas they think about. For one thing, even just the mere act of writing things down is going to help with the memory because of the physical engagement of writing. Even if one is going to lose the paper or the file that he has used to write things down with, he is still going to have a much easier time remembering things.


Tony Petrello Is Charitable To Medical Establishments

Primarily acknowledged for his cache of invaluable insight, Anthony Petrello has the experience, and the drive, to achieve productive improvements within a particularly spontaneous and wild industry.

For the duration of his time in the capacity as both the C.E.O and the President of his principal corporation Nabors Industries, Mr. Petrello labored industriously to fulfill the requirements of a Juris Doctors. Mr. Petrello gained this rarified credential from the highly respected Harvard Law School. In addition, Anthony accomplished his goal of completing a Masters degree with a major in Mathematics, from the equally highly lauded Yale University.

Anthony’s foundation company, Nabors Industries, is a key module of his original founding organization, Nabors. It is there that Mr. Petrello carries out his role with a seat on the board as Chairman. Mr. Petrello is also the leader of an additional venture, the Hilcorp Company, and he fulfills this function as well at the conglomerate known as Stewart & Stevenson.

Other than being a successful lead overseer in the oil export industry, Anthony Petrello is likewise a treasured and considerate benefactor, distinguished throughout the Houston community. Anthony Petrello presented millions in offerings to health institutes, including well-regarded institutions, chiefly the Baylor College. These assets ensure the assistance for kids that are sickened with neurological plights.

Mr. Petrello’s far-reaching offerings come from a sympathetic and caring viewpoint, which blossomed when his baby daughter was discovered to be premature and very much underweight. Mr. Petrello’s offspring was delivered, troubled by a painful neurological impasse, one that is understood to strike babies who are delivered too soon. Cynthia Petrello aspired for their baby daughter to grow up and become a dancer, while Anthony visualized their child successful as an extraordinary math prodigy. Regrettably, when they understood that their baby was afflicted with this shocking medical illness, known as periventricular leukomalacia, which ultimately progressed to cerebral palsy, the Petrello family changed their attention to enhancing their baby’s quality of life, as a necessary alternative.

Anthony became empathetic towards neurological disorders afflicting babies, and established scores of contributions in the sums of millions of dollars, for hospitals throughout Texas, whose devotion was specifically to children’s well-being. This was intended to help conquer neurological problems, a project now enhanced from an astonishingly well funded medical enterprise. Anthony Petrello is viewed my many as a true commodity to children in Texas.

Josh Verne’s Ways of Succeeding in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a businessman and serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has worked for ore than two decades to found and sell more than 50 companies and businesses in the country. Because of this, his skills are recognised in the business industry in the United States. Josh Verne also believes in vision. For him, vision is the art which makes people see what others cannot see under normal conditions. For this reason, he has been a student of vision to help him succeed in business and entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, there are many ways in which he has worked to succeed in business. Therefore, he recommends the following ways to young people so that they can follow to succeed in life.


  1. Speak less, listen more

This is one of the simplest points in the business vision. As we have seen, vision helps people accomplish much in business and innovation. Josh Verne believes in a business leader who makes much of his time to listen to his juniors before he makes a decision to speak. For his reason, he has much to say concerning their judgment in his mouth.


For a normal person, he has only two ears and one mouth. Therefore, you will be right to use the organs you have in their correct proportion so as to avoid making many mistakes which come from the mouth. You have two ears to make you listen two times more than speaking. For those business leaders who engage in speaking less, they find that they have much to speak than any other person. For this reason, they will be more informed in any decision they make rather than having less power in their words. You will also appear more authoritative because you speak less and listen more in any conversation. People trust such people.