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Edisoft: Utilizing Big Data

Shippers need to be on time because of their KPI (Key Performance Indicator). These days we have real-time GPS as well as real-time data and the Internet itself as a useful tool. Edisoft is providing a configured Smart Process Supply Chain Platform which helps manufacturers, as well as distributors, keep track of their shipping. Edisoft maintains Vendor Compliance and Warehouse and Carrier Management in one integrated system. Vendor Compliance means a company is analyzing supply chain failures inside a system. Edisoft Merchant is a new software system that lowers the cost of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Edisoft maintains headquarters in Toronto, ON, Canada, and Miami, FL, USA. Data has to give insight on shipment costs and timing (Facebook). Edisoft also offers Integrated Shipping as a privately held enterprise. An international shipment’s average cycle time is 21 days with 6 days of variability. Domestic shipments are 4 days in length with 1 day of variability. Data that needs to be kept track of is the end-to-end supply chain, which starts with sourcing and ends with revenue of the finished goods being delivered. Edisoft offers one solution for global shipping. A good supply chain is necessary for a company to have global reach.


Edisoft is client oriented. We offer a range of Support, Consulting, and Implementation Services to help clients work on improving their business, raise productivity, and make costs better. Edisoft offers training on the software in order to improve your business. EDI is complex, requiring tailoring needs to each customer. We can connect with an outside planner to reassure success of all software being used. Service teams work with EDI staff to identify key information that helps your business function. Our consulting services team has worked with hundreds of customers, as well as thousands of trading partners. There are many different ways to resolve the same problem. Our expertise allows us to find problems that nobody else knows where to look for. Make Edisoft your last EDI solution that you will ever need from start to finish, if you can dream it, let’s discuss it first, you’ll be glad we did.

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