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Oncotarget – The Multidisciplinary Journal Makes Scientific Materials Available Quickly

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal which usually publishes papers every week that is on a weekly basis. They publish papers online and provide people with free access. Their main mission and the main reason which led to the formation of Oncotarget is to make materials quickly and available to people especially scientific materials. Oncotarget also aims at increasing the influence of research through insightful review. They also aim at sharing exceptional discoveries quickly.Other things that Oncotarget aims at doing is to get rid of differences between specialties and to connect the many different fields in the biomedical science. They also aim at enhancing applications of clinical science and also basic science to fight diseases.

Their main aim is to ensure that people live lives free of diseases. They have been able to achieve this by having a team of well-known scientists who do a lot of research and then provide people with reading materials.With time Oncotarget has become very popular because of the much-needed effort they put in the research. Their research has provided people with great insights and which are constructive. Their readers have provided this information in one of the reviews. As a result of their rising popularity and the much influence that they are making, they decided to be publishing two articles per week; every Tuesday and every Friday.

To Increase the process of transferring scientific information, they decided to include all papers that have been accepted in the final issue which will be posted on PubMed for people to get access to the information.Due to their success, they have decided to come up with more sections so that they can continue to have the positive influence that they are having on their readers. As per now, their current sections are cardiology, metabolism, aging, pharmacology, microbiology, neuroscience, cell and Mol Biology as well as Endocrinology. To publish their work, they use the COPE Code of conduct for their publications and editorials. Before an article is submitted, the editors and authors usually follow the publishing policies that are available on their website. They began in 2010.

Mikhail Blagosklonny, Bringing Hope to Humanity

Do you like aging or suffering from cancer? I bet you do not. For years now, people have dreaded the idea of aging since we often associate it with death. Also, many diseases that affect humans have had an unbreakable link to old age. Thus, I still do not want to get old. Cancer has been yet another misgiving that has negatively affected the human race for decades. Any efforts directed to finding a lasting cure to the illness have not been fruitful, causing many people to die in its wake. For this reason, individuals like Mikhail Blagosklonny have spent months and years researching on how best to combat the illness. Luckily, Mikhail has had a breakthrough that could revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Since Mikhail is an educated fellow and a professor at the prestigious Roswell Park Institute, he has not fallen short of a theory to explain his findings. Blagosklonny has come up with the TOR Signaling Theory that tends to prove that Rapamycin can be made use of to slow down aging as well as cure cancer. Initially, the drug was mainly made use of in slowing aging, but Mikhail discovered yet another significant use, that of rejuvenating immunity in the body of a sick person. By stimulating the multiplication of healthy stem cells in the body, Mikhail found Rapamycin ideal in the cure of cancer. Currently speaking, the TOR Signaling Theory is still undergoing scrutiny but proves to hold much ground. Scientists are optimistic about the new breakthrough in health care that originates from a man who has deep knowledge in tumor suppressors, anti-cancer therapeutics, mitosis, apoptosis, and ontogenesis. Based on a rich background in education coupled with years of working experience, Mikhail Blagosklonny has been able to author more than 300 article pieces. His primary point of concern in writing has been in subjects regarding chemotherapeutic engineering, oncology, and cell cyclotherpy.

Besides, Mikhail Blagosklonny has been a significant contributor to the content found in the American Journal of Pathology. As a former employee of the New York Medical College and the Ordway Research Institute, Mikhail has amassed a lot of essential knowledge over the years. Combining with knowledge gained in the fields of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Experimental Medicine, Mr. Blagosklonny has become an unbeatable force. Hence, Blagosklonny’s findings come as no surprise to humanity. He is an accurate representation that effort pays. As the TOR Signaling Theory gets tested and proves to hold ground, fewer people will suffer or die from cancer-related illnesses. The human mortality rate will decrease due to reduced aging leading to an overall decline in the wastage of time and money. People will be able to concentrate more on how to be productive thus reducing cases of suffering from illnesses associated with stress and depression. As it turns out, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a real life hero who deserves a Nobel Prize for his good deeds. If it were not for his perseverance, there would never be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: A One Stop Shop

Continuing with their unique approach to cancer treatment, Cancer Treatment Center of America has joined with NantHealth and Allscripts to create Clinical Pathway. This is an all-inclusive and customized oncology treatment platform which basically streamlines, while augmenting, patient care.

According to Wikipedia, Chief Medical Officer at CTCA near Atlanta, GA, George Daneker, Jr, MD, “We created an ecosystem of treatment options, customized to the CTCA standard of care, for patients to review and choose from that’s safe and efficient.” Clinical Pathways is able to tally all pertinent information through the premier integration of eviti® platform and Allscripts Sunrise™ and provide a treatment plan individually customized to patient, their specific disease state, and provide comparisons between treatment options and average costs.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, along with Allscripts and NantHealth, initiated planning of this project in early 2016 and is currently available in each of five locations, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arizona and Oklahoma. To paraphrase Bobby Reddy, Senior Executive Direction of Medical Affairs of NantHealth, more efficient communication provided by the collective technology is a game changer in cancer care covering prognosis, diagnosis and treatment.

Richard J. Stephenson watched his mother suffer and die from cancer. He was dissatisfied with the treatment options provided her and so founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America in 1988 in Zion, Illinois.The goal of CTCA was to provide cancer patients with customized care using the most up to date treatment and technology available, by cancer experts, on one campus.

The main thrust of CTCA’s treatment is an integrative, two-pronged approach to combating both the cancer and the side-effects. Conventional treatment, such as chemotherapy, is used to fight the cancer itself. Concurrently, what CTCA refers to as evidence-informed therapies, serve to manage side-effects. A few of these therapies are nutrition, mind-body and spiritual support.

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