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Senior Living as It Should Be

Sometimes in life there are a lot of perks in getting older and moving into the Manse on Marsh Independent and Assisted Living community is one of them. This is a community based operation located on the central coast of California in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo. Each day is an experience of comfort, safety and excitement for the seniors that live in the complex. They are afforded a life that provides as much support and guidance as they need. They are able to enjoy a blend of confidence, choices and comfort that makes the golden years something to be enjoyed.

The Manse on Marsh is often chosen by relatives of residents because of the quality of life that each resident experiences, regardless of their situation. The facility is well maintained with beautiful green places to be enjoyed and the staff treat all the residents as if they were their own relatives. The compassion that they show is superior to other facilities in the area and they schedule a busy calendar of activities to keep the residents busy. Residents are allowed to live a vibrant life and enjoy new experiences each day, week and month. It is reassuring to know that nobody is left just sitting alone.

The award winning complex is located in a highly populated area and there is easy access to almost any type of entertainment or shopping that they might want to partake in. There is a chauffeur service to transport those residents to visit their doctors or to do a little shopping. There are many businesses located within walking distance of the facility, coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, movies, art galleries and local stores are available with easy access. The residents are able to maintain as much freedom as they can. It is an atmosphere that promotes happiness and satisfaction in life.

The food at Manse on Marsh is excellent according to Yelp. They offer fine dining for the residents and also a less fancy bistro type location. There is always something to experience from food to group entertainment and trips. There are housekeeping services available along with laundry and linen services available so the residents are always well cared for. It provides peace of mind to both residents and loved ones that the needs of a person living here are going to be of the utmost importance.

Moving to an assisted living facility can be traumatic for some people, because it is a change. Everyone at Manse on Marsh from the administrators to the care givers are dedicated to making a comfortable and vibrant home for the residents that live there. Residents enjoy each other’s company and are continually involved and active throughout their days. This is truly an exceptional senior living facility. This is senior living as it should be for all people, caring and nurturing.