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OSI Group: Building A Better Tommorow Via Custom-Food Solutions

Custom-food-solutions are everywhere in society today. These food can be purchased at restaurants as well as purchased at supermarkets. Just about every business that serves food products, there is a high percentage that the foods were produced by custom-food suppliers. One of the leading companies in the world that specializes in this category is OSI Group. OSI Group sits at the pinnacle of the industry thanks to its wide array of services. Unlike other food producers, this company can handle every aspect of the game. This includes the vital attributions of processing, management, development and distribution. It would be extremely hard trying to find another company that can effectively handle the entire process as efficiently as this.

The company first started out as a local meat processor in Oak Park, Illinois. Thanks to its ability to serve great tasting meats, the company began to flourish by making a name for itself. At the time, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. Basically, its name actually comes from its founder. German immigrant Otto Kolschowski came to America with a dream, and he definitely personified his passion. As the company began to grow more and more, it would soon change locations. Maywood, Illinois, was its next stop & Otto & Sons jumped into the wholesale food market. Cryogenics was now a part of mainstream society, and cryogenics could definitely put a dent in freshly served meat markets’ pockets. OSI Group had already built a solid reputation as it was one of four meat suppliers that McDonald’s continued to work with. Now days, OSI Group has contracts with many high-profile names like Yum, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

This team of global-food specialists can take the idea of a food product and then turn it into a full-fledged reality. The company is made-up of culinary specialists that has real-world knowledge in cuisines. OSI Group serves numerous countries such as Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, China, Hungary, Canada, Austria, Poland, Australia, Germany and many more. The future for custom-food solutions is upon us, but there is no slowing down for this fantastic custom-food producer.

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SahmAdrangi’s contributions to the Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Sahm had to make a life choice that meant that he would quit Wall Street. It was so because of the high cost of living in the NYC, the hours as well as the perception that some things had changed such as the alarming rate of industry assets fallout. His survival was mainly due to the seed capital he made while at Wall Street that granted him the chance to create numerous income sources from good securities. From time to time, he develops great love and passion for venturing into the investment experience which has since led him to acquire a lot of returns from his PA.

After graduating from Penn State University, he landed an internship program in New York City at the Merrill Lynch’s credit desk. Due to his “clickability” as well as hardworking nature, Sahm spent an additional of three years to trade on the bond desk at Merill. When he was at the then $3 billion hedge fund- Longacre, Adrangi parlayed the experiences he had obtained as a credit trading role. It was incidental that the duration he spent at the Longacre overlapped parenthetically with the current founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Besides, SahmAdrangi served on the Credit team for Paulson and Co- the guy that scooped about $6 billion shorting mortgage bonds immediately he had ended his tenure at the Longacre. Also, he worked as a credit PM for three years that followed at the Bowery Investment Management.

On Mr. Adrangi’s command, Kerrisdale Capital Management shifted its focus from its historical role of sharing research to various industries and corporations. It now operated directly on an array of specific sectors that the Kerrisdale Capital Management established a base and significant expertise. The central area of focus is the great biotechnology segment as well as the Kerrisdale’s published research on various stages of development of companies such as the Bavarian, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences, Nordic, Zafgen, Sage Therapeutics among many others.

The other fundamental segment of focus is the mining sector. Adrangi called into question some mining prospects and the valuations of First Majestic Silver, Northern Dynasty Minerals among others.

Glen Wakeman Shares Financial Guidance With the World

Glen Wakeman has been the Co-founder and CEO of Launch Pad Holdings since 2015. His profile is packed with essential experience obtained over the past 25 years. He is a finance expert, who is seasoned in small business pitfalls. Through his company, he assists small business owners with the skills to steer away from mistakes made by their predecessors. He has worked with companies such as GE Capital. He also had founded a company called Nova Four. Glen has mentored thousands of other business leaders over the years. He is great at writing and has written several blogs on financial health building strategies ( Glen Wakeman’s passion for developing a business is linked to his complete understanding that reaching success or remaining successful does not occur without growth. He is also aware that the keys to such growth are change and creativity.

Glen wakeman

Launch Pad Holdings came about after Glen made a thorough observation of what prior entrepreneur’s, who had great ideas, did wrong. He saw so many small business owners try manage their own companies, without executing a proper strategy that would reach and maintain their target market. Now, new business owners can depend on Launch Pad Holdings for advice in raising money, and investing.

Every smart and strong business owner knows the importance of making their services, ideas or products accessible to the global market ( Glen Wakeman is no stranger to the global market. He stated an interview that he has lived in six different countries, and understands the value of capturing global awareness with a panoramic view. This gives the business person an idea of what’s needed, what is in demand, and if supplies are available in that area. The business owner can then take advantage of this information if the area is lacking what the owner can provide.

Doe Deere, Lime Crime And How The Two Created A Beautiful Entrepreneurship

Being your own boss and running your own business is the dream of many people around the world. Actually doing it, taking the financial risk, succeeding and maintaining are other key components of being a great entrepreneur.

Doe Deere and her makeup brand Lime Crime are a fine example of a bold venture that has paid off and continues to soar.

The Russian-born businesswoman was recently interviewed by French Tribune about her vision and advice on running an e-commerce beauty company. Learn more:

Doe Deere moved to New York City in her teens and learned a lot about the free enterprise system and how opportunities are there for the taking. She dabbled in running a clothing store on Ebay and also joined a band. Makeup was another major love, and she found an empty slot within the industry in 2008. She knew the giants like Revlon and Estee Lauder would always be there, but she took on makeup with a modern twist, something the major brands were ignoring.

Doe Deere launched Lime Crime; bold, pigmented makeup in crazy-wild colors became Lime Crime’s signature image. Blue, green, gold metallic lipsticks, glittery eyeshadows and other fantastical cosmetics were Doe Deere’s creations. She hoped there was a future for her makeup, and the world responded.

She had nailed the perfect business niche. Doe Deere also became internet-savvy and built up her Lime Crime brand through e-commerce and engaging with social media. The label took off, and Doe Deere’s beauty vision was suddenly on the street and finally, on the red carpet. Stars like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Garcelle Beauvais were wearing the Lime Crime famous liquid-matte vibrant lipsticks.

Lime Crime’s Instagram page grew like wildfire, and currently, the followers include 3.1 million and counting. The page is one of the most colorful and artistic on social media. Fans send their best selfies adorned in stunning Lime Crime makeup to inspire and show off the amazing pigments and uniqueness of the makeup.

Doe Deere advises young would-be entrepreneurs to know their talents and skills required in running a business. Do what you do best. Makeup is her thing, and Doe Deere has totally immersed herself in the company. She’s there for meetings, her employees and to be in on the creative direction and new products. She also spends plenty of time with the Lime Crime lab chemist.

Dream big, plan well, jump in.

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Getting Inspired with Doe Deere

Starting a business can be tough at times. However, with the best mentality and guidance, you can succeed in the business. There are some things that you have to know before you set up your business. The life of Doe Deere has being tough, but she has managed to succeed. Also, there is a lot that can be learned from her story. Despite being born to Russian parents in Russia, she has managed to establish a company of her own in the United States. According to Doe Deere, only three things can help you succeed in business. These three things include a good business plan, finances and passion. Doe Deere is popularly known in the US for Lime Crime Cosmetics where she is the president and the chief executive officer. Lime Crime Cosmetics is known for producing a wide range of products that include eye shadows, lipstick and nail polishes. This is a company that she established in the year 2004 and is known for producing cruelty-free products. This means that she does not obtain raw materials from animals and she does not also test her final products on animals. Learn more:

Those who know her products know them for being beautiful, colorful and bright. She has this notion that people should wear bright make-up to the extent of making it look illegal. Doe Deere says that most successful businesses have turned from passions. It’s for this reason that she advises people to turn their passions into businesses. All you need to do is look into the market trends before you can embark on any business. With the passion in place, you should then focus on a business plan. This is where you get to plan every detail of what you want to achieve. A business plan is essential as it details everything you may require during the cause of your ventures. A business plan also plays a crucial role in helping you acquire the financial aid that you may require. Doe Deere says that banks and loan insurers will require to see your sample business plan before they can fund you. The plan can be as simple as a write up that has different sections. Beyond a business plan, there are other things that you require to succeed in business. These things include money, determination and patience that comes as time meant to grow your business. Learn more:


Doe Deere says that you should be prepared to work longer hours than normal especially when money is not enough. While Doe Deere may seem like a classy lady, she has a lot to say to other women who want to succeed. This is the reason why she takes some of her time to speak to forums where women have gathered such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and the PHAMExpo. She encourages people to be the best version of themselves and believe in their abilities. Her line of career requires her to be active on social media. This is why she can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Learn more: