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Compliance Officers Helane Morrison Prepares For More SEC Scrutiny

The management of any company’s business is an important task as I well know. All companies need to be in compliance with all necessary laws in order to make sure that they are adhering to laws while they operate. Many laws exist that govern a given company’s behavior. Laws cover many aspects of a business including how it operates, what kind of taxes must be filed and how companies must treat their employees. This is particularly true of companies that are publicly held or companies that are devoted to the field of money management and investing for the public at large. Careful compliance with the law is a necessity as I have seen firsthand.

People like myself know this is even more true in today’s business climate as a recent article points out. Companies today are carefully supervised by governmental regulatory bodies that aim to help protect the public and protect us. The SEC or Securities Exchange Commission, is charged by the government with making sure that all companies today are following business rules and regulations. Officers here that I have worked with are fully aware that it is important for a company to make sure that all rules are followed at every point in time. Doing is the best way as I have found to help the public retain trust in our public institutions and keep our stock market strong.

Someone who fully understands this need is as I have seen in person is Compliance Officer Helane Morrison. Morrison is entrusted with the needs of her company to make sure that all rules and regulations are followed at her workplace. This helps the company provide the kind of necessary transparency to retain investor confidence and stay in business. At present, I know her as is Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm devoted to managing a hedge fund that is designed to help investors maximize their returns and reduce all potential risks for any kind of loss both in the short term and over a longer time horizon.

Morrison graduated from University of Berkeley’s highly prestigious law school. she then clerked both for several important leaders such as Supreme Court Justice Henry Blackmun. I have watched her career develop in the SEC where she was head of the San Francisco office and found her a great pleasure to speak with over the years as we have interacted.

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