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Meet Eli Gershkovitch the Man Setting Standards for the Canadian Beer Industry

Beer is one of the most commonly enjoyed drinks all over the world. In Canada, beer has been enjoyed since the 1600s when the first European settlers introduced this drink. Times have changed, and now the Canadian beer industry has grown to accommodate craft beer and microbreweries.

The domestic beer industry is slowly losing its touch to the craft beer industry. Despite the fact that craft beer has a low production capacity, it is still the most popular type of beer more so when it comes to the millennials. Arguably, this is contributed by the fact that craft beer appreciates the use of flavors the fact that traditional beer manufactures don’t. Some of the common flavors include coffee stouts, new lagers, and India pale ales.


One person who has been quite instrumental in the development of the Canadian craft beer industry is businessperson Eli Gershkovitch ( Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO and founder of Steamworks Group of Companies one of the well-established Canadian craft beer producing companies. Since 1995, Eli has been having been crafting beer when little was known about this type of skill. To him, craft beer is not just a business opportunity to make a profit, but rather an opportunity to create the freedom to his customers as they enjoy his brands.


Despite the small beginnings, Eli Gershkovitch and Steamworks Group of Companies now enjoys a huge market presence when it comes to craft beers, not only in Canada but all over the world (WingsJournal). Currently, the company’s brews are sold and distributed widely in Canada and 14 States in the US. These brews have also been able to earn a number of awards and accolades thanks to their high-quality production. Eli Gershkovitch ensures that he does not compromise on quality in any way by following the due process when it comes to the production of his beers. For instance, the IPA Flagship brew took the company four years of waiting before being released on the market.


Eli Gershkovitch is an attorney by profession who undertook his undergraduate studied law at the University of Toronto’s law school. Apart from his passion for the craft beer industry, Eli’s competency in law has helped him make huge strides in his brewing business as he can understand the industry and its regulations better. When not in his office you will find Mr. Eli Gershkovitch flying around as he is also a trained pilot.