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White Shark Media uses Client Feedback as Opportunities for Growth


There are very few online marketing companies who take the feedback provided by their clients to heart. White Shark Media reviews all of the feedback provided about the way they interact with their clients and uses it to improve the quality of their service. A typical complaint seen about online marketing companies across the board, is their lack of communication. When the executives at White Shark Media received responses about poor communication they restructured the way their personal account managers made contact with clients. Recent online blogs about the company have testified to their improved communication, as well as their quick response time in resolving client issues.

Clients Want to See Results

Not only do clients expect to have great communication with the marketing company they hire, they also expect to see great results. White Shark Media uses AdWords in creating campaigns to market their client’s goods or services. A common issue with clients that did not have knowledge about this type of marketing tool, was in how to understand the reports. White Shark Media quickly jumped in and initiated a change in their reports to include how to manage campaigns such as AdWords. This change made it much easier for clients to follow along with what was happening with their marketing strategies. In addition to understanding the reports, clients also expect to see increases in website traffic and growth. Clients of White Shark Media have testified to their website results being greatly improved through the company’s comprehensive marketing campaigns.

The many reviews and online testimonials from clients clearly show how White Shark Media uses the feedback they receive as opportunities for growth within their own field of expertise. Many online reviews from clients reported an increase in sales, as well as traffic. Most of these reviews indicate the successful results were achieved for less money than what the clients had paid to other marketing agencies. White Shark Media’s dedication to serving their clients has proven them to be an outstanding company in their field.