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Whitney Wolfe Has Another Success With Bumble Bizz

When Whitney Wolf first launched Bumble, it was simply a dating app where the first move was made by the women. This has become an international digital platform to make business connections and friends as well. Bumble’s growth has launched a new Austin headquarters and a new app called Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe’s new headquarters for Bumble is called The Hive, and it is amazing. The building is two-stories, and filled with natural light in hexagons and yellows. The shape and color represents the brand, and even the bathrooms feature hexagon walls, floor tiles, and yellow toilets.

Whitney Wolfe has set the Bumble app apart from all the rest right from the start. Although Bumble began as a dating app, it is about equality, female empowerment and kindness. The Bumble platform is highly respectable, and individual’s feel safe meeting new people online. It was only three years past when Bumble launched, yet they currently have almost 21 million users, and an international footprint. Bumble has teams in France, London, Australia, and Germany, and are considering Canada for the future.

Whitney Wolfe additionally added Bumble BFF to the Bumble app, and this allows the users to find friends. Bumble Bizz is a more recent addition, and provides the ability to make professional connections. Bumble is genuine one-to-one networking, and the focus of the company is to connect people. Whitney Wolfe found the way to help people get their foot in the door, and find opportunities that would not be possible without the app. Without a social networking site, connections can easily become dead ends. The site gives users the chance to start conversations that may change their lives.

Lauren Petrowski of FOX 7 set up a profile on Bizz, and the result was an almost immediate match. Whether this becomes a networking opportunity or not, it has become obvious Bumble is helping people from across the globe connect, and women are receiving support in every aspect of their lives. Whitney Wolfe wanted to provide a safe place where women could enjoy empowerment, and have the opportunity to take control of their lives.

The concept of Bumble Bizz is the same as the app’s dating portion. The user swipes when they have an interest in someone. If the match is woman to man, the first message can only be sent by the woman. The match will expire if the woman does not reach out within a period of 24 hours.

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Why Whitney Wolfe Declined A Buyout Of Her Successful Dating App Bumble

A very popular dating app, Bumble, recently turned down a $450 million buyout. The offer was extended by Match Group which is a giant in dating app industry and owns well-known apps such as OKCupid,, and Tinder. There were a number of reasons that the offer was turned down according to Whitney Wolfe, the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble.

The first reason is that the offer low-balled the value of Bumble according to what executives at the company feel their company is worth. Additionally, Bumble is quite different from other dating apps. It is a “women-first” app where only women can initiate contact with other users of the app. The final issue would be that Whitney Wolfe had successfully sued Match Group a few years ago which would have created an awkward situation for the company going forward.

It was in 2012 that Whitney Wolfe was one of the creators of Tinder. Tinder, of course, is a location-based dating application which is used by people across the United States. Wolfe was the vice president of marketing for Tinder and her work led to great word of mouth of the application. She left the company in 2014 due to sexual harassment and discrimination against her. This resulted in an out of court settlement and other changes at Tinder.

After all of this, Whitney Wolfe turned her eyes to offering a different type of dating app. Bumble was the result and in late 2014 she launched Bumble. It now can be used free or on a $9.99 monthly subscription which adds a number of very useful features to the app.

Whitney Wolfe, who lives in Austin, Texas, has made her mission to change the way that people date. She wants women to be able to use dating apps without receiving constant unwanted messages that sometimes lead to harassment and vulgar language if the woman declines contact. She is also a strong advocate for anti-bullying efforts in regards to young people both within and outside the school environment. She says that it used to be bullying mainly occurred on the playground. Nowadays it occurs quite frequently on social media as well which she is seeking to prevent.

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