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George Soros Investment Plan In The Quantum Fund

George Soros is a self-made billionaire who has been in the capital market for more than 15 years. Investor Soros was born in Hungary but shifted in the United States where he pursued his university education. George Soros has great experience in both accounting and investment banking. He is also a successful author as he has already published some books, one of them being ”The Crash of 2008 and What it Means”. He is ranked as the best-selling author internationally.

Billionaire Soros has also been a major donor in the advocacy towards the attainment of transparency and observance of human rights in the society. George is the principal and the founder of Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. After undertaking his economic classes and graduating, he invested in the international investment fund.

Being the head of Open Society Foundations on, George Soros has enacted growth and accountability in the society. He is among the best humanitarians who have been fighting for the rights of equality and just society. The idea of Open Society Foundations was widely embraced by other leaders, who started other company branches in their countries. As a liberal minded person, George Soros has been financing the education ministry to make sure the youths are educated.

As a humanitarian, George Soros has extended his generosity into other continents such as Asia, Africa, and Europe. Billionaire Soros has been paying lawyers all over the world to represent victims who have lacking attention due to lack of funds to pay for the services. He has successfully solved the issue of political unrest by founding an international system to create transparency at a national level.

George Soros has been making some predictions on the performance of commodities in the stock market. Soros made an early warning to investors in the capital markets on regarding the economic crisis, an instance that came to pass. Billionaire George is an experienced market strategist able to understand the market indicators and predict either a rise or a fall.

According to a liberation made by ValueWalk publishers, George Soros earlier predicted the devaluation of the pound in the stock market. Understanding the full concept of the situation, Soros made a bet on the pound devaluation with $15 billion dollars. When stockholders termed the day as the Black Wednesday, he called it the awesome Wednesday, as he enjoyed the bet returns, which amounted to $19 billion dollars.

Regarding percentage recordings, the pound encountered a drop of 15% when compared to the United States Dollar. George Soros counted the bet, which was referred to as the Quantum Fund, a success.

George Soros Predicts a Repeat of the 2008 Crisis

George Soros is a name synonymous with charity and philanthropy. The billionaire has extended his work through organizations he founded for the sole purpose of promoting democracy among nations. However, all is not well for Soros as some countries have disagreed with him and threatened to outlaw the activities of his organization.

In January, the billionaire hinted on that the world was in the wake of another financial crisis. He intimates that the same characteristics seen before 2008 are apparently coming out now. He cautions investors to be very careful while undertaking their investment opportunities.

He sites that the Chinese currency is facing devaluation, and they are having problems finding the new growth model. Given that they are a major economy in the world, the Chinese are having their problems transferred to other currencies, and the fact is unfortunate. Therefore, George Soros finds out that a return to positive interest rates after such a crisis in developing countries is a real problem. However, his activities in the world have been celebrated and received criticism in the same measure.

Recently, the Soros foundations have come under sharp attacked from the Hungarian politicians for promoting immigration. According to the politicians, the Open Society Foundations have seen its actions support immigration. The OSF decreed that every immigrant should receive an estimated $16,000 per year for upkeep. The sentiments rubbed the authorities on the wrong way and had since vowed to criminalize the activities of the OSF.

The warm reception that the George Soros’ organization gave the refugees is seen as an act that will fuel an inflow of refugees into Hungary. On the hand, the Open Society Foundation sees it as a humanitarian issue and should not be criticized.

The latest case has come up in Russia where the authorities have taken the OSF guns blazing. George Soros operates two distinct organizations in Russia. Both the Open Society Foundation and Open Society Institute have been seen as a threat to the Russian nation. In fact, Russia has banned any activities relating to the two organizations. They have been termed as a threat to national security and the constitution. According to a statement from the General Prosecutor’s office, the two groups will be put on the list of foreign organizations whose acts in the country have been deemed undesirable. Also, they have cautions the citizens against associating with the organization either directly or indirectly.

The mere fact of dealing with an organization listed as an enemy of the state has hindered the willingness of the people of Russia to associate with the OSF and OSI. The Open Society Foundations was formed so as nations may be helped to move away from communism. Their role in promoting democracy is what makes nations disagree with the ideologies they bring to the table. Their activities have been seen to aim at changing the way of thinking of the Russian people and silently influence the citizens. According to the state stamen, the organizations are promoting soft aggression, an issue that is key among the reasons why it is no longer desirable. Read his profile at Forbes.

Russia Burns Books and Targets George Soros Charity

Russia has shown great opposition to the charity foundation that has been put forth by George Soros. One college has burned more than 50 books that were linked to the charity. They were burned and banned because they were deemed a threat to their security. Searches were done on college libraries in order to find any book or document that is related to any project started by George Soros so that they can burn the security threat. An official letter was issued which was used in order to get the libraries to search all of their books in order to find anything related to the charity foundation.

Russia wouldn’t elaborate on the reasoning behind their ultimate decision to ban George Soros’s foundations as a “security threat”, but if one would look a little closer, they might find possible reasons behind the ban that Russia has issued. For one thing, there has been a lot of aggression towards the Ukraine from Russia because of their plans to reform their way of ruling society. They are looking for ways to bring about more equality among people as opposed to keeping everything in a creditor and debtor basis. One thing to consider is that the way things are currently run allows for people to use their powers in ways to exploit those under them.

Often times, when people are given free reign in order to act as they please with little to no regard to the well being of the people under them. George Soros’s charity and the reform is actually a threat to their free reign. Perhaps this is what they mean by “threat to security.” Leaders like Vladimir Putin are doing all they can in order to prevent the reform from taking place so that they can continue on with their way of ruling things.

The books that were burned dealt with many topics such as the “Renewal of Humanitarian Education.” Russia has also seized 427 more books with the intention of destroying them and removing them from society. Along with the destruction of the books were accusations being thrown at George Soros and his charity foundation that they were bringing distortions to the history of Russia and popularizing certain directives that are not in line with Russia. The interesting thing is that according to George Soros, Russia has approved of their actions before. It was when Russia started acting against the Ukraine that things started taking a turn for the worse.

As one could tell, tensions and the conflict is becoming very heated. There is a lot of resistance against the new reform that the Ukraine is looking to move forward with. While some would be appalled to think that there are certain people that are so eager to hold on to their power that they are willing to sacrifice alliances in order to maintain their power, one thing that is important to realize is that power can corrupt if one lets it. This perhaps is an example of one being corrupted by his power. George Soros, Angela Merkel and other entities are working very hard to fight against this corruption.