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Pedro Mascheroni Attempts to Sell Secrets To Venezuela

New hidden camera films made public nowadays by the government show a previous atomic physicist that is National, covertly meeting South American, with a guy who he thought to be a Venezuelan specialist to be able to promote his knowledge, along with categorized information. In a video from 2008, nuclear physicist Pedro Mascheroni, who was previously a researcher inside the X-Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory during the Ronald Reagan Administration, tells another man, who is genuinely an undercover FBI agent, that Venezuela could detonate a nuclear bomb in the Pacific headed toward the U.S. in a moments notice. It comes at no surprise to Mr. Osio that Mascheroni is capable of committing such a horrendous act against the government. He was not swiftly punished the last time in 2008, and is up to no good this time around once again.

Mascheroni is just a naturalized US resident from Argentina, which could possible explain why he does feel a certain amount of allegiance and loyalty to the United States of America. In 2013 Mascheroni pleaded guilty to a number of matters regarding making false promises to government agents and shifting data that was confined. Last summer they exercised the option to withdraw his plea, but the judge rejected the movement. Today the Justice Team announced Mascheroni has been sentenced to 60 months in jail, followed closely by 36 months of probation that is to be closely supervised.