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Vincent Parascandola Has Shown Growth with Each Position He Has Held As Evidenced In His Rich Legacy

Vincent Parascandola is a New York-based financial guru. He is well known for his skills in finance and asset management as well as estate planning. He is a former student at the Lubin School of Business at the Pace University with a degree in computer science. Vincent has led a successful career since 1986.

Career Path

Vincent Parascandola’s first employer was Irving Trust Company. The two years he was with the firm were spent as a System Analyst. The next two years until 1990 saw him work at the Prudential Insurance. He joined the MONY Group after his exit from Prudential Insurance. His entry position into the firm was as a Financial Professional. His marvelous work prompted him to earn promotion to the post of a Sales Manager and eventually the Managing Director. His breakthrough came in 2015 when he landed a position with AXA Equitable. He joined the firm as an Executive Vice President. He was quick to rise the organizational ladder to occupy top positions in the firm. He was soon appointed as the President of the company’s Northern Division. Vincent Parascandola served in that post for one year after which he was named the President of the Continental Division. In this position, Vincent supervised all operations and offered his guidance in the Northeastern branches, Hawaii and California offices. He was involved in the management, recruitments, training and sales operations of the organization. On top of the post of Continental Division’s President, Vincent has added the label of the Chief Sales Officer for the same.

Current Engagement

Vincent rose to his current position as a Senior Executive Vice President for AXA US three years ago. He is responsible for steering the company growth as well as ensure excellent performance by his team. All the financial professionals working for AXA in Central New Jersey are placed under his supervision and guidance. His skills have been evidenced by how he has magnificently led the company to record higher sales. AXA US has been elevated to the top and gained a competitive edge. His capabilities are well known and are often rewarded. For instance, he won the GAMA Career Development Award among other accolades.