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The Career Life of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone name is highly respected in the alternative investment department. This is the businessman who has co-founded one of the leading investment companies in the entire world, known as Fortress Investment Group LCC. Randal and the other personalities in charge of this institution came up with the idea of starting the company, and they have changed the future of so many Americans. The investment company has done so well in the provision of excellent services to the people who need advisory services. Randal holds the position of chief executive officer in the international company, and he has been a bringing great change in the large institution. As the chief executive officer of a global investment firm that has been doing so well, Randal has been receiving a lot of popularity in the recent times. People from all over the globe want to know the tips and strategies that have been used by the businessman so that he could acquire the amount of respect he enjoys at the moment.

In an interview attended recently, the renowned business leader says that he helped in starting Fortress Investment Group after realizing that people in the whole nation wanted to live a life where they are comfortable about the future of their finances. Confidence in finance does not come the easy way. The market was full of investment advisory companies, but none of them was offering the customers the best quality they deserved. Randal and other professionals who knew the challenges people were facing took this challenge and worked to make sure that everything was in order. Randal Nardone has never taken his role as company CEO lightly since his appointment several years ago.

The businessman has worked so well in all the tasks he has undertaken, and he has shown the customers from many parts of the world that they can trust all of the services the company has been offering.Randal Nardone is not a stranger when it comes to great leadership activities. This businessman has worked as a leader in numerous companies, and he knows all the tricks a leader should use so that a company performs well regardless of the challenges that are taking place in the financial market. Randal has worked closely with the top management in Fortress Investment Group since he co-founded the company years ago, and he has been getting a great salary. According to the Forbes platform, Randal is one of the people with a lot of wealth in America.


Jeffry Schneider’s Growth in the Investment Market

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a boutique firm focused on offering alternative investment solutions by finding private equity, real estate and hedge funds that are often elusive to most investors. Ascendant Capital does not stop at sourcing capital; it further identifies various investment channels suited to diverse groups of investors. These investors are fully reinforced with marketing, educational, operational and sales services.

Jeffry has extensive financial experience that he acquired while working in other financial firms. This has enabled him to craft innovative financial structures that have propelled Ascendant Capital into achieving unprecedented growth. The company has become a leader in raising funds for both existing and developing alternative asset fund sponsors. Working closely with broker-dealers, Family Offices, Registered Investment Advisors and Private Banks, Jeffry, together with his team of thirty employees, has managed to raise close to $1 billion. This money has made it possible for the company to buy auto dealerships, real estate property, and tech companies among other assets.

After attaining a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Schneider served executive positions in various firms. These positions bequeathed him with valuable capabilities that later helped him to establish his own business. He started his career at Paradigm Global Advisors; he was able to deepen his skills of identifying the right managers while working here. Thereafter, he shifted to Axiom Capital Management, and also had a stint at Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown.

Jeffry is optimistic that, with the right culture of openness and trust embraced by both employees and clients of Ascendant Capital, the company will continue to experience growth in global scale. The promising growth in alternative investments has also seen the company ambitiously set to raise $50 million in just one month.

Like any ordinary man, Jeffry Schneider is a husband and a dad. In addition, he is health conscious and committed to eating healthy diets. Also, he is a marathon participant and has traveled far and wide across the globe in search of adventure. Jeffry is also involved in philanthropic work and donates to various organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation.


Soros Sees China As Threat To World Economy

The current state of the financial world is beginning to look a lot like 2008, states billionaire George Soros on Bloomberg. While he does not like to rehash what others have said, China seems to be a big part of what is hurting the economic situation in the world. Their monetary unit is being devalued and they are struggling to find a new way to enhance growth and prosperity.

George Soros likens the present conditions to a crisis. China is losing ground and it is affecting the world. As they cease trade and up consumption there is a big hole made that needs to be filled to stabilize the markets and the economic conditions. The year 2008 may be done and gone but the financial conditions that existed then are baring their destructive head again.

Soros made his billions from the financial sector and hedge funds. He was educated in London and trained in the markets in New York City. As he slowly learned the ropes he invested more and eventually has become a noted name when dealing with financial matters. He is a respected author of many publications that surround politics and finance. Soros has learned how to read and predict the markets with alarming accuracy.

The control of the government over the Chinese financial market is somewhat to blame for the present situation. Communist in nature it does not allow for independent evaluations and free thinking. This has caused the manufacturing sector to stagger and the number of exports to drop. As the export sector wavers so does the Gross Domestic Product and hence the economy staggers.

The Communist Party has vowed to loosen the restrictions on manufacturing and work hard to bring the yuan back to its past status. This does not deflect from the fact that their present policy is hurting countries like India who depend on Chinese exports for their own financial health and stability.

The Chinese banking sector has even cut rates and moved billions of dollars into the economy to try to stop any long term harm. At present this simply does not seem to be working. The Chinese manufacturing sector needs to offer more products for not only export but also for purchasing within the realm of the Chinese country. Visit to know more about George Soros

Consumerism is presently what is fueling this economy and that cannot sustain growth or prosperity. The Chinese people are charging and running up debt at alarming rates without a seeming plan for paying any of this debt back. The banks will soon become overwhelmed by outstanding notes and then we will see a crash of the market.

Overall the outlook is not good. Will 2008 revisit us in the form of a crash of the Chinese system?