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A Better World by Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy is a company that focuses on aiding people to achieve their dream goals. The company has its headquarters at Winter Garden, Florida. They are looking to help investors who want to improve their fund management and business people who yearn for a better life condition. Midas Legacy is more than willing to assist in wealth, happiness, health and generally improve the sense of self-worth.

Midas Legacy wants to ensure that entrepreneurs make financial and business decisions for the better running of their enterprises. They want to make them reach a position of creating more employment opportunities hence enhancing the livelihood of others. Midas Legacy distinguishes itself from other institutions since it focuses on all the aspects of life that other institutions ignore. They give people an insight on how to develop various options to solve life situations. They offer research services for the clients who want to better their lives.

Wealth management is an act in which many individuals and businesses struggle to cope with. Midas Legacy is the advisory board that is eradicating people out of their misery. It is made up of different kind of professionals to deal with different fields. A person who deals with medicines and natural cures is different from the one who deals with retirement planning. People who are nearing the retirement age usually start panicking on how they will cope. Midas Legacy is the company that gives these people the peace of mind by advising them on where to invest for long term gain.

Wealth management strategies involve diversifying your portfolio and minimizing taxes. It requires the expertise of a specialist for one to be able to implement such ideas. The company gives extra tips to the investors hence opening up better investment strategies. Most people think that investment ideas always narrow down to stocks hence should invest in stocks but this is not the case. The experts at Midas Legacy generalized the solution as being diversification.

The company’s clients include developing entrepreneurs, individual investors, people yearning for better lives, individuals seeking early retirement and generally people who want a better tomorrow. Midas Legacy achieve their goal by giving funds to enterprises and individuals who seem to have a positive effect on the welfare of the society in sectors like entrepreneurship, natural health, real estate, finance, self-control and retirement. The company has obtained international recognition for their selfless activities and drives to make the world a better place.

Successes Registered by CCMP Capital During the Reign of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is one of the premier investment firms that specialize on transactions dealing with growth capital and leveraged buyouts. It was established in 2006 after JP Morgan Partners investment professionals parted ways from JP Morgan Chase. CCMP Capital was initially called JP Morgan Partners. The early partners that formed CCMP Capital include Chemical Ventures, Manufactures Hanover, Chase Capital and JP Morgan Partners.

CCMP Capital has an exceptional management team that aspires to provide world class service to its clients when it comes to investments. They understand the requirements of making a business thrive. To this end, they use resources at their disposal and combining it with their knowledge of the industry to satisfy the utility of the clients. This has enabled the teams at CCMP Capital to run the company in an effective manner thus experiencing exponential growth in the process.

Currently, CCMP Capital invests in four key sectors as guided by its industry expertise. CCMP Capital is the preferred partner as well as manager to prospective firms in the sectors of consumer/ retail, healthcare, industrial, and Energy. The industry knowledge is attributed to the major transaction experience gained from investments in the four key sectors. CCMP Capital has invested in these areas for a long time and in the process, conquering varying market conditions as well as several business cycles in the industry. The firm understands the basic issues within the industries and the opportunities that they offer.

In each of the four sectors, CCMP Capital has invested in a number of companies. Under the consumer/retail industry, CCMP Capital’s portfolio includes Aramark, Crosstown Traders, Cabela, IMO Car Wash, Info group, Quizinos Sub, and Volotea. In the healthcare industry, CCMP Capital’s portfolio includes CareMore Medical Enterprises, Medpace, National Surgical Care, MedQuest Associates, and LHP Hospital Group.

Under the industrial sector, the firm’s portfolio consists of Chromalox, Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, Edwards Group, M&H Plastics, National Waterworks, SafetyKleen Europe and Siteco. In the energy industry, CCMP Capital has invested in Chaparral Energy, Bill Barret Corporation, Kraton Polymers, Newark E&P Holdings, Eco Services, PQ Corporation, Noble Environmental Power and Vetico International.

Presently CCMP Capital is headed by Greg Brenneman. He serves as the chairman and chief executive officer. Brenneman took over from Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of the corporation. Steve Murray has been the leader of CCMP Capital since it was established in 2006. He has taken the firm from its being a startup to being the leader in the investment industry. Murray became part of Manufacture Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program in 1984. He went on to work in all the firms that formed CCMP Capital. Steve Murray has been a great private equity investor on pehub as well as a philanthropist. He graduated with a degree in economics from the Boston College in 1984. Later, Murray proceeded to attain his MBA from the Columbia Business School.