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Ways through which Bob Reina has helped in changing Lives

Talk Fusion is a company that was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 with the aim of offering digital communication services. The firm has a mission of changing lives by doing charitable work such as giving back to the community and helping individuals achieve their visions. Bob always motivates his team to be determined to help more people.


Bob Reina is an individual who gives attention to the community and cares about the products he offers to the people. He has successfully done the work for more than ten years, and this has made the company to be well known. Bob has led as an example by giving a donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and this has brought much influence to his mission. The Indonesian orphanage has been a beneficiary of Mr. Bob’s life-saving involvement since many animals have benefited from the substantial financial support.



Bob’s participation in helping the non-profit organization encouraged him to come up with a program that gives an opportunity to every associate of Talk Fusion to give a free account of their choice to charity. The essence of the free account is to form a custom plan, which is done monthly. It comprises of customization, branding, and access to Talk’s video marketing products like the live meetings, and video email. Bob ventured into video communication market after identifying the difficulty people used to go through with sending and receiving videos of the internet. His major goal was to assist nonprofits and charities all over the world to get to many people.


Bob is mainly concerned with how his foundation has transformed the people’s lives. Bob has dedicated himself to getting better and appropriate methods of assisting people to achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams. Each activity that talk fusion does is with the aim of ensuring that people get what they need in a simpler way. Talk Fusion also offers some services that help running of businesses in an efficient way. It provides a platform for direct selling and also communicates using video by the internet.