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Oncotarget – The Multidisciplinary Journal Makes Scientific Materials Available Quickly

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal which usually publishes papers every week that is on a weekly basis. They publish papers online and provide people with free access. Their main mission and the main reason which led to the formation of Oncotarget is to make materials quickly and available to people especially scientific materials. Oncotarget also aims at increasing the influence of research through insightful review. They also aim at sharing exceptional discoveries quickly.Other things that Oncotarget aims at doing is to get rid of differences between specialties and to connect the many different fields in the biomedical science. They also aim at enhancing applications of clinical science and also basic science to fight diseases.

Their main aim is to ensure that people live lives free of diseases. They have been able to achieve this by having a team of well-known scientists who do a lot of research and then provide people with reading materials.With time Oncotarget has become very popular because of the much-needed effort they put in the research. Their research has provided people with great insights and which are constructive. Their readers have provided this information in one of the reviews. As a result of their rising popularity and the much influence that they are making, they decided to be publishing two articles per week; every Tuesday and every Friday.

To Increase the process of transferring scientific information, they decided to include all papers that have been accepted in the final issue which will be posted on PubMed for people to get access to the information.Due to their success, they have decided to come up with more sections so that they can continue to have the positive influence that they are having on their readers. As per now, their current sections are cardiology, metabolism, aging, pharmacology, microbiology, neuroscience, cell and Mol Biology as well as Endocrinology. To publish their work, they use the COPE Code of conduct for their publications and editorials. Before an article is submitted, the editors and authors usually follow the publishing policies that are available on their website. They began in 2010.

Life Line Screening – Leading Preventative Healthcare Screening Company

Life Line Screening is a trusted company that is highly committed to providing preventative health screening procedures for many different types of health issues. The team at Life Line Screening has dedicated their career to helping individuals with screening procedures and wellness plans that supplement their regular healthcare practices. They fully understand that each patient is different and each case needs to be handled differently. That’s why they have formulated special screenings that are specifically beneficial to provide answers to what each patient may be experiencing. Life Line Screening recommend the proper test that is derived from your risk factors, family history and past medical history. With all of the changes happening in the healthcare world, they work hard around the clock to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible care available.

Life Line Screening offers three different types of preventative health screenings. The first type of screening that is offered is called an ultrasound (sonograph). The ultrasound is responsible for sending sound waves throughout the body to produce crucial images that Life Line Screening staff will be looking for. They utilize the most advanced technology called Doppler color ultrasound. This equipment will produce very precise and accurate images concerning issues involving the abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, ankle-brachial index screening and bone mineral density screening. The second type of screening that they provide is called finger-stick blood screenings.

The finger-stick blood screen will indicate if there is a problem involving heart disease and diabetes. They collect a few drops of blood that are used in conjunction with their FDA approved and very accurate instruments. The equipment that is used is highly advanced and is used in major hospitals, laboratories and other medical facilities. The blood screening produces complete lipid panel, glucose screening (measures blood sugar), high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and elevated liver enzymes screening. The third type of screening that they perform is used to detect atrial fibrillation through an electrocardiograph. Most commonly, it is used to detect an irregular heartbeat, which is a condition that can significantly increase risk of heart attack and other health related issues.

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