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Why is Troy McQuagge Internationally Known?

According to The CEO of USHEALTH GROUP, Inc., Troy McQuagge was chosen the Gold Winner as Chief Executive Officer of the year in One Planet Awards. One Planet Award is a worldwide premier program that honors professional excellence and business in each industry globally.

Nominations can be submitted by organizations worldwide, including smallest to biggest and new start-ups, for non-profit and profit, and public and private.

In the year 2010, Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH and with immediate effect set about the mission of changing the company for better by, first, rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, which is its captive distribution agency.

Troy McQuagge’s success with re-tooling the Advisors led the company to elect him as president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group in 2014. USHEALTH Group, Inc. has registered groundbreaking profitability, success, and growth in the extremely competitive market for individual health insurance.

USHEALTH Group is a holding company for insurance located in Ft. Worth, TX focusing on providing the innovative health coverage for small business owners and self-employed individuals.

McQuagge said that it was an honor being chosen by the prestigious One Planet Awards and received the esteemed peer and industry recognition. He continued saying that the award belongs to all the USHEALTH Group team.

He stated that it was a testament to the ongoing commitment of their company in solving the problem of health care affordability for customers by making sure that they provide them with coverage that’s innovative, which could grow as the need of their health care grow.

One Planet Awards acknowledges companies for their professional excellence and business. The honors of One Planet Awards are currently granted in classifications in sections including Corporate Communications, Marketing, Public relations, new services and products, teams, and executives, and organization from all around the world.

Troy McQuagge is a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive from the City of Panama, FL. He studied at UCF, where he received his B.A. He currently stays in Coppell town, Texas. He works at US Health Advisors and has more than three decades of experience in positions related to sales.

He started his early profession in health insurance sales and spent his career mostly in that industry. In 1983, McQuagge joined Allstate Insurance and worked with this company for many years. In 1995, he joined the Student Insurance Division of UICI (United Insurance Companies Inc).

In 1997, McQuagge was named UICI’s insurance agency, UGA President. UGA set many single-year sales records under his leadership. In 2006, when private equity investor acquired UICI, the name of the corporation was changed to HealthMarkets and McQuagge was assigned to the role of leading all of the marketing and sales efforts within a self-employed group of the company.

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