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Safeguarding Your Credit Following Equifax Breach

The majority of people couldn’t miss the news that Equifax which is among the three USA credit checking authorities, which encountered a critical security breach at the beginning of this year. Hackers managed to access private information which entails information such as Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates and more which belonged to 143 million Americans. That implies almost 50% of the country was possibly exposed to private information which is applied to credit & loan decisions.

In the realization of such kind of huge security breach, you can find a way of protecting yourself. There are various ways via which you can protect your financial history from theft or fraud. You can use safeguarding companies such as Freedom Financial to ensure your details are secured from hackers.

Registering for free credit monitoring & protection. Until November 21, you can sign up on the same site for one year free services of protection. You will get a duplicate of your Equifax credit report and the capacity to put a stop on your Equifax report. With the freeze, creditors are not able to view your credit information through Equifax.

Consider putting a credit freeze with other credit bureaus. Majority of creditors does not give new credit without initially checking on your credit. Putting a credit freeze is like inserting your credit cards inside the bowl of water within the freezer. No one can apply for your credit until you “defrost” it. Thus, with a credit freeze, creditors are not able to view your credit history.

Survey your credit reports. Ensure you check your bank & credit card accounts often for unlawful practices. Don’t wait to get your monthly statement, but rather you can be checking your daily or weekly discrepancies. Scammers normally text the process with unusual amounts before conducting the illegal transactions. You can take the first step to secure your credit information today.

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