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Securus Technologies provides solutions to law enforcers

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serve over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies. It also helps more than 1.2 million inmates in different correctional facilities across North America. They provide the criminal and civil technology solution to the community, homes, families, inmates and various clients in the public domain.


The technology company is committed to connecting and serving people with emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, incident management, investigations reports, monitoring services and products as well as inmate self-service. Their aim is making the world the better and safer place to live.


Currently, the majority of customers in various correctional agencies use Securus Technologies to comment, solve and prevent social vices from happening including inmates’ crimes in jails. Securus Technologies develops new product or service weekly aiming at helping correctional officials and law enforcement to prevent and solve crimes.


Mr. Richard Smith has been the chair and CEO of Securus Technologies. He works tirelessly with his team to ensure safety in the society. They have received numerous emails and letters regarding what they have built and the impact of their technology on the community.


At Securus Technologies, the company understands the benefits of convenience and variety. They provide the best phone calling option by delivering best services and a variety of telephone payment options. To stay connected and in touch with your beloved ones in jail, Securus Technologies provides you with the following options.

  • Advance connect.

It is the most used payment product. It is a prepaid calling account allowing you to be in charge of your spending and ensuring that you receive your calls from the prisons.


  • Direct Bill

Here a credit check is a requirement for the user to qualify. The account allows the phone user to receive calls from prisoners as the charges are being billed directly monthly.


  • Traditional Collect

The account allows the phone user to receive phone calls from inmates and all the expenses passed to you on a monthly basis through your telephone company.


  • Inmate Debit

It is a prepaid calling account that allows the inmates to pay for telephone calls. It enables prisoners to deposit funds directly into their calling account.

Securus Technologies has proven to be the reliable source of the inmates’ solutions as they get in touch with their beloved ones, attorney and other people in the outside world.


The Best Correctional Services and Products- Securus Technologies Inc

Recently Securus Technologies which is a leading organization in the offering of criminal and civil justice, monitoring, investigation, correction, and technology solutions for public safety, made an announcement that it has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and was given an A+ rating. According to Securus Technologies Inc Vice President of Operations, Mr. Danny de Hoyos, the organizations has been devoted and has been working hand in hand with the Better Business Bureau not only to receive the highest rating but also to make sure that they have received official recognition to what they say and mean in print.

The official approval is voluntary according to Securus, and they have worked with BBB to meet the required standards listed below.

  • Transparency: an organization must be open regarding the location of the business, nature of the firm, its ownership, disclosure of all their policies, and all the guarantees and procedures that bear’s the client’s decision to purchase a product or service from them.
  • Honor promises: a company must keep all the promises made by them either verbally or in writing.
  • Safeguard privacy: it should protect all their data collection from fraud and mishandling g.
  • Build Trust: a company should have a positive track record.
  • Embody Integrity: an organization should transact all their business observing a high level of honesty.

Securus Technologies has been on the forefront to serve their client better, and to achieve this, they have established a 220 seat in-house domestic call center which is considered to be the largest in the correctional industry. The in-house call center has given Securus an excellent opportunity to control their customer care department, allowing the organization to meet some of the BBB rules and requirements. Since it was established, Securus Technologies have been serving more than 25 million people all over the United States. Securus Technologies customer care center has a customer satisfaction rate of 4.3 out of 5, and their calls are answered in an average of 11 seconds with a declaration rate of 99%.


Securus Technologies Upheaval With GTL

GTL made accusations towards the company Securus Technologies, so Securus Technologies took it into their own hands to prove that they did nothing wrong. In an article, they detailed different comments that were made so that they could let the public know how much good they do for the public’s safety.


They also took it upon themselves to invite the people to their headquarters, so they can see what they do. In a presentation, the company is going to put on for the people, they will be able to see what they are working on at the time. The people can also ask any questions that they might have for the company.


The company Securus is known for their excellence in the public safety field. They have done work for many companies, and the government is always using their technology to assist them in the civil and criminal justice operations. The company deals with a number of prisoners on a daily basis, and they utilize videos, interviews, incident reports and other means to induce the safety of facilities. They create new technology on weekly basis that will help to keep the public safe. Their abilities are in demand all over the country, and they are respected and known all over the world. In the future, they will provide even more safety measures than every before. It is their wish to make the world a safer place, and they will accomplish this goal in time.


How To Get Access To Top Inmate Calling Features

Securus Technologies has had a record number of inmate calls. They have processed over 56.7 billion calling minutes this year across the nation. Securus started out as an inmate calling regulating company by working with the Public Utility Commission. Inmates and their families are connected on a secure network that gives them every minute guaranteed under their contract. Securus handled a fourth quarter audit of Global Tel-Link and reported a superior audit in a PRN article. They have a website that offers all the features you receive from an authorized agent and more. Securus offers many quality features to inmates and their families from their website.

You don’t have to worry about expensive calling features because Securus Technologies’ top priority is saving money for inmates and their families. They have gained a partnership with Vimeo and created interactive video features. In fact, JPay has been a relevant part of the growth of Securus. They allowed services that eliminate the need for an operator. You’re connected over a network that cares about their customer satisfaction standards. Go for an inmate calling network that is going to put you first. Thousands of customers rely on Securus Technologies each day for effective communication. Watch more on

Securus Offers

Inmate Voicemail

Inmate voicemail is a wonderful feature that gives inmates personalized access. They can receive voicemail messages from the facility. Of you have a message for an inmate you can call their inmate network located inside the calling facility.

Telephone Pay

Telephone pay is a great option for individuals that are out of state or in a rural area. You can put money on an inmate’s account or get prepaid phone credits. You never have to locate another inmate calling authorized agent because Securus Technologies allows you to pay securely over the phone.


Securus Technologies May Be Entitle To Three Times The Damages For GTL Patent Infringements

Thanks to putting more than $670 million back into the business, Dallas-based Securus Technology is now considered the top company in the corrections industry. Securus is responsible for serving more than 3,000 correctional institutions at the state, county and local levels across the United States. Millions of inmates rely on the emergency responses, inmate communication system, information management, public information and incident management that Securus provides. Securus tries to keep the integrity bar high in the corrections industry, but not all companies play by the same set of rules.

Allegations of telephone misconduct have been reported by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, and those allegations involve Global Tel Link. In a recent Order, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, claims that Global Tel Link has been shaving minutes off telephone conversations and adding fees to the end of inmate telephone calls. Securus Technology Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, said his company is investigating those allegations, and the results will be published in several press releases. Global Tel Link thinks Securus Technologies is not in a position to perform that service because GTL has more quality patents than Securus and GTL has spent more money on research and development to improve communications between inmates and the outside world.

Mr. Smith has asked an independent judge to review the patent portfolios of both companies and make a ruling on the quality, quantity and value of each patent portfolio. Smith believes the executives of Global Tel Link will not agree to a review because they know they will lose. In the meantime, Securus is weighing the possibilities of getting three times the amount of damages they deserve for GTL patent infringements over the last three years.

Securus Gives New Life to the Concept of Prison Visitation

Securus gives new life to the concept of prison visitation with technology that changes the way that people visit. Someone that is in prison may not have a lot of people on the outside that want to travel to a prison. The mere thought of traveling to a prison can scare some people. Others may find that they do not have the money to do it because it may be too far. Of course inmate phone calls are available, but these are not always as heart-warming as being able to see a loved ones face. Securus helps with all of this by providing software and technology that supports at-home visitation.

I applaud the creators at Securus that have created a great video visitation system that is bound to be a big hit as the system grows. This is great because all that people need is a computer and a webcam. It is even possible to get this type of video visitation started from a tablet or a smart phone. That is amazing to me because this is so convenient.

The best thing about this is that it allows me to gather my family when I have some visitation sessions. This is better because I could never get a multitude of family members up to a glass window and visit with my cousins at the same time. The prison visitation system doesn’t allow that. Securus, however, has eliminated the need for this traveling. I don’t have to make an attempt to get my wheelchair bound grandmother to a prison to see her grandson. This is a good system that benefits the elderly, and I am glad that Securus has created this convenient software. 

Securus has an app that can be downloaded through Google Play. This is ultimately one of the best ways to give the prisoners hope. They may be incarcerated, but they still need some type of inmate communication with family and friends. The Securus software has taken great strides in making this a reality. That is why there are so many people that are trying to push to get this software in place. 

The world of video visitation is a great reality that has come forth thanks to all the innovations in the world of smart device technology. In the early stages of the smart phone the bandwidth would have been too much to support this type of video. As time has progressed phones have become faster. Video has become better with streaming. Using video technology is more practical now. More prisons are integrating Securus’ video technology into their prisons, making the advances more important than ever.