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The Truth About Public Disclosure, Bruno Fagali Reveals The Key Distinctions

Bruno Fagali shed light on a recent case involving an all but until very recently, 53-year-old Rah Nair, who held an executive position for his occupation which is certainly a large time period to be in the corporate pecking-order; and in 1987 as he began operating as an engineer, he expanded into a CTO position, then Head of Global Product Development, up until moving on to committing to the vital seat of distinguishment discussed earlier.

However, after an anonymous complaint received by the Communication Channel of the multinational and following the internal investigation conducted by its compliance department, the top executive was dismissed officially announced.

Bruno Fagali stated that in a report issued by the organization itself, the multinational corporation apprises about the release of the head exec, but considering the motive to go through with this decision, he solely stated that the inquiries of his compliance committee attested that he had “a certain misconduct with Ford’s Code of Conduct.”

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Despite the fact that this vague statement doesn’t explain enough of what truly occurred (and consequently can’t be treated as a testimony), the explanation – and extensive divulgence of this candid report of the business is a crucial factor for scholars and compliance specialists. Generally speaking, this type of direct admission/public misconduct (not originating from pressure or discussion with public officials), which also can customarily be admitted by the DOJ and US Courts as a extenuation of corporate accountability, in Bruno Fagali’s view, this further has a major role of reducing harm to the corporate image, but probably not so much in the immediate future, noted Fagali at

As a corporate integrity manager, Bruno Fagali originates from the legal arena. He also organized an employee ethics commission. This expert cannot be discharged for a period of 36 months. There is no inconsistency in the treatment of criminal or any other employee, just like in the courtroom.

Bruno Fagali can use 4 dialects including English, Spanish dialect, Portuguese, and French to name a few. He is a receiver of the University of Sao Paulo grant whereby he had an essential leadership role in its Improvement of Teaching plan.

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SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Americans are no longer turning their backs on corporate fraud and wrongdoing. A report conducted in December 2011 by Labaton Sucharow, SEC Whistleblower attorney, revealed 78 percent would be willing to report workplace wrongdoing if they could do it anonymously.


Financial service professionals are sometimes put in the uncomfortable position of deciding whether to report irregular activities. The decision depends on the circumstances of each case. Use this site and the tools provided to help you better understand your eligibility for monetary awards as a statutory whistleblower.


SEC Whistleblowers Advocate has many useful resources to help consider your case.


SEC Insider’s Guide

SEC Whistleblower Program Handbook

Securities Law Primer

SEC Whistleblower Eligibility Calculator

SEC Whistleblower Security Database


In 2010, Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Act represented the first overhaul of U.S. financial regulations since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act resulted in a new program that provides employment protections and financial incentives to those who report violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


In response to this historic legislation, Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm to focus on protecting and advocating for SEC whistleblowers. The firm provides a world-class, in-house team that includes investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accountants with federal and state law enforcement experience.


Jordan A. Thomas, a former Assistant Director at the SEC, leads the practice. At the SEC, Jordan played a key role in creating the Whistleblower Program. He even drafted the proposed legislation. As a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Enforcement Division of the SEC, Jordan successfully litigated high-profile enforcement cases, including Enron, Fannie Mae, Citigroup and UBS. These cases resulted in $35 billion in monetary relief for harmed investors.


Under the program, the SEC pays eligible whistleblowers up to 30 percent of monetary sanctions collected in a successful SEC enforcement action exceeding $1 million. Whistleblowers may also be eligible for additional awards based on related actions brought by other regulatory organizations.


Employees are prohibited from retaliating against employees who report wrongdoing under the Dodd-Frank Act. You can even report securities violations anonymously if you are represented by an SEC Whistleblower lawyer.


Whistleblowers Advocate consultations are free, confidential and private. You are not required to provide personal identification or expose securities violators. Translation services are available.


This is the firm that can help you do the right thing.

Supporting the Whistleblower Program to Minimize Securities Violations

The Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a financial reform that implemented the new Whistleblower program to ensure that all whistleblowers receive employment protection and are compensated after a successful enforcement action. The Dodd-Frank reform protected whistleblowers from retaliation from their employers after reporting securities violations.

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm to start the first litigation platform to protect SEC whistleblowers. They composed an expert team of investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants with a strong background in law enforcement to lead the whistleblower program.

Recently, a whistleblower who was presented by the company’s SEC whistleblower attorney received a monetary award of more than $17 million. This was the second largest award since the SEC whistleblower program started in 2010. Learn more:

SEC whistleblower program requires that after a successful enforcement action of securities violation, the whistleblower is awarded 10%- 30% of the total sum recovered. The award was as a result of the whistleblower’s dedication to providing substantial evidence of securities violations by a prominent financial institution.

Speaking after Labaton Sucharow received the amount on behalf of their client, Jordan A Thomas,speaking on behalf of Labaton Sucharow, said that their client had portrayed an act of courage by reporting the securities violations.

The Dodd- Frank reform was created to create an assurance to whistleblowers that their employment positions would be protected against vengeful bosses. That notwithstanding, most people who had evidence of violations of trade laws that provided guidance into securities and stock trading opted to keep silent due to the fear of retaliation from their employers. It is the duty of seasoned attorneys to fight for the rights of the whistleblowers as provided for by the Dodd-Frank reforms.

Jordan A. Thomas is the chairperson of Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower program. He is an experienced attorney who has represented many clients in different lawsuits. Due to his expertise, he is recognized as the first public company counsel to receive a whistleblower award. He is also honored for protecting whistleblowers that face retaliation from their employees.

Labaton Sucharow LLP is a leading law firm that has been in practice for over 50 years. The company as successfully handled securities violations reported by various businesses, investor and even consumers through a successful legal enforcement. Based on the quality of their legal services, it is ranked by the National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs’ Hot List as a top plaintiff litigation firm.