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Jon Urbana Owns an Apple, But That’s Not All

It seems like some people just drift along through life without too many goals. In fact, they are perfectly content to go with the flow. However, Jon Urbana is different. He is a power player. According to, Urbana is focused on obtaining a number of goals during his lifetime. The Denver, Colorado native is certainly very focused and on his way to even greater success. The former lacrosse player is actually a power player with active social media sites, up in the air flying, charity work, and photography. Jon Urbana is certainly an amazing individual.

Active Social Media Sites
Jon Urbana likes to keep up with trends via the popular social media sites. Urbana also likes to share his new interests on Facebook. He likes the instant response that he gets from his followers on sites like Twitter.

Jon Urbana is also an amazing video producer and a Denver-based pilot. The fact is that it takes strong dedication to earn a pilot’s license. The FAA awarded Urbana with a special certification for his amazing dedication to this interest. This is certainly a very highly recognized certification that Urbana holds in great esteem. Find out more on the FAA page.

Charity Work
Jon Urbana launched a GoFundMe Campaign for Earth Force. All the proceeds raised will go to a local Colorado charity that supports empowering youth activists and teaching them about a clean and energy independent future. Read more here.

Surprisingly, Urbana has found some special time to devote to photography. Photography is an interest that slowly developed over the years for Urbana. Now, he delights in sharing his favorite photographs online with his friends and followers on Tumblr, Product Hunt, and other sites of his. Go here for some of his favorite photographs on his WordPress blog. Jon Urbana likes to constantly update the pictures on the blog. Therefore, it is a good idea to stop by daily.

Flavio Maluf Highlights the Impact of Automation of Workforce

With the invention of production lines in factories, the journey to automation of workforce just began. The president of Eucatex Mr Flavio Maluf highlights on the impacts of an automaton in the workforce. Nowadays robots are cutting, painting, assembling, nailing bolts and all the work that was initially attributed to the human labour force. According to Flavio, it has both positive and negative impacts on the industry to automate production. The employees delegated the duties will lose their work.

According to Flavio, when he was speaking about the Pfizer merger, the automation is good news for employers but translates to bad news for employees. The process will now require few supervisors to monitor the robots. With a large percentage of the employees laid off, the unemployment chaos will surge up. On the other hand, the automation process will enable business people cut down on production costs and improve profits. Unlike a human, machines won’t take the breaks for social responsibilities and work continuously for long hours. The only attention is repair and cost of installation that is incurred.

Flavio notes that analysts estimate the much work done by humans will be replaced by intelligent machines in the year 2030. The percentage may rise to over 90% of the current workforce. What is not clear is if the replaced workforce will have some replacement work to do or will turn to unemployment. Flavio beliefs that automation will advance behold the current levels.  That’s a big part of the reason he’s been reaching out and finding new ways to help entrepreneurs adapt to a changing marketplace.

On the issue of losing jobs, the Eucatex president believes that jobs will have little to do with living. Humans will have adopted by 2050 to every essential chore that a human can do manually. The big question will arise on where the displaced human labour force will be absorbed. The industrial robots are setting the trend in solving and carrying out more complicated workforce. Although they currently have limited power to make decisions, the machines are becoming smart enough to process the technical piece of information crucial to decision making.

The market is increasingly accessing smart products like Smartphone and other electronic devices in more reduced cost. The impact is the devices can process large bits of information and leading automation even to the private world. The sensors, cameras and other devices used in robots are now available in the market. Flavio argues that by that time, robots will work together with people.  Flavio Maluf himself can be found at his official website if you’d like to know more. But he’s also got a Facebook page where he interacts with many interested parties.