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NorkaLuque’s Unwavering Passion for Music

The music industry is an extensive scope marked by entertainers from distinct walks of life. Some artists have inspiring stories, passion and characters while others have controversial lives. Norka Luque is one of the musicians that have made a great contribution in spreading and creating positivism within the music industry. Norka is a Venezuelan talented musician and presently resides in Miami, FL. Her story as an artist is compelling and attractive. Norka was always passionate about music since her early childhood days. With seamless support from her beloved parents, Norka managed to build herself musically with hope to inspire the world through her music. Alongside her normal education, Norka Luque attended musical training classes and vocal lessons to enable her sharpen her skills in music.

Dreams Come True

The product of what started as a pastime is what we hear and see about Norka Luque today. She is now a prominent stage artist who performs different music genres ranging from pop to urban, dance and Latin among others. One of the factors that has kept her inspired is the ability of music to create positivism in the society. Norka strongly taps into this music potential to preach and spread positive message to her esteemed fans via prudently constructed lyrics. Luque recognizes that despite the creation of new rhythms day in, day out, there should be no change in the way music tends to connect with people emotionally.

Achievements of NorkaLuque

Currently, Norka owns her very own record label called Norka Music Productions LLC. Through this label, she has been able to build herself within the competitive music industry as well as assist other upcoming musicians build themselves and turn to be successful. In 2011, Norka was nominated for the Top Female Pop Artist of the Year with her famous single ‘As You Do’. Later on in 2012, she officially released a new hit called Miracle. For many weeks, this song was among the top hits in the Venezuelan chart. This therefore contributed to her being one of the most thriving and fruitful women singers within the Venezuelan music industry.

Her Career Life

Before joining the music industry fully, NorkaLuque worked in Monaco as a banker. This was after graduating with highest honours in business administration. Norka joined the Bad Moon Rising band while in France. This enabled her gain recognition from Emilio Estefan, a renowned and remarkable music producer. This was the turning point for her music career.