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Wireless Users Who Want Unlimited Cell Phone Service Should Choose FreedomPop

It’s no surprise that a person who would want to try out a new cell phone service provider would want to make comparisons because it’s the smart thing to do. Most people simply take the advice of others and believe that they’ll get great service and good prices, but getting information first hand is probably the best way to go. Any FreedomPop review will reveal that they provide all kinds of services, and they are a company that likes to make their customers as happy as possible. If FreedomPop simply was into making money, then they wouldn’t go out of their way to please their customers.

When FreedomPop first started, only CDMA phones were able to be used on their network, and the phone had to be sold by FreedomPop or could be brought over from the Sprint network. Now, things have changed so much to the point where anyone with any kind of phone can use it on the FreedomPop network, even if it takes a sim card. Phones that take a sim card are known as GSM phones, and FreedomPop has sim cards to accommodate these types of phones.

The sim cards can be ordered on the FreedomPop website or on other compatible websites that have FreedomPop services and products. The sim card kit from FreedomPop has three different sizes that come in one complete kit, and the size of the sim card can be chosen by the individual who is using the sim card. Since there are three different sizes of sim cards that can go into a cell phone, FreedomPop has made it easier for anyone who needs a sim card for their phone but aren’t sure what size they need. There is no need to guess about the sim card size, just order the kit from FreedomPop.

The sim card will be shipped out within a couple days and can be received within a week, so each customer can get their service started with FreedomPop in a short period of time. The FreedomPop customer can choose from several different plans but is encouraged to choose an unlimited plan if they need text messages, talk time, and data that is unlimited. There is 4G LTE data that’s included with the unlimited plan, but 3G data is unlimited once all of the 4G LTE data is used, so every FreedomPop customer will have great cell phone service that is truly unlimited.

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FreedomPop Gradually Taking the World by Storm by Offering Even More Free Services

FreedomPop is a MVN0 which offers calling services and basic texting for absolutely nothing and disperses SIM cards. They’ve lately revealed their non-diabolical master plot to help them progress in the creation of their place among top cellular telephone service providers: offering zero-rated complete access WhatsApp, their affiliated mobile app. Because of this brilliant business plan, their messaging program will cost nothing whatsoever, irrespective of whether a user has a ton of data available, very little data, or even no (that’s right, NO DATA; yes, that’s a thing to some poorer people) data allowance on their mobile plan. Ever so sadly, this new concept won’t be seen in the good ‘ol U S of A anytime soon, as it’s first trial launch will only be offered in the semi-Mexican country of Spain for awhile.

FreedomPop was valiantly fought for and founded out of the grand city of Los Angeles half a decade ago in 2011 and has built it’s reputation on offering free minutes, text messages and even data to individuals who can’t manage to buy more than a basic plan. How unfortunate, right? Within the United States, the company continues to be running for the most part. When the program was launched in the UK, FreedomPop did most definitely (I assure you) start worldwide for the very first and very last instance back in the Autumn of 2015. Since the declaration to continue international business in European Mexico (Spain), it’s rise in the mobile service industry has given indicators concerning how they may plan to take on business on a global scale.

Similar services have been offered by other businesses in select segments of our home planet, Earth, but the practice, much like prostitution, was unacceptable in some foreign markets. Due to some law in India, the free technologically primitive (but still “basic”, to be politically correct in respect to poor people) services offered by Facebook were prohibited. The Facebook-owned app, WHatsApp, owned service was banned too. In the EU, however, the free services haven’t been banned outright but are being left to the discretion of it’s member nations.

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FreedomPop Secures Much Needed VC Funding

FreedomPop has been working alongside the larger and more well-known cellular company, Sprint for quite a while now. There has even been talking that the low rate cellular provider might eventually be absorbed completely by the larger firm though it appears those rumors might no longer be accurate thanks to a recent round of VC funding for the firm.

According to this review, FreedomPop has actually been working quite hard in the last few weeks to make sure it has itself quite the little nest egg through these VC funding rounds and it now looks as though it can leave Sprint in the rear view mirror at some point in the very near future.

So just how much money has the MVNO been able to haul in over the last year? There isn’t an official count, but most reports claim the firm has seen tens of millions of dollars making its way into FreedomPop’s coffers.

For those who might get excited at getting in on the smaller firm on the ground floor, it should be pointed out that the company is still leaning heavily on Sprint for its network. Considering that cellular bandwidth is a commodity that is dwindling thanks to a large number of firms out there now, it would make sense for FreedomPop to ride those very specific coattails for as long as it can muster.

At the same time, one has to wonder just how long Sprint is going to be okay forging a partnership without being allow to just buy the smaller company outright. If Sprint does decide to play hardball, there’s very little FreedomPop could do to actually stave off a takeover, short of finding another firm that might be willing to offer up the same kind of deal. Because FreedomPop is an MVNO, not even this move is going to be as easy as it sounds.

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