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Talking Smart Home Technology with Todd Lubar

The face of the real estate business has been revamped in various ways by the internet and the latest digital technology surrounding us. One of the most precise ways is how we can now share real estate information with each other as well as how we search for real estate. Currently, what one trend that is the biggest impression out there is the smart home technology which of course, is thanks to the Internet of Things. The availability of Nest Thermostats means that one can easily control remotely, regardless of your location, to force-detecting floors that detect movement issues from the elderly. The smart home tech is making lots of worthy alterations within real estate circles as well as even showing what buyers are attracted to in their potential homes and changing what adds value to homes.

Smart Home Technology is simply the technology that lets the owners of homes monitor automate as well as control devices within their homes by using their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. One of the first devices to break into the market is the smart thermostats although the expansion of offerings has greatly increased in just a few years. The devices within the smart homes are connected to the owners via their devices as well as one another by using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other technologies of transmission. The older smart technology home devices needed better know-how by the user, but the current ones vary in the fact that they have been simplified for the user to use easily. The best part of it all is that it does not require complex wiring nor any complicated methods to set up. Check out Affiliatedork to know more.

In a report by Hackronym, one survey done by CNET and Coldwell Banker shows that: around 45% of Americans looked to have or invest in smart home tech by the year 2016. Those currently using smart home technology, 91% of them would recommend them to others. Out of all the millennials state, 43% of them have the smart home technology to some extent. By the year 2020, the smart home tech business is looking to exceed $130 billion. The devices tied to the Smart Home Technology are such as Thermostats, Lighting, Security and safety, Shades and also Hub Systems.

Todd, unlike most professionals in real estate, saw the impending growth and potential of Smart Home Technology many years ago. Lubar also stayed in tune with the technology as it developed. Todd is a 1995 Syracuse University graduate who started his career at Crestor Mortgage Corporation.

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The Success of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a prominent family that currently resides in West Michigan and is known for not only their success within the world of business, but is also known for their generous donations that have made out to charities across the United States that have the end goal of improving lives. The DeVos family has a building reputation that was put on the map ever since Richard DeVos founded Amway Corporation, a company that specializes in selling household products worldwide. Richard DeVos not only grew the legacy of the DeVos family, but also inspired his son to one day become the leader of the company and to demonstrate his natural leadership that has inspired so many already. Dick DeVos has the goal to not only continue building Amway Corporation, but also has the end goal of helping many others along the way.


Dick DeVos, like his father, is a charitable individual who has given millions of dollars to worthy organizations in communities across the United States. Dick DeVos has supported religious initiatives, artistic, civil, as well as educational initiatives. Education is one of Dick DeVos’ passions because he believes that hard work and knowledge combined is a lethal combination that can lead to economic growth and the improvement of lives. Dick DeVos believes that educational opportunities should be based upon merit and not based on the income of a family. Thanks to Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos, many scholarships have been created and schools have been built in their names.


In 2010, Dick DeVos funded the building of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that has already offered a quality education to thousands of students. Dick DeVos even partnered with several universities to allow for students of the West Michigan Aviation Academy to automatically have acceptance to certain four-year colleges. Dick DeVos has always appreciated the value of an education and has now given the opportunity to others to do the same. This is just one of the many examples of how Dick DeVos has provided a quality education to those who desire one, yet cannot afford it.


The DeVos family is known for their billions of dollars of contributions to communities. As a member of this family, Dick DeVos has donated millions of his own funds in order to help build communities. For future plans, Dick DeVos wants to continue to create scholarships as well as schools that can offer and encourage individuals to receive a quality education. Dick DeVos believes that knowledge is key to build the economy and hopes that the forty years of generous donations that he has given will continue to pay off for the future to come along with the individuals.


Running A Business And Helping Others

Anthony Petrello is one of the leading people in the world of business today. With all of the changes that he has made to his life and career, he wants to help others in any way that he can. He believes that business leaders across the world can make a positive difference in their community in a variety of ways. With all of the work that he is doing, now is the time to invest with him on a plan that makes sense for the future.

Anthony Petrello is one of the leading donors of the local children’s hospital in his area. He has a lot of experience in this area, and he wants to make sure that other people are well taken care of like he was during that time in his life.

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Anthony Petrello

When Anthony Petrello started out in business, a lot of people looked up to the success that he had. He was one of those people who always wanted to make a positive impact in the world around him. Not only that, but he also wanted to work on things that would help him help others over time. Texas Children’s Hospital is close to his heart because of all of the struggles that he has had to deal with during his life. A lot of people are looking up to his plans to make a huge impact in the lives of others over the next couple of years. Not only that, but Tony and his wife Cynthia Petrello are excited about what is next.

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Philanthropist Sam Boraie Is One Of New Jersey’s Business Leaders

When the state of New Jersey is mentioned, names like Rutgers University, the New Brunswick State Theater, the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and the Jersey shore are usually the topics. When politics is the topic, Chris Christie is the center of attention. According to some New Jeezerites, Christie hasn’t done much to get the state’s economy moving again. But when Sam Boraie’s name is mentioned, a completely different conversation takes place. Sam Boraie is not a politician. Bloomberg describes him as a philanthropist and real estate developer from New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Sam Boraie is a member of the Boraie family. Sam’s father, Omar, started Boraie Development more than 40 years ago, Boraie Development is responsible for the urban renewal in New Brunswick. For the last 30 years, Sam Boraie has played a major role in that urban renewal. The list of development projects that Boraie has been involved in is impressive. Four important projects in downtown New Brunswick turned that city into a hub for the healthcare industry. Those projects are the Boraie Albany Street Plaza One, Albany Street Plaza Two, One Spring Street, and the Aspire Building. Those buildings added more than 1 million square feet of office and living space to the downtown area.

New Brunswick has always been the home of Rutgers, and Johnson and Johnson. Johnson and Johnson is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Sam Boraie’s vision brought other companies to the city, and hundreds of people came back to downtown to live. New Brunswick may be small in terms of population, but it’s a big business center these days.

When Sam Boraie is not handling the day-to-day challenges of running a major real estate company, he is devoting his time and personal resources to the New Brunswick State Theater. Sam is a board member, and he is one of the people who helped guide the restoration of the theater to its original beauty. The 1,850-seat State Theater brings big name entertainment to New Jersey. But the theater also has several education programs for New Jersey’s youth. Boraie plays an active role in New Jersey’s education goals.

The nonprofit organization Elijah’s Promise is another Sam Boraie passion. Elijah’s Promise feeds Central Jersey’s hungry. There is a culinary arts program sponsored by Elijah’s Promise that trains unskilled people, so they can find jobs in the food industry. Sam is a board member and a major donor. Thanks to Boraie and other concerned citizens, Elijah’s Promise operates a soup kitchen, a pay-as-you-go café, and the culinary school.