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Philip Diehl And Precious Metal Investments

Formerly directing the U.S. Mint, and transitioning to becoming President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl has brought a special perspective to his position. The overall global economy might not be more unstable than ever before, yet there is always a case for having some of your wealth protected by owning physical commodities like gold, silver and platinum.

Mr. Diehl was also former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department, so he also knows the precarious gyrations that can plague the currency markets. In transitioning to a private-sector job with U.S. Money Reserve, it stands to reason that this person, who has seen both sides of those 2 investment vehicles, and has made a move to a firm selling precious metals likely feels metals are the more promising investment.

Having held lofty positions with the United States government, Mr. Diehl likely did not have to work anymore, but it appears he has chosen to do so. He was considered one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors ever, and he was directly responsible for the 50 states quarter program. Mr. Diehl speaks of turning the Mint into an entrepreneurial entity from what he considered to be a somewhat backwards agency.

He credits this turnaround with simply focusing on providing better customer service. Prior to his taking over the helm, the customer satisfaction component was rather low, and during his tenure they would eventually match the best in American businesses relative to satisfaction of its customers.

Mr. Diehl has brought his concern for developing the best customer satisfaction statistics to his position at U.S. Money Reserve.

He has leveraged all of his experience, and commitment to customers, to transform this company into one of the largest distributors of government-issued precious metal coins, gold and bouillon. One of the most successful programs he has implemented was the IRA program, where those interested in investing for retirement in precious metals can do so, while also being able to benefit from any rise in gold prices over the years leading up to their retirement.

A little-known fact is that U.S. minted gold, silver and platinum coins are considered legal tender and are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. This makes an investment in these coins particularly safe place to preserve and grow your funds.  Read more: US Money Reserve | and US Money Reserve Promo Codes, 4 Coupons 2016.

The goal of U.S. Money Reserve is to use their uniquely trained team to uncover the best investment options for their customers. Customer satisfaction is still the focus of Mr. Diehl, and through making sure this happens, he knows they can develop very long-term relationships with their customers.Any company focused on safe investments and customer satisfaction is one that most everyone should consider.

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