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Darius Fisher’s Efforts Bring Status Labs Quick Success

Status Labs has proven that things can change very quickly, luckily this change is for the better. A popular reputation management company located in Austin, Texas, Status Labs, has seen a great amount of success during the course of only one year. There has been a great deal of news coming out recently about the company that is re-inventing online digital marketing and public relations.


The firms offices in Austin have published a report of sorts describing their ever present successes. Status Labs was able to help many causes over the year by partnering up with other businesses around Austin. They participated in a variety of different community projects as well. Due to their rapid success, the company had to hire additional staff to help contribute to their cause.


The advisory board at Status Labs has been greatly extended by the many partnerships recently. Many professionals associated with reputation management and online marketing are in affiliation with Status Labs. These experienced individuals will help the overall success of the company, as knowledge and experience are always valuable.
Darius Fisher, Co-founder of Status Labs, has done a great deal of work to increase the status of the company. He is a former political consultant and copywriter that has spent much time promoting the company in places such as Forbes, The New York Times, Yahoo and many other popular media outlets. Darius’s efforts greatly improved the awareness of the company, and the importance of repairing a reputation. He has had a strong impact on the bottom end of the company, allowing Status Labs to grow rapidly in a short amount of time.

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Keep Employees Happy The Darius Fisher Way

Darius Fisher wants your employees to be happy. In a recent article the Status Labs president and co-founder laid out a plan to keep employees happy. His argument is that keeping an employee happy costs far less than trying to replace them.

According to ERE Media is costs 150 to 400 percent of an employee’s annual income to replace them, depending on their rank in the company.

But keeping them happy and satisfied in their jobs can be fairly easy. Fisher lays out three ways to accomplish this.

Create Incentives
Everyone loves a little something extra. Whether it be a gift card to their favorite store or an extra day off. Find things that employees find desirable and offer then that as an incentive.

Fisher has given his employees Apple watches, trips to Costa Rica and home cleaning services.

Acknowledge Accomplishments
Employees want recognition for their hard work. Acknowledgement is one of the cheapest ways to keep employees happy. If an employees completes a difficult task or closes a big sale they should be acknowledged company-wide for it. A simple email sent to the entire staff can do wonders for an employee’s moral.

Keep Employees in the Loop
Nobody wants to be kept in the dark. Employees need to know what is going on in their work environment. Fisher deals with this by sending out a monthly newsletter announcing new hires, new services being offered and any other peregrinate information. It is a simple yet effective way to keep employees informed.

Before that he founded Status Labs, Darius Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter. As a Digital Crisis Expert Fisher now specializes in repairing the image of clients through social media and content marketing.Status Labs has over 1,500 clients in 35 countries and is based in Austin, Texas.

Fisher created Status Labs in order to give public figures a second chance. He recently spoke at Impact15, a three-day conference of online marketers. Fisher spoke on the importance protecting your Google search results.