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Securus Technologies May Be Entitle To Three Times The Damages For GTL Patent Infringements

Thanks to putting more than $670 million back into the business, Dallas-based Securus Technology is now considered the top company in the corrections industry. Securus is responsible for serving more than 3,000 correctional institutions at the state, county and local levels across the United States. Millions of inmates rely on the emergency responses, inmate communication system, information management, public information and incident management that Securus provides. Securus tries to keep the integrity bar high in the corrections industry, but not all companies play by the same set of rules.

Allegations of telephone misconduct have been reported by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, and those allegations involve Global Tel Link. In a recent Order, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, claims that Global Tel Link has been shaving minutes off telephone conversations and adding fees to the end of inmate telephone calls. Securus Technology Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, said his company is investigating those allegations, and the results will be published in several press releases. Global Tel Link thinks Securus Technologies is not in a position to perform that service because GTL has more quality patents than Securus and GTL has spent more money on research and development to improve communications between inmates and the outside world.

Mr. Smith has asked an independent judge to review the patent portfolios of both companies and make a ruling on the quality, quantity and value of each patent portfolio. Smith believes the executives of Global Tel Link will not agree to a review because they know they will lose. In the meantime, Securus is weighing the possibilities of getting three times the amount of damages they deserve for GTL patent infringements over the last three years.