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The Soap Queens Of Drama

Queens Of Drama is classified as a prime time soap opera based on realism. The plot consists of previous daytime and evening forgotten women actresses who have united to collaborate both in front and in back of the camera, to create and hopefully market and generate a new television series with the aspiration to provide and succeed with a stand alone initial episode by the end of the show season.

All the characters seem to be on the same page when they agree that in their attempt to promote this vaporous and serialized girl flick series,that they definitely must have a prominent figure that stands out has clout and who will be taken seriously in this endeavor by the soap industry.

Stepping across the threshold is the answer to their dilemma, Donna Mills who is known for her provocative, conniving, insolent and unscrupulous role as the antihero on the long running series Knot’s Landing. Although she does not repeat her notorious character of the villain in this series,she is regarded and known as “mother hen” to this group of women and is portrayed as such.
Of course a special guest appearance by the glamorous Joan Collins who is known for her roles as a sultry, conniving, seductive vixen is not a hindrance but rather a positive asset.

Throughout this steady drama each of these women ponder and speculate who among them might be the one to put her personal concerns and private life in the forefront of their concerted objective.
The series navigates in the direction of their intended initial ambition, and that journey gives the Queens Of Drama the edge to break the expected monotony of anticipating and looking forward to much more, than just verbal feuds displayed with extreme antagonism and asperity.

Famous Birthdays indicates Crystal Hunt was born on February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, and is an actress and a film producer. She made a lasting impression and caught the public eye when she portrayed Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS daytime soap: The Guiding Light when she was only 17 years old.

Crystal first revealed on Facebook that she was discovered by a talent agent at the Actor’s Workshop in New York, and on the spot was given the part and persevered for four years which ultimately,landed her two Emmy nominations for daytime soaps.

As she was dealing with her arduous and strenuous television schedule,she received her big chance to enter the motion picture industry and received her break,when she acted with Zac Efron in the film The Derby Stallion.

Subsequently, she abandoned her thriving stable path on The Guiding Light to co star next to Amanda Byrne in an amorous film: Sydney White,a new generation parody remake of Snow White.

She restored her television image in 2009,when she was cast as a deceitful exotic dancer as Stacy Morasco on ABC daytime soap One Life To Live where she prevailed for three years.

She created her first film inspired by true events with good friend Dania Ramirez entitled Talbot County.  Check out all of Crystal Hunt’s roles listed on her Metacritic page.