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Men’s Fashion Sales Surging Thanks to Online Shopping

Men are dressing better. It is a fact that has become obvious to even the slightest observer. The reason, according to a Business Insider article, may be online shopping. It’s easier than ever for men to shop and look good. Men don’t generally like to shop. It takes up time, and it can be embarrassing to try things on. Buying clothing online is the easiest way to go. Many retailers offer free shipping and return policies that are easy to follow and generous.

Companies are starting to realize they don’t need a brick and mortar store to make sales. Ditching the physical store saves the company money and makes shopping easier for those who dislike the chore of going out to a store. Men looking for something classy can visit Combatant Gentlemen, which offers high end items for less. Places like Paul Evans are taking advantage of the spike in sales by offering high end shoes online for less.

Paul Evans, which sells bags, italian shoes, belts and other accessories has a great return policy. They will pay shipping on returns and allow customers to return unused items up to a year after receiving them. The pre-paid return label is included in every order. Paul Evans shoes are not available in other retail stores, which is why they offer such a generous return policy just in case the shoes don’t fit.

The company’s goal was to provide high quality shoes for less. All items are made in Naples, Italy by skilled artisans. The company saves money by cutting out the middleman and getting rid of the retail location that would raise the price of the items. Consumers see savings because the company sees savings. Paul Evans shoes are made from the same Italian calfskin leather used by other great luxury brands, but for a fraction of the price. For the original Business Insider article on men’s fashion visit