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The role played by the American Institute of Architects in the construction of Innovative and Modern Architectural Designs

     The American Institute of Architects is a group comprising of all trained, qualified and certified architects who are based and are working throughout the United States of America. AIA is based in New York and has been in existence since 1857. The founders of the organization were thirteen architects who shared a vision to improve the design and quality of their works.

AIA is a very professional body that is determined to improve the quality of architecture products and services. AIA also plays a role in educating the public on new government directives and the advancements made in the sector that has seen radical changes over the decades. The organization provides architects with easy access to the evaluation of the total quality management of all projects that are under construction.

AIA’s CEO is Mr. Robert Ivy. He is also the Executive Vice President. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi recognized Ivy as a Master Architect making him one of the seven people to have won the award in over a century and also the sole architect so far of the 21st Century. He is responsible for communicating the value of designs and creating market and demand. Ivy supports affirmative action as a means to come up with quality designs. He is an expert in architecture as a topic, its prospects for the future and the role played by architects in the economy.

AIA has a deep passion for ensuring architects display professionalism. Architects are motivated to improve the quality of their services according to a client’s needs. The management of the organization is keen on teamwork and team building. Hard work is also the key to success for all architects who work under the American Institute of Architects.

AIA enjoys a good public image mainly because the management of the group has prioritized environment conservation activities. AIA is a renowned ambassador creating awareness about climate change and remedies to curb it. Such actions have portrayed the body as a caring partner and thus built customer trust on AIA. What’s more, AIA is compliant with all regulations in the industry giving it a competitive advantage over competitors in the sector.

AIA has set up strategic partnerships and alliances with other firms and groups. They also do massive research to help the Department of Secretary of State to plan landmarks. The result is magnificent sculpts that beautify towns and cities across the country.

Cassio Audi and his Lesser-known Music Career

Cassio Audi is well-known across the financial circles of Brazil as a prominent financial services executive. He captured the attention of the industry with consistent results that showcased his capacity as a capable manager and inspiring leader. But, most people do not know his early music career. Yes, he was part of the famous Brazilian hard rock band named, Viper. It should be perceived that he was one of the founding members of Viper and played a crucial role in shaping the band as a performance group well-known across the globe. He was active in the band during the 1980’s and early 1990s.

Audi and four other colleagues including Passarell brothers, Andre Matos, and Felipe Marchado joined together to set up the band in 1985. The band was initially characterized by the influences of British heavy metal and Iron Maiden, but later, it could evolve a particular sound for its records. They came up with a demo tape named The Killera Sword in the initial year. In July 1987, the band released their performance album named Soldiers of Sunrise. The songs carried out a raw sounding, especially of Iron Maiden-type, but it captured greater success in Brazil.

Two years later, it again came up with another album named Theatre of Fate. It showcased classical singing with a mix of heavy metal and showed a mature songwriting. The album was a huge hit in Brazil, and it took the fame of the band internationally. It could create sales records in Japan by surpassing the well-known bands such as Van Halen and Nirvana. In 1992, the band released Evolution, and that also received huge praise from both music lovers and critics. Later, Cassio Audi moved away from the band to concentrate on his financial career. However, he makes appearances in various stages with his old band members, once in a while.

Success Academy is Spreading the Gospel of Good Education

The founder and CEO of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz, believes that the charter school network that she founded carries the social responsibility of promoting it’s finely-tuned ways of educating students. As a result, she has open up a free, online platform where the Success Academy’s lesson plans and methods of instruction are shown.

There are no plans on the table to open up Success Academy Charter Schools outside of New York City, though Moskowitz feels that it is necessary to spread the information about the methods that her schools use. Her schools sport some of the top grades in the country for reading, science and math. The fact that children in her schools succeed so often is important because of the fact that the vast majority of the children who attend Success Academy are children of color; and many children come from low-income backgrounds. Children of color, especially those who are in low income situations and reside in higher risk neighborhoods, generally show a trend of not being as proficient in school subjects. However, Success Academy has successfully formulated teaching methods that take the needs of students into account.


The new special website that Success Academy is providing for educators includes how-to videos, book recommendations, lesson plans that are broken down step by step and planning templates. About 15,000 educators from across the United States received emails promoting Success Academy’s platform. Any educator who signs on will receive invitations to conferences, workshops and training sessions that involve going to the Hudson Yards facility in person. The website was launched with the THINK literacy program. Success Academy places extra emphasis on literacy. According to Moskovitz, literacy is a foundational goal for the curriculum in Success Academy.


Michele Caracappa, Success Academy’s chief academic officer, says that there are not enough books, and that Success Academy takes a lot of time and effort to pick out books that go into classrooms. Because so much consideration has gone into lesson plans and reading material, Success Academy feels that it should share it’s book selections and lessons plans with the world

Money Market Funds and Bruce Bent II

Money market funds are open-ended mutual funds. They usually invest in short-term debt securities. These debt securities include commercial papers and US treasury bills. They are commonly called safe bank deposits which provide a higher yield. Money markets in the US are regulated under the Investment company Act of 1940. To financial intermediaries, capital markets serve as critical liquidity providers.

Usually, they seek to protect losses as a result of liquidity, credit and market risks. Unlike most of the other financial instruments used, money market funds are used to stabilize the value of the $1 per share. The funds can pay divided fees to investors. The money market funds were started in the year 1971 . It was first offered to the investors who wanted to preserve their cash and earn a small interest rate in return. It was then called reserve fund. In subsequent years, more money that worked, in the same way, were set up.

According to Wikipedia, it caused the market to grow significantly. Until the time money markets were set up, mutual funds were not being fully utilized. In the US, they brought about a solution that limited regulation Q. at the time, this limited demand deposit accounts from being able to pay interests. They also suppressed the rate of interest on most of the other bank accounts. Therefore money market funds, act somewhat like substitute banks.

Bruce Bent II is a well-known financial expert. In fact, his father was the founder of the very first money market fund.  Bent II attended Northeastern University where he recieved his Bachelor’s degree. After that, he joind his father in the financial industry. Currently he is in chage of the Double Rock Corporation where he holds the position of Vice Chairman and President. Bent II has help find creative solutions for numerous companies. His understanding of mutual funds and there zero market risks has helped allevate his career.

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