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Securus Technologies Offering Free Upgrade To Customers

Criminal justice technology firm Securus Technologies, is offering its existing customers in prisons a free threads upgrade. The update will automatically be installed and take effect into the systems of current customers of Securus Technologies. PR Newswire reports about the most recent update is called the the Threads 3.1 upgrade. It is considered to be the leading big data collection and analyzation tool available to the corrections industry. Threads 3.1 combines the latest advances in technology and is designed to be fully integrated with existing communication apparatus operating in prisons and correctional facilities.
Threads 3.1 makes a major upgrade to the user interface system of Securus Technologies’ Investigation Solutions products. The free upgrade switches the user interface system to a web based one, making it easier to operate on. It does not less the effectiveness of any of the analysis tools found in the Investigation Solutions batch of products. Instead it just makes the interface more user friendly and more efficient.

A number of technical aspects were changed as well that have improved the system. For example, redundancy in the system operations is eliminated to improve operating performance and speed. The search features are enhanced, the system navigation has been improved and the loading of records is now faster. All of these improvements result in a superior experience and better performance of the entire Investigative Solutions system.

The software platform has been changed in the Threads 3.1 patch. Investigative Solutions now use HTML 5 as the operating platform instead of Microsoft Silverlight which was the primary platform before. This allows Investigative Solutions products to be integrated with other Securus Technologies Solutions like the Secure Call Platform. The new software and integration makes it easier for investigators to track information and gives them the necessary tools to follow up on leads within the data the system has compiled.

A number of other features are included in the Threads 3.1 upgrade. For example, law enforcement personnel can now listen in on inmate calls done on the secure call platform on the threads program. Real time analysis of calls and data is now also offered. Other useful features to law enforcement is the ability to create context-sensitive reports, custom maps and the ability to print them. All of this helps law enforcement stop crime. It also helps keep inmates, law enforcement and the general public safe. With better tracking and deeper analyzation provided by the new Threads upgrade law enforcement can stay one step ahead of criminal activity.

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