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Julia Jackson Talks of the Life and Sustainability of the Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonOne aspect that defines fulfillment in parenting is the ability to leave a fortune to your children and their generations to come. Jess Jackson is one such parent. He established the Kendall- Jackson winery in 1982 and made a name for bringing in a new blend and flavor of wines in California. Although he began humbly by sorting and grading grapes from vineyards and later bottling, he rose to fame when the Chardonnay took off.Julia Jackson is not the only heir or heiress to the Jackson Family Wines, but she is one of the core executives that has worked tirelessly to ensure continuity and relevance of the company in the wine industry. She had an early orientation into the wine industry; his father and mother; Barbra had been in the business before they joined in. Julia nostalgically remembers her father telling them to pick grape in sunny weather, but all the same emphasized the importance of hard work. Following her inherent passion in wines and the hard work virtue implanted in her, she has helped build the company into an empire. Julia is practically one of the best bosses and does not mind getting to task herself. In fact, she occasionally sells wine to the grassroots or fieldwork as a whole.

About Julia JacksonJulia Jackson

She studied studio arts at the Scripps College in 2010. The same year, she joined the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management from their Stanford Business School. Values and knowledge of business management were impacted.Apparently, Julia has worked for the Jackson Family Wines for approximately seven years now. She is a proprietor and the marketing head through which she has lead sales teams both regionally and globally. Kendall – Jackson sells a variety of wine beverages ranging from white, red to assorted wine in merlot, syrah, zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon flavors among others.